forum howdy y'all, anyone wanna help give me some town names?
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i'm doing. a thing. a podcast and book set in the same town w/ different characters, and i'm spacing town names. it's gotta be a fictional one, a small-ish older town. old enough to have plenty of history. hit me with anything you can!


I did find a name, eventually, but it feels somewhat like a placeholder right now, so I’ll take suggestions! A blend of both, I guess, leaning more towards most American towns. It’s set in Virginia, near a reservation on the coast, if that lends any help

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That's cute! I like that name tbh
I just looked up a map of Virginia and they have some real nice crunchy town names over there lol. If you are still interested in renaming your town, here's some potential names I thought of:
Loop Creek
White Lake

Any of those seem likely?