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Yes I am knew at this site, but I thought having a rp would be awesome ^^. This is kind of based on a story idea I had but never got around to writing. I don't know how you people will feel about this but I am kind of looking for semi-specific characters, so that the plot works out, I will put the plot here once I have time but, it is a wizard kind of world. Like mediveal wizards. I really love midevil things. (yes I know my spelling is dead ;-;) <3 I will get the plot and character things up soon. If you are, at any poinit, interested, just let me know.
So plot: Basic mediveal world. There is a villian who wants to take over (subject to change, the villian is unknown right now). The hero, and his best friend try to stop it. (Yes I am not good at this). The wizard pupils are learning how to better use thier magic to help.
Plan for future in rp: So the Villian creates this big weapon that can take out everyone and the hero's try to stop it. It has a lot of power that needs to go somewhere so the main hero sacrifices himself to save everyone.
Characters I am looking for:
Villian (male) (possible love intrest) (15-19) <TAKEN
Best friend (female)(15-19) <IN PROGRESS OF BEING TAKEN
Villians helper (either)(15-19)
Kingdom rulers (tbd)
Mentor (male) (20-50) <SHOULD BE TAKEN SOON
-Powers mean specialties that each Wizard has they may have one main one and one backup- May include : Time (rare), energy (semi-rare), Elemetal (types 1-6)(normal), Telekenisis (normal), Creation (semi-rare), (elemental types: 1- fire, 2- water, 3-earth, 4- wind, 5- plants, 6- light)

Character template:
Age: (15-19)/(20-50)
Powers: (For wizards)

EX (mine)

Name: Ezra Colson
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Powers: Time/Telekenisis
Description: He is 5'6, average. He has dark hair that tends to fall into his eyes, he always has to fix it so he can see. His eyes are a light sky blue color. He dresses like a common person in the medivil time. And carries his Wizard staff with him only when he needs it.
Backstory: Ezra was abandoned as a child and grew up on the streets, moving from kingdom to kingdom trying to avoid the guards. He was living on the streets, stealing from everyone, using his magical abilities he learnt he had to help him. He gets ahead of himself and tries to steal from the King. He gets caught, and brought before the court. Being charged with high thefory and conspiring against the thrown he has a chance to be executed, luckily the wizard mentor of the kingdom offers to take him in to teach him how to be a protector of the kingdom. Ezra meets his best friend, who is also a wizard pupil.

@CaseyJ group

I am looking for a semi-lit to lit roleplay, so if you don't like long ones, its fine, shortish ones are fine too.
Rules for my rp:

  1. if there is a fight, (there will be) No auto hits.
  2. 18+ can go to dm's
  3. You may suggest what somone elses character does, but no contoling them
  4. At least 3 sentances, but no more that 15.
  5. If you have ideas for the plot, you can tell me so we can use them, but don't go on with it if I say no.
  6. No op people, you get hit you get hurt, you act hurt.
  7. Cursing is fine, no slurs.

@K14N language

Ill throw myself up for the Role of the Villain or the Villains Helper. Im easier at being on the bad side. I can throw in two characters for submission, but I only want to use one, so Its up to you! This sounded super fun and Ive been digging for an RP lately.

Ill be editing my OCs to this prompt, but I will still link their character pages for more detail.

Name: Naifoko Tabekata
Age: 18 Yrs Old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Asexual Questioning
Powers: (Ill let you throw me suggestions, because he does have a power, but I don't want to stretch the rules at all, so if you want to see just look at the link I posted for his character. Im talking about his ED that he has, which can be a sensitive topic, but can be turned into a power along with his bag.)
HAIR STYLE - How does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ style their hair?
Naifoko has a very bob cut-like style that hides his ears.

HAIR COLOR - What color is ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ’s hair?
Naifokos hair is a dirty pale blonde. Could even be considered a grey-blonde mix.

Slim, Lanky, and Short

EYE COLOR - What is ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ’s eye color?
Golden Yellow

Pale White

FACIAL HAIR - What facial hair does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?

IDENTIFYING MARKS - What identifying marks does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?
His uniquely colored eyes.

It is unknown how he ended up with the eye color, in which case it could not even be his real eye color at all.

The Bag he carries on his back.

His bag, which is actually a living, transforming monster, that shares a heart with Naifoko, is named Feofudako. It has two forms, one of which is a velvet black bag with teeth for the zipper lines and a large tongue. Its other form is a huge standing form. It does not have eyes in this form and uses Naifokos eyes to see itself and its surroundings. It's taller than Naifoko, with large fingers and palmed hands, and a large cloak covering the majority of the rest of its body. He and Naifoko share thoughts, meaning they can speak to each other that way.

WEIGHT - How much does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ weigh?
114 lbs

HEIGHT - How tall is ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ?
Naifoko stands at about 5'2", while Feofudako reaches 6'3".

PREJUDICES - What prejudices does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?

𝙊𝙗𝙨𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙀𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘿𝙞𝙨𝙤𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧

A Mental disorder that leaves him craving anything and everything he can eat at certain moments, but it probably has to be edible. Most times he is always hungry but suppresses it very well, but he isn't scared to eat humans, sometimes even consuming the skin around his nails as a bad habit.
This disorder also increases his metabolism, but uses more of the fat from foods as an energy source than actual fats, meaning he ends up being oddly lightweight for the amount of food he eats,
The only thing Eve will never eat are objects, such as rocks, pencils, erasers, cups, and the like.

𝘾𝙝𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙘 𝘿𝙚𝙥𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙤𝙣

This mental disorder leads him to lower self-esteem than usual, self-hatred, and loathing towards others' happiness. In all general he hates himself, but he pushes forward to find that happiness because he knows it has to be somewhere.

PERSONALITY TYPE - What personality type is ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ?
Dark, Loathes Happiness, Monotone.

His favorite color, surprisingly, is orange. While orange and other tones of orange mean happiness in most lore, it is the color of Naifokos blood. He likes the color at times and hates it because he seeks more of the color because he wants happiness, but his eating disorder, chronic depression, and Feo (His Bag) make him hate the color because of his own self-esteem issues and self-judgment.

HOBBIES - What hobbies does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?
Eating, Singing, and Travelling.

TALENTS - What talents does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?
Of course, his ability to eat and maintain his body figure.

FLAWS - What flaws does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?
Breakdowns, Hallucinations, Dissociation, and Fits of Rage.

This is all due to his Conditions.

MOTIVATIONS - What motivates ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ most?
Finding Happiness.

Naifoko was born a dark person, which his bad habits and his mental disorders, he had seen other people happy but not himself, which built up a hatred towards people with that happiness, which soon also turned to selfishness and a neverending drive to find that happiness to know what it's like.

MANNERISMS - What mannerisms does ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ have?
Oddly Quiet, Scared to talk about himself.

Backstory: (Since he is a Character I made specifically, I can throw in sprinkles of backstory. His character is known to not talk about his backstory unless threatened to under this life.)

Link: ᴺᵃⁱᶠᵒᵏᵒ ᵀᵃᵇᵉᵏᵃᵗᵃ ナイフォコタベカタ


Quattro (below) would be better suited as a Love Interest Villain if that's what your looking for.

Name: Quattro Niku Patton
Age: 19 (I can bend his age between 18-20 because he's an RP Character)
Gender: Male Questioning Trans
Sexuality: Bisexual/Omnisexual
Powers: (Again, Ill leave this up for discussion.)
HAIR STYLE - How does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση style their hair?
Mid Length, Fluffy Hair.

He cares a lot about his looks, only because he is somewhat Narcissistic.

HAIR COLOR - What color is qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση’s hair?
Vibrant Paint Red

Moderately Fit, Lanky.

EYE COLOR - What is qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση’s eye color?
Light Blue & Grey Mix. (Darker Baby Blue)

Pale White

FACIAL HAIR - What facial hair does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?

IDENTIFYING MARKS - What identifying marks does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?
A scar above his left eye, along with his fluffy red hair.

WEIGHT - How much does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση weigh?

About 120-130 lbs

HEIGHT - How tall is qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση?

PREJUDICES - What prejudices does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?
-Thinks he's very good-looking. (He honestly is in my opinion-)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PERSONALITY TYPE - What personality type is qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση?
Lighthearted, Kind, Narcissistic, and Honest.

He doesn't really enjoy getting mad or upset with people or pets, so he tends to employ a lot of kindness in his actions.

HOBBIES - What hobbies does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?
Camping, Fashion, and Spending time with Friends more than a normal person would.

TALENTS - What talents does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?

He has a talent for singing but doesn't really accept it himself.

FLAWS - What flaws does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?
Self Esteem Issues, and a bit too kind for his own good.

He only gets his low self-esteem from the way some people treat him. (A.k.a. Some people take him as a Selfish P.o.s.)

MOTIVATIONS - What motivates qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση most?
Motivated by his friends/enemies to do what he wants and be himself.

He has a hard time following through due to his self-esteem though.

MANNERISMS - What mannerisms does qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση have?
Light and Soft Voice, but Wheezes when he Laughs.

Backstory: (RP Character, So Backstory can be developed through the story.)

Link: qυαттяσ ηιкυ ραттση


@K14N language

( I can ask some of my friends if they wanna join in, Im assuming Im taking up the role of Villain/Villain Partner with Quattro? )

@K14N language

( Cool. Just message me in DMs if you have any questions! If you want to edit or delete any posts you've made on a forum/rp there are three dots in the top right. )

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(this seems fun, but im very very confused on everything > <)

(Sorry about the confusion, what do you want explained? and I updated the list to show what parts are open)

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(I'm fine with any of the parts still avalible, so i think ill wait until more parts are chosen and take whichever one is left)

@CaseyJ group

(I'm fine with any of the parts still avalible, so i think ill wait until more parts are chosen and take whichever one is left)

(if that is what you want)