forum I am writing a dystopian story and I am not sure what to call a city on a sky island. If anyone can come up with a name I would be very grateful.
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What's your setting's aesthetic? Is this cyberpunk dystopian, or more Pandora from the Avatar movie type of Gulliver's Travels floating islands?

Off the cuff, I'd go for "Utopolis" (no location city) or Scheherazade ("city of freedom" but was also the name of a well-known character from the One Thousand and One Nights folktales compilation.)


I got some inspiration for the floating islands from the Avatar movie, but it is more of a dystopia. Also thanks for the city names.


I'd look up some scientific bird names and use one of those, with the suffix -city or -ton. Here's some examples from Corvidae (raven) species:

  • Cissaton
  • Ieucopterus City
  • Pyrrhocraxton
  • Dauuricuston
  • Coraxton
  • Sinaloae City
  • Calocitta City

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Saorsa (freedom)
This is a little complex but: A 'Ghàidhealtachd, which means the Highlands, and you could shorten the name to like 'Healtach' or 'Ghàidh' which is pretty exotic but idk I thought the highlands was pretty nifty just cuz it's in the sky. anyway those are my ideas