forum What was the biggest battle or war in your world's history?
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The battle between humans and Halmans.
The humans were saying that having sex with angels is immoral and unpure, while Halmans (half-angel, half-humans) were saying that love's love. In reality, the humans were just jealous of how much better Halmans were at everything than them. Humans won, because they were more abundant.

The reason why there hasn't be a war as big as that one again is because nothing had caused that to be the case.

The Great Halmanian War, as it is called, killed 10x more people and Halmans than WW2, and it was the first war ever to be recorded in history.

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One of my roleplays is based on Earth thousands of years from now. A humanoid ‘alien’ species, called Caelum (latin ‘n’ stuff, couldn’t think of any better name ideas lol), came and invaded Earth. This sparked The Conquering (also known as World War III by the humans). It was a quick but vicious war. The Caelum first established a foothold in Canada, and in turn humans sent pretty much all their nuclear bombs and missiles there, which caused incredible amounts of radiation poisoning covering the country (which is still around, as the Caelum never put into motion any plans to clean it up, but that’s besides the point). The Caelum were basically unfazed by these efforts. They have a hugely stronger immune system than humans and much better weaponry and technology, plus a large defense against bombs and such like the nuclear weapons that the humans hoped would be enough (spoiler alert, nothing they did was enough).
Another huge factor in this was disease. Not unlike when Europeans first travelled to the Americas and (unintentionally, ofc) killed Native Americans through varies diseases that the indigenous peoples didn’t have immunities to, the Caelum brought many, much stronger diseases to earth. Without the help of advanced Caelum medicine, about 85-95% of the human population died solely from disease.
Due to their advanced technology and these other factors, the Caelum won in merely 7 years of fighting. Probably the only reason humans didn’t go completely extinct was because of how the Caelum health system finally stepped in for the survivors.

There are a couple of reasons why there hasn’t been a bigger war since then.

  1. Human slavery system. So, the Caelum people essentially set up a system of slavery for humans, which severely limited and almost extinguished the ability to gather and plan a revolution. Though Caelum claim that their system is ‘humane’—I’m sure most of us can agree that slavery is never humane. There are laws in place that ensure human slaves are given housing and food, but these rules are loose, and humans are treated horribly and given the worst of the job field. Essentially, humans didn’t have much ability to be able to start up an opposing force with the slavery system set up.
  2. Limiting technological expansion. Though humans aren’t allowed to learn any of Caelum history of the Caelum language, the story of why the Caelum came to earth is well known throughout the alien species. On their old planet, a horribly dangerous and vicious place, technology was powered almost solely on water, so much so that the Caelum found themselves running out of water for simple survival. Because of this, they fled their planet in search of something better, which happened to be earth. After they became the new ‘top dogs’ on the planet, there were laws and regulations set in place designed to limit technological expansion. The Caelum decided to adopt more of human technology (and also human customs and such), though it’s always been a cautious approach with funding these types of developments. Due to this, technology is very similar to what we have today, and most studies have been devoted on making older technologies better and more efficient, rather than making new tech. Lacking new tech, there was less of a risk for world shattering weapons, and potential deaths that came with them.
  3. Limited population. After the Caelum took over earth, they put a lot of regulation on human pairings to keep the population under control. There’s about one human to every three Caelum. With lower population, just by playing a numbers game it’s clear humans are at the disadvantage.

So, overall, the invasion was the biggest war, as the alien species fought almost every country as a very small amount of the population surrendered. The only chance for a bigger war would be a revolution from the enslaved humans—and a secret something is certainly brewing beneath the surface. Whether it will end successful or not… that’s up for heavy debate, at the moment.