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I'm working on a script for a small little animated project but before i get to it, i want to patch up the lore and enrich it as much as i can. Yet unfortunately i kinda ran out of ideas as i was going through it :"D A little help is welcome!

Basic ideas so far:
We have a magical world, where this thing called Guardians exist. They are sort of this special order of knights/magic users that are supposed to help maintain balance in the world i suppose, set up by a group of ancient magic users in order to train the new generations in perpetuating their task.
I wanted to spice up the world and the Guardians a little bit, maybe make this prestigious position come with some kind of rule code that if broken will curse you. Also the reason behind their very existence since i cant decide.

Any opinions please?

Sophie Herbert

Idk if you are still needing help but:

  • What do you mean by maintaining balance? How does the magic do this? Is it a particular type of magic?
  • Maybe they have strict rules because some incident happened when they first formed? Someone went rogue or tried to abuse the power?
  • The training thing, is it like a school? Can anyone do magic?
  • What kind of curse are you thinking? I recommend researching into different mythical folklore for inspiration
  • Something that might help is to figure out the limits of the magic in the world and the consequences of it