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Muse A had everything at least it seemed. They had been married to the love of their life and the leader of the league of superheroes who protected that city and others for a few months now and everything was perfect. But then they began to notice how their partner began to pay less and less attention to them, barely spending time with them anymore. Muse A knew that they were busy, and that's what they continued to tell themself when they would wake up in the middle of the night to see their partner leaving to go off to work. But one day, they realized that their partner's work wasn't the only thing keeping them away from Muse A. When they find out that their partner was cheating on them, they run off not wanting to have anything to do with the rest of the world. Until they meet Muse B.

When they first meet Muse B, Muse A considers them to be a bit stand-offish and sort of cocky, but once the two begin to get to know each other, something seems to click. The two begin to spend more and more time together, just saying that they are friends, but hoping for so much more. And their relationship begins to grow into something more until Muse B decides to tell Muse A the truth, or well the truth that they have been hiding for a while. They happen to be one of the major villains of that region, and they tend to butt heads quite a bit with Muse A's ex. Knowing this, Muse A decides to try love again with Muse B, but they're still scared and cautious around the other, hoping their heart won't be broken as it was before.


  • I'd really like this to be a gay rp, and I'd prefer to play Muse A, but I can be swayed to play either or
  • Please be active. At least once a week posts.
  • Have passable grammar and punctuation (At least in the RP. I understand being more lenient in general chatter)
  • Cursing is allowed, to a degree
  • No Mary/Gary sues
  • Please have at least four sentences per post. If you want long posts from me, I will expect lengthy posts from you. With that stated, I understand if every so often you have to only have three sentences or less, we all have our bad days
  • Be ready to post a sample of your RP style if you're wanting to join
  • I reserve the right to decline you, and please know this isn't personal
  • I reserve the right to change/modify these rules at any time
  • If anyone wants to do this idea but it's already filled, shoot me a PM and I'll happily start a new thread with you
  • And last but not least, please shoot me any and all questions you have when we're RPing.

I'll post a template if someone wants to join! :D


Okay uhm, I'm just going to post a template, I hope it's not too much.


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