forum Anyone want to see if my magic system is understandable?
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My magic system is kinda simple. Everyone has the natural ability to do magic due to the connection every living thing has to the ether. Magical energy is refined into a spell by the willpower of the caster, but there are specific spells. You have to understand fully what the effect of a spell before you can do it, so the number of spells you can do is limited by your focus and understanding of magic. This also limits the amount of spells that people have available to learn. Magic is classified by where you draw the power from, like lunar magic, daemonic magic, or natural magic.

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Seems easy to understand for me, though maybe the "fully understand" part is a little bit of a broad term since it can be interpreted in different ways but that´s probably just me, in my opinion it´s really understandable

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Thanks, that was what I was going for. What I meant by "fully understand" is that they must know exactly what the effects of the spell were going to be, and what their impact on the caster would be.

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Can someone draw power from multiple sources? What about creating new spells or making variations of previously existing ones? Also, you'll want to define all the possible sources someone can draw from. Oh, one more question: do certain sources have certain properties? EX: A demonic source slowly transforms the user into a demon or lunar magic is only available at night but much more potent.

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Yes, power can be drawn from any living thing, and some things that aren't living like the moon. Also, creating and varying spells is possible, though experimentation needs to be done with extreme caution due to the fact that all spells have some sort of effect on the caster. Also, the source of power greatly influences the potency and effect of the spell. For example, trying to do lunar magic by drawing power from a deamonic source will only hurt the caster and have very little effect.