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Some random, stupid, cheesy plot idea I had—

Character A is the crown [prince/princess] to the kingdom of Trila.

Character B is the 4th child of a king from a nearby kingdom that is close to war with Trila,

Character A needs to find a partner, but they’re said to be cruel, short tempered, not interested in married life at all, and lastly, they has no inclination of peace between their kingdom and Character B’s. So when their father tells them of the arranged marriage between themselves and Character B, they rages.

Character B is not a meek person, willing to lie down and be sent over to perhaps the cruelest person alive. They will fight tooth a nail against this marriage. But they didn’t find out until they were carted away and had already arrived at Trila for ‘Peace Talks’.
When they finds out about the marriage, they are not happy, and does not want to be in the [prince/princesses] presence.

Character A may be misunderstood, and puts on the pretense of cruelty to protect their kingdom. But no one knows that, and they doesn’t want anyone to know this. They decide to take their rage out on Character B, hoping to keep them far enough away from themselves and who they really is.

Will Character A succeed in keeping B pushed away from themselves? Or will B see the soft side of A? Will the two forever hate each other? Will A declare war against B’s kingdom, even after the marriage?

I would prefer to be Character B (The woman)


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Name: Akira kaido
Age (18-23): 23
Gender: male
Looks: He has long black hair, that goes to his shoulders and stops. His eyes are a piercing Ice blue, almost like you get shivers from staring into them for too long. It also helps to cast a cold gaze or glare at people. His skin is pale, almost as if he was constantly in a state of frost bite. He often wears a scowl on his face, and glare in his eyes. He's around 6'2 ft tall, and has a very lanky build.
Personality: He's called the frost bitten prince for a reason, he's cold to everyone he forms a connection with, has cruel methods and has a biting temper that flares up basically out of nowhere. He's seen as unreasonable, and hard to work with as he will not be swayed by anyone. Even his own counsel. He has extreme trust issues, and refuses to forgive someone once they have done wrong against him or his kingdom. When he's proposed with the idea of marrying somebody he scoffed at the idea and treated it like it was some fantastical idea someone had come up with just to make him mad. He refuses to talk to women, and when women find themselves attracted to him, he shuts them down, most times making them run of the castle crying. He dosent care mich about his reputation among the ladies, as he only wants to rule.
History: he is the crown prince, and well…he used to be kind, the exact opposite of what you see now. Unfortunately his soft hearted nature went away when one of the housemaids that had been in the family for generations murdered his mother. That caused a seed of distrust to sprout inside of him, and it only grew as he grew up. He decides he wanted to rule, and with a tight grip so that no one would dare even think to kill him. He had decided his mother's kind hearted nature, is what made her weak and succeptable for killing. So he poured himself into his work and didn't give himself a moment to breath, or a break. He wanted to raise to the throne as soon as possible. That was until he was told he was getting an arranged marriage from someone who he despised.
His mother's murderer had come from that kingdom, and they took her in. He would not so easily forgive the grievance it caused him and his family.

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Name: Roa Democarcius
Age: 21
Gender: Femal She/Her
Looks: Onyx hair, with a slight blue tint in direct sunlight. Her hair is long, and falls to her lower back. Always soft, smooth and shiny. She has pale skin that burns easily in the sunlight. Her eyes are golden, slightly almond shaped and framed with dark lashes. She stands at about five feet and four inches.
Personality: Around Everyone Kind, gentle, sweet, soft, quiet. around friends and family Stubborn, sassy, slight temper. (Things may mix slightly depending on who else is around- you hath been warned)
History: Roa grew up in a smaller (but mighty) kingdom bordering Trila. She didn’t have the best relationship with her father, which is probably why she’s the one getting married off. She was always too strong headed and willed for the liking of her father.

(I’ll add more to his history. . . Eventually)