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OK so, I have a character that is similar to the Joker from the Dark Knight. This is like a hero x villain/ enemies to lovers.

The villain known as the Trickster is wanted for murder … a lot of murder. He is chaotic and unhinged, yet all he really wants is someone to notice him, to pay attention to him. He has a bad habit of playing with his knives, either on himself or others, and when someone upsets him, he turns to violence. He is your character's biggest nuisance. He has no rhyme or reason to his murders, but he always plays a little game with them before they die, and he never lets them win. "It's not that they can't win, they are just not smart enough to win" he wrote at a crime scene once.

Tricks leaves messages at each crime scene, little clues for the game. It is a guessing game. The most recent being "If you can guess what my favorite place is, by tomorrow afternoon, you can find me there to arrest, you get one hint. I feel above the police when I am there. See you soon~ T"

Your character the 'hero' is tasked with stopping Trickster.

Eye color:
Clothes style:
Background (optional):

Name: Tyler Jonathan Matthews
Alias: Trickster
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Job: Professional murderer.
Height: 5'6
Hair: Died Green, black at the roots, pulled back into a half up half down, just above his chin in length.
Eye color: Hazel, more green then brown.
Clothes style: Wears a long sleeved button up shirt under a black vest, slacks, and dress shoes. He wears said things to hide the scars that cover his body.
Personality: Tyler is a psychotic, sadist/masochist who craves love and constant attention, he has a short temper and is quick to use his knife. He enjoys pain, and other people's pain.
Other: He wants to be caught, but only by someone worthy of catching him.

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Name: Azazel “Az” Raymond
Alias: Codename: Scapegoat Current Mission Name(s): Carmen Espinoza
Age: 22
Gender: ** Male He/Him
Gay af
Job: Undercover Detective; He goes undercover to find wanted criminals.
Height) 5’4”
Hair) Dyed Platinum blond, dark brown at the roots. The dark brown is never longer than an inch or so before he re-dyes his hair. His hair is wavy and falls down around his shoulders. He keeps it in a variation of styles depending on the day.
Eye color) Jade Green with small specks of gold in them. Framed with thick, dark lashes. Slightly almond shaped and downturned on the inside.
Clothes style) He will typically wear whatever his current persona requires of him. His current persona is a ‘goth boy’. So, usually black or dark beans, some sort of dark colored, old band shirt, a leather jacket and combat.
Personality: He’s an excellent actor, and most people don’t know the real Azazel. Per usual, he can fit into any persona. His current one is the quiet, whip smart goth boy who everyone over looks because he never speaks.
(His actually personality is bossy and sassy, and rarely takes no for an answer. He always finds way to get what he wants.)
Background (optional): Will add as story develops
Other: Excellent actor. He fully embodies the person he’s portraying and it is incredibly difficult to not believe him.

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(Hmm. . . This is a hard one. . . As Az works for the police force, once he gets to know a target, he gets them arrested. . . So maybe, Az figures out who he is and approches him somewhere and slowly works to gain his trust? And in doing so learns he just wants attention?)

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Tyler Matthews, or as the public knew him, the Trickster, was currently under a bridge, with a stranger who had made a rude comment about him being gay, pinned to the wall with knifes through her hands. He was pacing back and forth, tossing his favorite knife up and catching it. He had a pair of black gloves on, to keep fingerprints from being found. He hadnt gagged the woman, who was currently screaming, barely audible over the combined noise of several radios all on different stations at max volume. He pulled another knife out of his pocket, throwing it into the wall beside the womans head, making her burst into hysterical tears. He rubbed his face under the mask he wore, to keep his identity secret.

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Az, or Carmen, as he was known to the populace at the moment, was in a ‘curious mood’. Really, Carmen was in a curious mood, while Az was just doing his job. He’d head the faint underlying of screams above the bustl of the bridge and the people having tail gate parties in the nearby field. And it wasn’t the kind of screaming associated with rock music. It was pained, terrified screaming.

Az was holding his can of beer, standing in the shadows of a truck, which, thankfully, he did nnot own. Who needed a vehicle that fucking big? Instead it belonged to his, or rather Carmen’s, friend, Jackie. Who was an asshole sober and an annoying asshole when drunk. The beer was also cheap and shitty. It tasted like piss water.

But he’d decided to investigate the ungodly screams he heard. Dumping out the can of beer into the grass he starts to wander off. “‘Ey, Carmen, where the hell you goin’?” Jackies voice was also annoying as hell and Az would shoot him in the head if he could. The man never shuts the fuck up.

Az laughs, “Just going to take a piss.” He keeps walking down the slight incline towards the bridge.

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Trickster approached the woman, slowly tracing his favorite knife down her arm, starting down the wrist. A trail of blood following the knife. He grinned, his mouth the only thing visable under the mask. She begged and pleaded and screamed and wailed. All of witch Trickster professionally ignored. It wasnt hard with the cascade of noises filling the background, the different songs playing at once causing a ruckus that most people couldnt stand, which is why he loved it, it was part of his signature after all. He moved on to the womans other arm.

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Az drops the can into the grass, snapping on it, enjoying the soft little crunching sounds. Thankfully, his ‘Carmen’ persona was an avid fighter and very resourceful. So it made sense that he picked up the now jagged and torn aluminium can. While not doing much damage, it was a good tool in a pinch and he still had the small nice in his pocket in case things got. . . Out of hand.

Az takes the final steps down and turns slightly, peering under the bridge. He couldn’t stop what left his mouth then. Or well, he could, but Carmen couldn’t. “Holy. . . Fucking shit. . .” He whispers, his eyes widening slightly.

He recognized the woman, she’d spewed a slur at him when she’d seen him with his boyfriend. Or, well, Carmen’s boyfriend. Again, another asshole Az would normally punch in the face. But he has to embody his role as a whole, flaws and all. Meaning being a sucker for toxic relationships.

He always went by the line ‘If he couldn’t convince himself, he wasn’t doing it right’. Though this mindset sometimes lead to him forgetting who he really was. Which was good, because if he belived himself to be who he was acting, then others would too.

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Trickster had finished slicing down the womans arm and, satisfied with his work, he slit her throat in one swift moment, he used his fingers to catch some of the dripping blood and lick it off. Humming to himself as the woman before him died. He then took his mask off and tossed it aside, pulling the knifes out of the wall around her.

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Az watches, his jade green eyes wide as his lips part. Bingo! He found his target. It was easier than he thought it’d be, now all he had to do was gain his trust. Az wondered how much those he’d gotten caught, dozens at this point, how they felt after he betrayed them. Heartbroken? Crushed? He’d take it to the extremes to save other peoples lives. But he was too late to save the women’s.

Az moved forward, still holding the jagged piece of aluminium in his hand. “You just- you just killed her-“ He whispers, his green eyes wide and filled with a strange mix of awe and fear.

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Trickster turned quickly, a frown across his face. "yes I did, and? she called me a slur, how rude, so I decided to play a game with her" he pulled out his favorite knife, it had a black blade, "would you like to play a game" A grin creeped along his face. His green eyes now visible without his mask to hide his face.

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Az, or Carmen, blinked once, “What king of game?”

Az was glad his current persona was as smart as he was. God forbid if he had to pretend to be some stupid idiot who couldn’t tell up from down. He’d had to do that once, and never again. Az was too smart to pretend to be stupid. And he was glad to have been assigned to the man in front of him.

From the case file, it said Trickster was smart, cunning and quick on his mind as well. Which was perfect for Az, an actual challenge. Someone to push Az’s limits, and Az would be the one coming out on top in the end.

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"If you guess something, you win, its easy." he tossed his knife from one hand to the other. "wanna play" he said, a singing tone in his voice.

Trickster hadn't wanted to kill anyone else, but with his luck this kid would lose and he'd have to kill him, how frustrating.

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“What happens if I win?” He asks, tipping his head to the side.

His gaze was filled with curiosity, but also glimmering with the thought of a challenge. Man he was lucky to have the assignment he had. This was going to be fun and enjoyable for him.

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"I won't kill you. If you don't play, I will. If you lose, I will. SO whaddya say? wanna play?" Trickster grinned, adopting his metaphorical mask.

No one knew him, no one cared about him, he knew that. He worked at a coffee shop everyday, over looked by everyone, the only glances he got were ones of distaste, which is why they died.