forum Hey, who wants to make up cool old fashion candy store names? I need some and I'm pulling a blank
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Screaming cinnamon roll

Hello! I've been missing off of here for a while, if anyone cares I just want to say I'm not dead.
Anyhow, I have a storybird account and I'm writing a story called Rosemary about two girls falling in love (I think it's kind of bad, but somebody liked it so I guess I'll keep writing it). In the scene I'm writing I'm gonna have this group of friends walk downtown to a bait shop then stop at this old candy store for sodas. I don't know what to call it, but it's slightly based off of a candy store in my town called the sunflower shack.
By the way, if this helps you in any way the story takes place in Maine.


If it's a family-run shop, you could name it after the founder, or, if they're from a differnt country, some sort of hearkening back to their og country. For example, there's a candy shop in America called Hercules Candy bc the founder was Greek


I have a bakery called "Connifer's Confections". "Talia's Treats" or something with some alliteration could work well, and help your players remember the location.