forum Do you know any magic terms to describe a human with no soul?
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I know that's a little weirdly worded but let me try to explain. So in my story every human has a soul, but one of my character's father was artificially created in a laboratory. So even though he's physically and biologically human, he's not spiritually one.
Souls work like basic fractions so since my character's father has no soul and his mother has one like normal, he has 1/2 a soul.
What I'm looking for now is it anyone knows a term from really any magic system, mythology, or religion to describe an artificially created human, or a 1/2 human 1/2 not-technically-human person.
Hope that makes sense? Anything helps,

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I don't know any stories directly addressing this, but in typical myths a created creature of any kind (souless in some) are called Golems. The idea of "soul" being directly hereditary is cool, maybe you could make up a word or set of terms around the idea and science of souls? Maybe something in Latin for a scientific feel, given the father was lab created?


Not sure how helpful this might be but in my language, Urdu, the word for soul is 'Ruh' (Rooh). There is a prefix we use 'be' (bay) which essentially gives the new word the opposite meaning. For example 'guna' (goo-nah) means one who did a crime but 'beguna' (bay-goo-nah) means one who is innocent. The same way 'Ruh' means soul but 'Beruh' means without a soul

You could essentially use this

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I'll give you one.
you can describe a body with no soul by: "Someone who has been injured by evil " that is an example of 7 billion people whose still alive with us!