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Looking at the lore section in, what does that mean? I noticed it asks me to fill out the "Full text" of the lore, what does this mean?

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Howdy! "Lores" is kind of a catch-all for all the documents and stories of your world, like books, myths, legends, manuscripts, backstories, rumors, etc. A lot of people use this section for filling up written works of fiction in their world (and write scraps of text from those books in the "full text" field that they can reference when writing), but others use it to detail folklore, local stories, and other word-of-mouth pieces of lore (and write, basically, what people say to each other in the "full text" field).

Since the template is customizable, you can edit it to whatever is relevant in your world. It may not be relevant in all worlds/stories, but I think it's very useful to have when it is! :)