forum I created this magic that needs depth, please give suggestions!!
Started by Ella

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I have created this world run by a select group of people called the Particulars who are trained from age 14 to bend the laws of physics in magical sense. So they have to concentrate incredibly hard to eventually like…say… start levitating (bending the laws of gravity). The thing is I want this new magic to have depth and right now it's just kind of an idea floating around in my brain, any suggestions?


Maybe start off with making a tier. Like you say they would have to really focus to bend the laws of gravity, is that harder or easier than bending other laws? Like take the laws of motion or the laws of relativity for example. In my opinion, I think motion would be easier to control than gravity, but I think relativity might be harder bc it could require more specific and in-depth bending of the laws. So maybe it would help you add more detail and depth if you at first knew the power levels needed for the bending of each law.


Oh i never gave my reason why gravity would be harder than motion. I think of it as motion is a pretty simple thing. Object at rest stays at rest, in motion it stays in motion, all that. But I think that a lot of things can go wrong when messing with gravity. Gravity isn't an on/off type of situation, there are levels to it. To levitate, you couldn't just completely get rid of gravity, there would still be a tiny bit to keep you from floating away. And on jupiter, the gravity is so strong that humans can't actually be on the planets surface. We'd be crushed or dragged to the center of the planet. It's like releasing air in a balloon, if you let it all out then you just have some rubber, or you're floating away. But if you only release a little bit, you still have the balloon.