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I have this country I've been building for a few years and I wanna see how others see it and if there's any plot holes, so here's a list of some essential things about the country!

Helpful links-
National Flag | Country Outline | Tribe Distribution

  • It's called Lutora, which is an amalgamation of the term "Terra Lutra", basically "Otter Land". When British colonisers arrived on the shore they noticed it was overrun by 2 types of otter, which they dubbed the Lesser Lutrin Otter (small, friendly, eats mostly fish) and the Greater Lutrin Otter (large, vicious, eats fish AND the little otters). So the Brits were like "hey man its like otter land lol" and then it just stuck.
  • Otters are a HUGE part of the culture of the natives and just people who live there in general. They're very tied into the mythology of the native people, and are the nation's national animal, even appearing on their flag.
  • Another huge part of their mythology is Canines. Otters are described (in the dreamtime-esque stories of the natives) as being an offshoot of dogs, a sort of beast destined to guard the shores and roam the sea, keeping life in check. the mythos has 8 gods that all possess the heads of native canines and represent a collection of 3 things (e.g. Death, Wisdom, Love). They're sort of based around Egyptian gods like Anubis.
  • The ancient domestic breeds as well as wild canines are respected and worshipped by the native people of the land. They work alongside each other and are revered as man's greatest assets, and have been bred and developed over thousands of years for a multitude of reasons (fur, hunting, companionship etc). The people believe that these animals (canines) were gifts from the gods to help them live a comfortable and safe life. Only one native canine is killed actively, and it's because it's believed to be a bad omen (its also pretty aggressive)
  • The Native people don't have a name yet as I'm still working on their language, but their spread out across the nation and fall into 4 categories, North, South, Central and Southeast Coastal. The Northern tribe live in a temperate forest-like habitat, the Southern tribe live up in the colder, frosted mountains, and the Central tribe im not too sure about, but the Coastal tribe live exclusively along the southeast coast and has the strongest ties to the otter mythos. The Nth, Cent and Cost tribes all get along generally well but keep to themselves unless they're engaging in a trade or borrowing resources, which each tribe is happy to lend a resource with the promise that the tribe will let them take a resource if they ever need it. (sort of like an IOU) The Sth tribe is very isolated as they're so far up the mountain, and they very rarely come down to trade resources, but if they do it's with the outskirts of the Central tribe. The Sth tribe are very standoffish and doesn't like communicating with outsiders. While the other 3 tribes would take in a refugee of the other tribes, the Sth tribe would turn them away.
  • The land itself is sort of like a Quarter Pipe, raised and mountainous in the South and flatter in the north. The land has many different habitats, mostly forest/bush and coast, but it also has small taiga pockets and some flat plains in the mountains. it has 3 large lakes, the most important one being the one that surrounds the town of Hulcrahta, which is rich in some resources (I'm not sure what yet). It gets rather hot on the north coast in the summer months- but for the most part, the temperature is cool. it gets colder than it does hot.
  • it is located in the southern hemisphere, 1,296 km off the coast of South Australia. It's about 214,852 km² in land area.
  • It has a range of different cities, including
    +Port Jasper, The capital city of Lutora, is situated on the east coast. Port Jasper is a bustling city with many famous attractions. Its bright lights and devilish air is known to drag people in.
    +North Molar, a regular suburban town in the west of Lutora. Usually quiet with no real drama, it's been gaining attention recently due to the recent heightening rate of disappearances.
    +The Eastside, a port city situated on the southeast coast of Lutora. Notorious for its rampant crime rates and mix of coast and woodland scenery, this town has a tendency to swallow people whole.
    +Dalton, A small country town just inwards of the east coast. Mostly filled with barren fields and suspicious caravans, It's known for its children's correctional centre and the rumours surrounding it.
    +St. Jude, A small suburb of Port Jasper. Know for its church, and white-upper-class look, it's the perfect place to raise your nuclear family.
    +Moor, A small busy town south of St. Judes. It's considered upper-class and is well known for its neat, modern feel.
    +Sutton, A dinghy city in the southeast of Lutora. Known for its mix of modern technology and old buildings gives this smoggy city a steampunk vibe.
    +Rembly, A quaint city in the capital, Rembly is known as the 'Health Precinct'. It's notorious for its research labs and specialised hospitals.

And that's about it! let me know if you see anything that can e improved upon!!

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So, I know I'm late to the party, and I also don't see things that need improving, as this is very good :) But I am curious, if you're interested in infodumping:

What canines exist on Lutora? What's the one that gets actively killed?

Who are the 8 gods?

Did you manage a name for the Natives yet?

Did you ever decide what Hulcrahta is rich in?