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hmm this is interesting! I do have some notes for history but I need to go back and clean them up!

  • Eventide was the town where walls between realms were the thinnest, and became the first fae/human city
  • Eventide was also the biggets point for the eventual war between humans and fae before being split away into it's own realm in an event called 'The Great Divide"
  • Eventide and divide combined into 'Evide' and began to thrive as the major city between fae and magic-affected humans (yay main setting!)

I really need to get some better details in there. I could use it for a side story or one-shot.

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There's this war in my story that's basically a legend by the time the story actually starts called 'The Shattering of the Sky'. (The name's probably too long but oh well) During this war, the king (nicknamed the Mage King) had a few legendary heroes on his side, fighting against an ancient evil that wanted to take over the kingdom he united. In the last decisive battle, the king won, though he and the heroes all died at the end along with most of their forces - a pyrrhic victory.
[There's more I could probably add :/]

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For example, the most major part of my worlds history is the Legion Slayer (Commonly known as simply the Slayer, or Legion). It used to be that magic and magical creatures coexisted with humans. During a major war, magical beings were mostly allied against humans. The magical beings and the few humans that were allied with them had just captured a major city in a relatively one sided battle.
The army was parading through the city, looking for any enemy soldiers as most militaries did at the time when all of a sudden, one man stood in their path. He would not move until one soldier tried to kill him.
In a burst of energy, the man began tearing through the army, unstoppable. He killed hundreds of people in mere seconds, and was suddenly holding a fallen sword to the generals throat. He declared that should any magical creature or any of the humans allied with them make themselves known to the world again, they would be executed.

Though nobody is sure if Legion was real, some claiming he was the first god, magical creatures have been in hiding from the common people ever since the time that the legend originated. Magical creatures who make themselves too known on purpose tend to meet grim ends for no known reason, so most abide by this unspoken law.

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So, basically, because of the War of Shadows, the king and queen had to go into hiding, forcing them to part with their daughter Jayliana. In this War, Bartimaeus, the threat to Jayliana's kingdom, is trying to kill her. She is also being hunted by many other people.


Rhine came and spoke infront of the whole kingdom. She claimed she could speak to the Goddess Azu and Diem she said that magic users were bad and should be killed. They made her queen then and there. Basically magic person is fake messiah.

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So for one of my worlds, I tried to take a sort of plausible route. Instead of Gods creating the world, or me just ignoring the creation myths, I went for a science based origin instead. It isn't very complicated though, just boils down to a series of stars dying and imploding in one place, all in a row, leading to the world.

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So, the major event that made the setting for my world is a plague. The common name for it is "Dream Leprosy" but no doctors have been alive long enough to study and classify it. The major symptoms include, but are not limited to, coughing of blood, shortness of breath, and night terrors. The nightmares were always of a terrible infection where everyone in the dream slowly falls apart, such as Lepers do. The external symptoms of the dreams are sweating, crying, and shaking. These are the warning signs. When one is far into the illness, they develop fluid in the lungs, hemorrhaging, and occasionally blindness. The main character in this world is a Plague doctor named Nikolaia Berkan, and he will be the one to cure this disease

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I'm quite fond of mine, and it's basically formed from two god's lovers quarrel. Mankind and everything bad is their child born from the anger and destruction, and everything good was born from the apologies. Basically a pandora's box situation, you could say