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Time and time again do we see superheroes, sidekicks, and villains working together. It is rare to see a sidekick sympathizing with a villain and becoming close to one.

There are plenty of superheros, sidekicks, and villains in the world, especially in the city of Slirora. Many of the citizens even have an app made by the Superhero Villain Protection Agency that alerts them of fight and all superhero/villain related happenings. Cassander is one of the most beloved superheroes of Slirora, and A just happens to be his sidekick. B is a notorious villain who controls Slirora's underworld, and is Cassander's infamous antagonist.

But what if B is not what Cassander (and the rest of the world) says they are? What if it's Cassander and the SVPA who are the true villains?

One night, Cassander and A defeat B once again. Cassander leaves before A could say anything, leaving A and B alone. B cannot move a single muscle; they lie on the ground in severe pain and bleeding out. Having a heart of gold, A takes B to the hospital in plain clothes and even acts as B's guardian.

Only when B wakes up in a hospital room does the story unfold. A and B talk while slowly realizing that things aren't what they seem. They both have the same goals and maybe, just maybe, they truly are on the same side.

  • Andrew's rules
  • TW: This rp does deal with topics like blood, fighting, gore, and mental health.
  • I don't have a preference for A or B. It's all up to you really. Same goes for if you want this to be some kind of enemies to lovers thing. All of this will be discussed beforehand.
  • Then again, if there's romance, we'll skip over sexy times. Mentions are fine.
  • One detailed Paragraph per response please.
  • Keep swearing to a minimum.
  • Remember that this your rp too! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas!

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(Yeah, sounds like a great idea! I was thinking if I did the villain they'd probably be the one that's like right ideals, but wrong methods. Like he is pretty rational and is caring, it's just what he is doing is considered what villains do therefore making him one. His main goal is to take down the SVPA and all superheroes to make the world safer. I'm thinking something in his backstory happened to him or a loved one to cause him to take on the goal. That's all I got so far.)


(Okay, I have a character who actually fits that pretty well, though I’m also thinking if I change his powers to be less powerful/offensive, he could also work as the sidekick. I also have a character who I could change around their powers a bit depending on what works, and they might work as a more sentimental, naive kind of sidekick who really wants to believe in superheroes despite being smart enough to connect the dots)
(But who knows, I could make an entirely new character for this, again lol. Don’t know if I have the brain power tho oof)

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(Either sounds nice. Whoever you pick, they don't always have to be a sidekick if you want. Maybe as the rp goes on, our characters become like a duo or something. Hero and hero, you know? I have a character in the drafts, but I'm gonna use the idea I came up with. I'll post a template if that's cool.)

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(Sweet, that's totally cool with me!)
Hero/villain name:
Powers and weapons:
Hero/villain appearance:

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(Yeah that makes sense. I don't want to make it too complicated so then you have to do a lot of adjusting, you know? Obviously Cassander is going to be evil disguised as a superhero, so I was thinking about Superman and Homelander but not too OP.)


Name: Emery Takahashi
Age: 23
Gender: agender
Sexuality: asexual panromantic
Appearance: Emery has a slender, 5’3 frame. They also have top-surgery scars that are slightly faded.
Personality: an idealist, calm and reserved but also has this nervous energy about them, passionate on the inside. Perpetually tired at the same time. Driven by their morality, and often drifts into deep thought. Pretty nerdy too. I imagine they hide many sides of themself though, as they have this mindset that nobody cares or that they have to be certain way for other people. Oh yeah, they’re also a people pleaser. Basically an extension of my gifted kid energy, y’know.
Backstory: Emery was born to a prostitute. Initially their mother raised them to follow in her footsteps, but Emery soon began showing an interest in education and learning, and she knew that Emery couldn’t be like her. Additionally, their power also began to show itself when they were fairly young. Unfortunately, she had no way to send them to any school or institution to develop their abilities. She tried to encourage Emery to learn on their own, buying books for them when she could, though soon they found it easy to access the information in their mom’s laptop or television. Despite their mother’s precautions and attempts to keep them safe, when they were about nine years old, they were molested by one of her clients. The client did this for about two days before he was caught, and it left Emery very scarred. After that, their mother tried very hard to get them to a school or something so as to keep them safe from being hurt again. After about a year, another one of their mother’s clients offered to take them into his home. This client happened to be quite wealthy and distinguished, and after thinking on it, their mother sent Emery with him. Perhaps due to their past trauma, Emery never saw this man as any sort of father figure, merely a benefactor that had the money and generosity to send them to school. It took and is still taking Emery a long time to completely trust him, and they hid their powers from him for a very long time. So, they stayed distant from each other, and Emery poured themself into their studies. Sometimes the benefactor took them to visit their mother as well. Eventually, though, he found out about Emery’s abilities. Surprisingly, he reacted quite well, very pleased, even. Turns out, their benefactor, Mr. Nakayama, is one of the Superhero Villain Protection Agency’s investors, and after discussing it with Emery and Cassander, managed to introduce them to each other. And so, after some formal training, Emery became Cassander’s sidekick. Sometimes they went with him on missions, but mostly they stayed at a remote location to gather information from a screen, or five.
Hero/villain name: The Silver Samurai…. Because yeah.
Powers and weapons: technopathy/technokenisis. They deal mainly with electronic devices, and as such a phone or a computer is their greatest weapon. They don’t deal with actual weapons though. If things get physical, they know how to use their fists and feet. Their eyes change to black sclera and glowing white irises whenever they use their power.
Hero/villain appearance: They wear a black long-sleeved undershirt, a grey kimono with a black obi and a circuit board design on the sleeves, leather black hakama with a length of chain on one side, and a simple black mask that covers up to the bridge of their nose. Sometimes they also wear a black leather jingasa, especially if they’re out in public with Cassander.
Other: diagnosed with PTSD when they were about 17

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(No I love Emery! I love their name and the name the Silver Samurai. It's really cool. And their superpower too, it's dope!)
(Also I sorta got inspiration from Flame Princess and Prometheus for this character. I hope you like him.)
Name: Janus Namgung
Age: 26
Gender: Cis male (he/him/his)
Sexuality: Demisexual biromantic
Appearance: Most known for his tall stature and sculptured frame, Janus is 6'1". His hair is cherry red and long pushed back. It tends to be slightly messy, although he does not really seem to notice. He always has a natural medium tan even if it's winter time. All over his back and the insides of his forearms are light scars, but he has no recollection of why they're there. He has dark brown hooded eyes. His go-to outfit is a dark slim-fit tank top with dress pants, shoes, and a long suit jacket. And he does love to wear earrings, usually studs, along with other accessories. Sometimes he paints his fingernails if he's in the mood; currently they are not painted. He does have his toenails painted a random color and currently they are burgundy.
Personality: Regardless of the path that he is on, Janus still has a heart of steel with cracks filled with gold. He cares about others, their wellbeing, and whether or not they are in danger. And he will do anything to make sure they are safe. Quite often does he invest himself into work, his goals, people he cares about, and so on rather than himself. Janus does analyze things from every perspective, but other times he says to hell with it. He is not one to step back and let things happen. Despite his constant urge to jump to action, he does enjoy sitting back and watching from afar. And while he is a bit cold and callous, there are remnants of his original warm/sensitive personality lingering.
Backstory: Janus has no idea what happened during the first four years of his life. In reality, he was created in a lab for the purpose of experiments. A professor who had worked there rescued Janus and became his father. To ensure that Janus would live a normal life, his "father" injected him with two different serums. One to wipe his memory and the other to disable his fire abilities, but one of them only worked.

Regardless, Janus grew up with a pretty normal life. His father married a man who is a conductor and happens to teach music at the same university he teaches in downtown. Janus was known to be a bright and warm kid who would do good in the world. He gotten good grades while being generally liked by all in school. But by the time he turned thirteen, his powers started to come back.

He was scared knowing that with his powers, he can do a tremendous amount of destruction and harm. Janus never told the professor because he swore that if he ever did use his powers, it'd be for good. He was not interested in becoming a superhero at first. The idea only came up while he was in college learning about the history of superheros. When he graduated and came home, Janus got a job at the Superhero Villain Protection Agency as a researcher and historian for their data center.

It was only four months into the job did he realize that there is something wrong with the SVPA. Through files from the last thirty years, the agency has run experiments on bodies of victims in villain attacks without the knowledge of the victim's family. They even force people with powers to become superheroes against their own will. He tried to blow the whistle on it, yet no one believed him. Despite hiding his identity in the process, he got upset and quit his job. Things only got worse when his fathers were involved in an accident caused by Cassander fighting a villain.

His father (the professor) died while his papá has to rely on a cane for walking. Janus was all alone and had no to turn to. He was broken, never to be the same ever again. Still, he had his powers. Why not use them to take down an organization who's a threat to the people? His judgment may be cloudy, but who cares?

Janus never meant to be a villain. At first he (he being Maestro Fiammo) tried to be a superhero, but next thing he knew the SVPA, Cassander, and people had labeled him as a villain. It's interesting now that he works for a newspaper company and as a news consultant. Sometimes he has talked about himself, Maestro Fiammo, and no one bats an eye. But Maestro Fiammo will teach them a thing or two.
Hero/villain name: Maestro Fiammo (sometimes just called one over the other)
Powers and weapons: FIRE! His main power is the ability to generate fire in which he can also control most of the time. There is also thermal resistance and enhanced strength. Also he can detect a person through heat. The flames he generates are like extensions of his nerves. He can feel anything or anyone that touches it or is close by. That being said, distinguishing the flames hurts him. It does leave him in pain, sometimes still does when he goes home and lays in bed.
Hero/villain appearance: As Maestro, his hair changes to a royal blue with some streaks of a light orange at the top. The color of his eyes turn to a dark blue, yet they do light up orange whenever he is angry or using his powers. His outfit consists of a white 18th century-esque rocco shirt, black pants, boots, long leather coat, and a mask. (
Other: He has depression and anxiety, but he also doesn't admit it; mostly because he doesn't know that he has it. You can tell when he is in a depression funk when he's doing a slushie run at two in the morning. Coincidentally one of his favorite sports is swimming and if he's not at home, work, or being Maestro Fiammo, you can find him at an indoor pool.

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Janus's heart is a world of flames. Anytime he goes up against Cassander, some of the flames get put out, but he was able to walk away on his own two feet. What happened now? There was only one flame left by the time he collapsed onto the ground. One little flame that was slowly dimming, that was it.

All he had done was break into one of the SVPA buildings to destroy it from the inside out. Cassander had dragged him out and in a blink of an eye, Maestro Fiammo became the superhero's punching bag. No flame that he conjured was enough to push the hero back. He couldn't even throw one at that sidekick of Cassander's.

He doesn't even remember what happened aside from all the pain. His whole body was covered in a cold sweat. Most of the pain resided in his lower abdomen. It all was enough to make him pass out without a moment's notice.

Where is he? A pillow rested underneath his head. There was a dim light from the lamp on the end table. Janus rubbed his eyes, slowly sitting himself up. Everything in his mind was foggy. Well…Until he looked down at his hand above the wound, his mind was foggy.

His mind was sent into a panic. How did he get here? Who brought him here? Janus tried to get out of the bed as swiftly as possible but fell onto the floor. Groaning, he forced himself up. Where is he? Why did someone bring him here? What is going on?

What if everyone knows who Maestro Fiammo or Janus Namgung really is?