forum Help with powers for a goddex?
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So far, they:

Can read minds, but only if the human in question is ok with their mind being read
Don’t need to eat, but otherwise has a normal digestive system
Can conjure things if not stressed
Possible minor healing powers?? Obviously with some kind of limit
And obviously creation, they created the universe and are vv proud of humanity.

Edit: ideas welcome!


If they've got a human vessel, that in itself can be a hard limit! There's only so much a humanoid body can take. Especially so if they value this body out of sentiment and want to preserve it. This feels video-game-y but if you want to simplify it, you could apply the "I can only expel this amount of energy after eating this amount of food or else I'll pass out" kind of thing. A more desperate version can be like "I need to eat because I haven't done so in 3 days and I'm literally about to die" and etc. etc.

Another possible limit for a deity can involve the strength of faith. Do a lot of people still believe in them? Do a lot of people forsake them? Maybe that can tie to how well they can use their powers. They can be weakened due to low morale, they can lose control due to unstable emotions, etc. You mentioned that the goddex gets stressed so there's that too.


@degdeg I love these ideas, but none really work. They don’t particularly care if people worship them or not (in fact they prefer not, it kinda makes them uncomfortable) and there’s no human vessel involved. Gods are a complete different species in my universe so yeah. I really appreciate it though!