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@Yamatsu Earthbender

In my world, magic has been around since time began. Over time, however, as species evolved and things ended up shifting around in the gene pool (my world is kind of like Earth if the dinosaurs hadn't died out, but evolved into dragons!), some races lost their magical potential and others only have a scrap of what they were once capable of. Dragons have full-on magic, they can be either a Bender (elemental) or Animus (enchanter). Humans have very little Bending, but are still capable of Animus. Wyverns have no magic whatsoever, but they make up for it in evolutionary advantages and ferocity. However, magic is still super rare. Out of an entire continent of people, only about 300 individuals have magic. Many of them were either exploited or driven out, and they haven't tried to conquer the world yet because of how badly outnumbered they are.