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I recently created a similar universe. I find that taking Latin roots of words I already know and changing a vowel or a syllable here and there and it comes out pretty neat (ie Terraniaa). There are times, however, where I do not need to do much (ie 'Diamond Caverns"). Think of locations you would see in video games and the rules they follow when creating their own names.


I would definitely use google translate and type in a key theme word related to your story then translate it into a different, distinctive language!


I really love these ideas. I also like the ideas of royal and imposing names, like Lolinon or Tabenthyn. Place name generators are super helpful if you just can't think of anything else, though!


It is always fun to just type a description into google translate. doesn't even need to be accurate, just needs to sound kinda like a place. and, as the writer, feel free to replace and reorder letters as you choose