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So I'm bored… And I thought I would come up with a good rp plot.
I'm trying lol

Muse A and B are in a relationship, kinda toxic but they're slowly figuring out.
Muse A's pov:
"He just won't stop drinking… It hurts me. I don't want to see him in pain like this. I-I can't take it anymore… He always comes home drunk, hurts me… then… hates me for a day or two. He won't stop this stupid fucking routine."

Muse B's POV:
"Ever since he wouldn't shut the hell up about me drinking my troubles away, I don't know what to do with him anymore. He always yells at me… and tells me that I'm gonna die because of this. I don't give a shit wheather I die or not, hell, I don't even care about life itself. I'm so done."

This content might be rated Mature, due to what happens in the future.
•Drug use.
•Sad stuff-
•Plot twists.
•Whatever else happens.

My character:

Name: Autumn Rivers.
Age: 20.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Kind, shy, and really loving. He doesn't like to see others hurt.
Since I have no clue how to send images;

Skin: Tanned.
Face: Literally a perfect jawline, with a small set of slightly thick lips. A smile that would make anyones day, etc.
-Eyes: Ones brown, and the other is blue.
-Nose: Button-like.
-Acc: A set of freckles that stretch across the bridge of his nose and cheeks.
Clothes: A pair of overalls, and a cropped shirt underneath. The overalls are black, with tears in them and the shirt is a light pink.
Hair: Black, with a white ombre.
Height: 5'4.
Etc: He's an adorable bb-

Other: He doesn't like to mention his past.


(I think I might have a boio that might work for this, also I must apologize for completely forgetting about our rp we had. I happen to just forget about one, then I never get back to it, it's something I'm working on))


Name: Kelton Algernon Carlyle

Age: 23

Gender/pronouns: Male

Sexuality: "I. . .I, er. . .I'm gay?" Angry mumbling "W-why?"

Appearance:(I can't even think of one at the moment, so I'll cheat and use a face claim, but if you want I can definitely elaborate.)
But Faceclaim: Benjamin Orlando

Basic personality: He can be a bit outspoken at times, and very protective of his friends and family. He feels as though he needs to just be there for them and protect them, even if they don't want it at the moment. If anything, he could be easily described as a mother, caring, somewhat wise, and definitely crazy at times. But it does take him a while to actually grow close and care for people. In fact, he really tries to avoid most people and prefers to travel and spend his time alone.

Short background: He had a quiet, peaceful childhood in a small secluded village where most of his family lived. He spent most alone out in the woods watching the animals and just relaxing to the soft breeze. In the evenings he, his siblings, and cousins would sit at the feet of his uncle and father and listen to the stories that they would tell before the children would go to sleep. But things soon changed when well he was separated from his "family". (Btw, I'm trying out this new idea on this boio, so it might be a tad bit dark, just let me know if I'm going too far.) At least that's what he had thought for a good portion of his life. It turned out he and his parents had been in a car accident as a child, they passed away and he survived and those are all just memories and dreams that he had while being in a medically induced coma. He had never been too aware of that, and although he truly is a nice guy he started to drink to hide his fear and to hide the fact that he truly just wants to die. He feels like well his whole childhood is a lie, I mean, it sort of is, but he really just feels like the "love" he had felt meant nothing since it was never there to begin with.

Other: Uhmmmmmm, idk? He's a leftie? Also, I mentioned a village up in his backstory, so for that to make sense, he's Austrian


Kelton heard Autumn enter the apartment, and he mumbled a quiet hey to him, sort of acknowledging the other man's presence. He was exhausted and his head was pounding from his hangover, but he wasn't going to say anything about it to the other man, that would just make things worse. Autumn would start screaming about how it's bad for him, and then the headache would get worse, and then he would say something about it, and they'd just go in circles until one of them -normally himself- quite. But he knew that the other boy would be able to tell if he wasn't okay, so he just walked over to him and gave him a hug, holding him in his arms, "So how was work?" He crooned quietly, hoping that Autumn wouldn't be able to smell the alcohol on his breath. He removed one arm from around Autumn so he could fix his hoodie, Good grief, why is this place always so goddamn cold in here?

@lxvender_darling language

Autumn groaned, nuzzling the other's chest.
"Not to good… boss kicked my ass for not listening…ugh…" He whispered, hiding his face in the Kelton's chest, as he sighed. "And I got bruised… and I fight… and I don't like it…. I wanna just sleep…" He muttered, obviously upset. "Sleep…" He now whined, pushing the other male onto the couch and hiding his head in his chest, laying down ontop of him, his arms wrapped around him as he closed his eyes.


Kelton groaned under his breath, not annoyed with the man but what had happened. He gently stroked the man's hair and he gently kissed his head, "I'm sorry about this, I just wish that you would well…" He trailed off not sure if the other man even cared about what he had to say at the moment. "Just rest okay?" He looked around for were he had left his drink and sighed quietly seeing that it was all the way on the coffee table, Crap… He didn't really want to disturb Autumn, especially since the boy seemed that comfortable, so he figured it could wait for at least a few more moments.

@lxvender_darling language

Autumn whimpered, facing the inner part of the couch and hummed lightly, huddling closer tot he other. He looked up at him, sighing. "Are you okay-? Did you…" He looked toward where the drink had been and barely tensed. "Did you drink again?" He asked, whimpering lightly. "I told you it won't help…" He said, looking down and now gripping Kelton's shirt. "Just listen to me when I say this– If you have any problems, you can let me know…" He whispered, resting his head under the taller males' chin, and sighed lightly.


Kelton groaned a little bit, still playing with the other man's hair, "Yes, and well, as I said before, I'm fine and I feel fine." Aside from these headaches. "Trust me Autumn, okay?" He kissed the man's head again holding him close to him, "I will talk to you, and I always do, you know that."