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Everything comes from somewhere, right?

Where did your planet come from? Has it always been there, or did some deity create it at some point? Was it the result of some kind of celestial physics or magic? Will it last forever, or will it eventually be destroyed, die off, or become otherwise inhabitable?

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So, a brief explanation of my planet's creation.

What created my planet is not so much a diety, but it is a very large creature (about the size of Jupiter's moon, Titan) which I named Corpiksia. Corpiksia is the only known creature of its kind and lives at the centre the planet Syridia. Which was named after its ruler, Syrid. Upon the creation of the planet, Corpiksia made ten beings. The planet started out lush and it was the job of those ten beings to keep it that way for future generations. There were four Syridians, a humanoid species of the planet. Two Firode (which later evolved into a different species). And four Glubberin, another humanoid species, they live in the once plentiful waters of the planet.

Of the original ten beings, one survived. Syrid. How the other nine died is unknown to all but Syrid. Some speculate that Syrid killed them all, others think that Syrid is just immortal and the other nine weren't.

That aside, the planet now acts as a home to Corpiksia. Every now and then, Corpiksia breaths, causing slits in the ground to appear. Its inhale is like a vacuum and sucks people in. And its exhale is a release of burning air hot enough to burn someone to their bones. Then, the slits close, someone unfortunate always gets killed during these happenings.

I don't want to tell too much about what'll happen to it though. It'd spoil my story. ;)

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This is written straight off the top of my head, don't know how accurate to my real story it will end up being since I've never worked it out before XD

In the beginning, a Being named Zhan existed. He lived in the stars, alone, and no other life made his domain their home. The only person Zhan had to talk to was Nattra, the Orderly One who made it her duty to keep the stars all going down their intended paths. But she was cold and poor conversation, always too busy to linger for long. Zhan soon grew bored of sitting alone in space, and began looking for more friends to invite into his home.
He searched for such a long time that he began to fear there was no one else, until one day he returned home and saw that two Beings had arrived there already, unnoticed. They were the brothers Urth and 'A, or Life and Death. They brought all kinds of interesting new changes to Zhan's world, and he welcomed them with open arms as they spread from planet to planet, filling each one with different creatures. Over time, the three learned to work together–Urth would create, Zhan would observe and tinker and play among the mortal creatures, and then 'A would eventually return it all to nothing. When Nattra saw this, she quietly disapproved of the disorder that the brothers brought, but wasn't the complaining sort and simply expanded her work to include closely monitoring the three of them.
One day, on a certain planet, humans suddenly existed. Immediately all the Beings flocked around to watch them with interest, for no other creature had behaved quite this way before. Urth moved to claim them as his children, as he had with all the plants and animals, but Zhan stopped him, seeing great potential for any interesting stories and adventures in these humans and wanting them as his own. Nattra disliked this idea, and spoke against it, thinking that Zhan's meddling would only cause harm.
'A, who was jealous of Urth's many children when he had almost none, waited until the other Beings were distracted, then quickly reached out and tried to grab the humans for himself. But the moment he did, the humans changed. They began fighting and killing each other, harming the earth and its creatures, and becoming engulfed in cruel and selfish thoughts. None of the other beings could unto the damage, no matter how hard they tried.
Sorrowfully, Zhan saw that if the humans were not stopped somehow, they would destroy all life one day. The Beings decided to search for anyone who could help them, and if no one could be found, they would have to kill the humans.
After a long search, Zhan finally ventured into a realm where everything seemed to be burning. All the stars were dull and the planets were covered with ash. The only living thing left was a Being called Ennienwin, the Motherly One. She was weak and frightened, with no home to return to. Zhan took pity on her and offered to bring her back with him, if only she would help them bring goodness back into the hearts of humans. She readily agreed once she understood their plight, and soon she was back in Zhan's domain. Some of the others, 'A and Urth in particular, viewed her radiance with suspicion, but they knew they had no choice but to welcome her. And as soon as she touched the humans, their fighting ceased, and they returned to their peaceful ways–in fact, now they knew kindness, empathy, and compassion, where they had not even when they were first created. Overjoyed, the Beings allowed Ennienwin to remain with them and help spread life across the stars forever more.

Of course, nothing remains perfect forever, but that's another story ;)

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in my world, it was created how we all know in the real life happened, big bang, yada yada yada. but, eventually humans were killing off the planet, and evolution three humankind off the board and added new creatures into the mix. after humans retreated into a spaceship that humans built in 2031, they returned to detrimene if earth was habitable or not, what they found were skies filled with dragons and bizzare landscapes, lakes of lava, swamps of ink, and kingdoms in the clouds, and they had to watch out too, because there were wyverns, dragons, Orcs, trolls, frost wolves, ice giants, elves, and much more that could kill and destroy. so they found human survivors in the plains eviremont of the continent they landed in. they settled there, and grew, but then dark forces threaten to take over bredlyn, ( what the continent is called.) so yeah