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I'm in the mood for yet another rp and one with my dragon boi yet again. I want to develop him a bit more and I'm in the mood for some romance because its covid and I'm still quarantined and touch starved XDXD.

Major things to note in this world and rp:

There are magical/mythical beings living among humans, but not many human's know about them. The mythical/magical governments and the human governments try to keep the two separate. Most like to keep within their respective species anyways. Any mythical/magical creature has to be registered if they want to live among humans and must keep a human appearance. Humans who know the mythical/magical beings exist have to be registered as a potential threat to exposing the mythical/magical beings.
Cole works at a cafe where he'll most likely meet most people. He lives in an apartment nearby, a place given to him by the owner of the cafe, Nancy.

Thats about it! Cole's character template is down below.
You in no way have to have a character profile as long as the one I placed below. I don't expect you to have one that large or that specific. Hell, we can even just jump right in without any character profiles. I'm very open to any thing you would like to do!


Cole Sparks

Other name(s):

Ignitious - a name he uses to pay respect to his father


22(+) depending on story-line




Dragon changeling/human Hybrid (A halfling)

Blood type:


Sexuality and relationship status:

Currently experimenting, leaning towards Pansexual(and panspecies??? I don't even know what you'd call dating between magical species), and single


American/Western Dragon Kingdom


  • Ignitous Sume ~ Father; Dragon Changeling (Deceased) * NOTE: Ignitous's last name was revoked from him when he 'betrayed' the dragon kind by falling in love with a human. *
  • Alaina "Andreal" Wilcox ~ Mother; Human (Deceased)


None unless you count Shihiro (see Shihiro below)


Dominant/Host soul
Elite member of the Council (by inheritance)
Works at a small cafe named the Black Bean Cafe.


Skin color:

Caucasian - pale

Hair color, type and length:

Dark brown, curly, undercut and messy

Eye color:

Stunningly amber






Lanky, tall, think skinny white boy.

General clothing:

Button-ups, jeans, and the occasional tank-top with a scarf if he’s feeling extra brave. He never wears low-collared shirts without a way to cover/hide his scales.


Dark red scales adorn his collarbones, shoulder blades, throat and neck, and shoulders. He covers them so as not to scare any humans.
He has narrow facial features and a pointed nose.
He has a strong structure despite being lanky.
He looks much younger than he is.

Powers and abilities?:

Can see through many types of magical camouflage/shield but only through glances and peripherals.
Can communicate with the Lesser soul (Shihiro) bound to him (all Elite dragons are given a Lesser Soul - see bio and Shihiro below.)
Small amounts of fire breath, though one downside of being partial human is he can burn himself with said breath. He has to regulate the fire, however, to avoid throwing his entire body temperature and flame-organs off.
The dragon’s in this universe use a type of spell casting they call Laws. Laws always have a cost and the power varies between species. Usually Elite’s are given more Laws to preform. Cole has that advantage though with his human-hybrid DNA the Laws are much harder to preform.

Physical abilities:

He can throw a punch and he’s stronger than your average human. That’s about it.

Weapon(s) and items?:

None. He owns only a few pairs of clothing and a lot of books on his kind. They’re always kept in a safe, fireproof place, just in case. He doesn’t have much access to dragon knowledge and the few books he has were bought from the beasts in the alleyways, specifically Tix - a blind, furred humanoid creature that lives off the flesh of human. She offers stolen items for dragon scales (they’re high in magical power and price)


This kid can evade. He’s had to evade magical being and human alike. Both want him dead after finding out what he is.
He’s good at hiding in plain sight as well. Most human’s don’t know the magical beings exist in their world.


Physical. Being partial dragon has its quirks in the physical strength section.


Intense heat and intense cold - both make him sluggish and sleepy and ready for a defensive hibernation to protect his dragon biology (its rough for a half human)
His own fire breath can be against him if he doesn’t ‘destress’ the fire organ. AKA, he needs to breath fire else he harms his fire organs.


Cole Sparks tends to be quiet but he is never timid. Even in the most intimidating of situations he is able to keep his calm; a side effect of trying to survive being hunted by both sides of his species. He doesn’t like to make friends, as he is ready to move towns at any time he is discovered. Friends make a heavy burden on the heart when left behind. He often acts hostile towards those trying to get close though he doesn’t like to come off as rude.


Sweets (especially cheesecakes), Shihiro, reading books about his kind, persistence.


His own kind, blueberries, dancing (only because he’s bad at it, he’d probably like it if someone showed him what to do)


Ignitous Sume; powerful, gentle, Elite. He sat among the Council of the Western Kingdom and grew popular among the lower dragons. He provided knowledge and training, and seemed to have it all. And he did. Until he crossed paths with a human that captivated his attention and threw out all learned concepts of how humans were supposed to be.
She was the epitome of grace and beauty, her looks far outshined any dragon he had ever seen. He met her under the guise of a human and only fell harder for the soft-spoken human who shared new fruits and foods and spices that he had never heard about or even seen. She made him complete.
Humans weren’t so bad.
But he couldn’t convince the Council of the same thing. They brought up the stories of old, brought in dragons who had lived through raids and murderings of their clans and families. Ignitous begged them to listen, to let them at least have some contact with the human world. He refrained from telling them about his human love, for fear they would harm her, but he fought for the rights to communicate with the non-magical beings.
He was refused.
Ignitous nearly gave up all hope - until his human lover came to him one day with news that filled him with equal parts pure joy and dread: she was pregnant. It was his child, and it was strange. He confessed to his true species that day, told her all about the life he lived, even showed her his true form. She mourned and shied away from him at first, terrified of the secret he had kept from her. But his gentleness and strength remained true. He promised her a new life, a new world just for them and their child.
But secrets never stay secrets forever, and soon the Council heard of the betrayal.
Cole was born of a dragon father and a human mother, an abomination that should never have been. He defiled the pure blood of the Western Dragon Kingdom and threatened the very existence of dragons everywhere.
Ignitous understood the hardships he and his small family would have to go through, so he turned to his most trusted friend for help: an elderly Eastern dragon named Shihiro Tanake. Shihiro had lived many past lives and had reincarnated so many times he no longer remembered his age or the first name he had ever been given. Ignitous begged Shihiro to create a Bind between him and Cole, to help protect the boy and lead him towards a better future if he were to survive. Shihiro refused at first, but as Ignitous struggled to ward off Elites and protect his human love, Shihiro cane to accept the plea. And so Cole Sparks was given the Laws and title of Elite Dragons, and bound to Shihiro Tanake. (See Explanation for more info on binding)
Shortly after the Binding, Ignitous was killed trying to protect his lover from the Council. The one who killed him was Nyx, a Lesser soul who had killed her Host soul in order to gain their body. Nyx was just as big of an abomination as Cole, but she was granted life and freedom from repercussion as long as she did the Councils bidding. She was their executioner, and she did her job well. She was quick, slick, and enjoyed what she did.
After Ignitous was killed, the human mother fled with her half-breed child and found a nice place in the woods to live. There she cared for her son until he reached the age of eight. Nyx hadn’t bothered them all those years but that wouldn’t last forever. One night Nyx came. She found the small cottage they lived in, and she tore it to shreds. Cole, young and terrified, watched as Nyx and her Lindworm army took away his mother. He tried to follow after them but was stopped by Shihiro, who internally gently led the small boy to another trusted friend of Ignitous’s: an old Sphinx who called herself Nancy.
Nancy lived with the humans, hiding in plain sight. She even owned a cafe that was a popular night stop for those wanting a little less alcohol than what a bar or club would give.
Nancy discussed things over with Shihiro and soon became the one who helped raise Cole. At the age of seventeen, he left to find his own way of life. It didn’t go the way he wanted it to, and Cole ended up being discovered and chased out of multiple towns. By the time he was twenty, he returned to Nancy, where he still works in the little cafe as a waiter. He works alongside a young man named Atlas (I always have an Atlas in my stories/rp’s btw, just a little Easter egg of my writings), who tries to get Cole to open up and have some fun for once in his life. The two end up as friends, though Cole still refuses to tell him where he came from or how Nancy came to be his mother of sorts.

Feats and accomplishments:

He’s managed to stay alive all this time.


Shihiro Tanake


He’s not even sure himself. Once you’ve been reincarnated a few times you end up forgetting a few things.


Changes throughout his many lifetimes. In this current lifetime (and his last one) he is male.


Lesser Soul to Cole Sparks.


Shihiro is paranoid. He is persistent in his answer when faced with his own choices. He is often strict and can be rather cunning when faced with those who may harm Cole. Shihiro, though the Lesser Soul, is wiser and has an alarmingly large amount of power. Cole has complete lockdown on him.


The children of Elite dragons are given a guardian to protect them always. These guardians are always ancient dragons who have reincarnated many many times. The guardian gives up their body and soul (and thus their ability to reincarnate), in order to forever guide and help the Elite make the best decisions regarding dragon kind. They do this by binding the soul of the guardian to the Elite, confining two souls to one body. The Host Soul is always the Elite. The Lesser (or Guardian) Soul is always the guardian. It is believed these guardians are the wisest and most suited towards guiding the Elites towards a better future, as they have lived many many eons in many different forms and bodies. Their memories, connection to the Host soul, and power are retained in something called a Bind. A Bind can be anything from a personal item to even an organ on the Host soul. The more important the Bind is to the Host soul, the stronger the connection between Host and Lesser. Cole’s Bind is his right eye. If the Bind is removed from him or destroyed, he will lose Shihiro and their binding will be broken, leaving Cole alone and ruined. Not many dragons survive an Unbinding, where the Bind is removed.

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(Hhh I wanna do this. But can we jump in without my template?)

@Toxic_Persephone language

Coles favorite part of the day was the end. The last little stretch of his evening shift at the quaint, plant-filled cafe was always slow and easy. Less customers coming in meant Cole got longer periods of time to revel in his solitude. He much preferred to be alone with his thoughts than making idle chitchat with some overly talkative stranger.
At least he told himself he’d rather be alone. Truth was, it was a little lonely. Especially with the strange and hostile looks his other magical and mythical co-workers gave him. It was quite obvious that even though he had worked at the cafe the longest, he was still unwanted. He couldn’t blame them though. Working with a halfbreed of fire and scale and flesh with a high price for his head was probably not so fun. None of them ever alerted any of his dragon race, though. He assumed it was because even if they felt uneasy around him he didn’t deserve to die just because of what he was. He was grateful for that at least.
Either way, said glances had driven Cole away from the front desk this particular day and into the lake of tables and booths and chairs. He scrubbed at a table, watching out the window as people passed on their way home, not bothering to come in for a coffee because, well, who needed a coffee right before bed?