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Exactly what it says in the tin, Since my plot takes place in Japan and I don't want to Yandere simulator this.
My main knowledge of Japan is anime and manga (which isn't how Japan actually works), Useful notes from TvTropes on Japan and some articles on people who live in or visit Japan

For context from my story: It's about a guy who's planning to become a cop, goes to an unusual boarding school and is unaware that there's a game that basically captures the flag with him as the flag, another guy is pretending to be his friend to win the game and to protect him then he slowly fall in love with him.

So any help would be useful =)

@LilMeme group

Note: I'll especially need help on topics like:
School life
Abuse (for context MC suffered from abuse in the hands of his aunt, and the other guy was emotionally abused by his ex)
Homosexuality (The two MCs are guys and fall in love)
Police in Japan (especially cracks in the system)
Relationships (especially in school)
Boarding Schools
Social Norms
Immigrants (One of my characters are half-philippino)
Speaking of which I could also get some notes on Philippine culture
and Mental Health

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Try searching it up. I'm no Japan expert, so I can't exactly help you there.
Try to make sure you check a lot of different sources so you know which ones are correct, and try to check if the sources are reliable if you can. I do know one thing: a hikikomori is someone who lives in isolation, isolated from the rest of the world.
Abuse in Japan should probably be like in the rest of the world. But maybe they have different ways of abuse. I'm not sure. If you want, I guess you could add some things of your own, as it's your story. Like create an imaginary town or street and create your own rules related to ones already in Japan.
Hope this helped


theres apparently a lot of mental health stigma there, and a high $uicide rate, im no expert though