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Slice of life rp, was thinking of making this gay. I just want a wholesome family rp, maybe with two kids? Was also thinking of making this a fantasy esque too, so maybe they're elves or Fae or something? I have a few ideas for flashbacks into the parents past and conflicts in the future but let me know if you have any ideas.


  • no smut, minimal swearing
  • keep kind
  • paragraphs please, no one or two liners
  • let me know if you're not going to be on so I don't keep bumping
  • have fun, woo!
    Template will be up soon

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This is from a random rp, so just let me know if you want the context:

“Perhaps there is something in it for me, but for now at least that will remain a mystery. As for who I am-” He paused, and for the first time the words seemed to not come with his usual arrogant ease. He looked out the window at the thick layer of black dust that now covered the planet. “You may call me Ash,” he stated as he lead Alex to the restricted area of the train. Ash turned, “I told you I could help, so please trust me.” A guard extended an arm blocking them from entering the carriage. Ash reached for his silk poker and pulled a unique ticket lined with a gold rim. In a frustrated manner, he waved the ticket at the guard. “He’s with me,” Ash added. The guard saluted and promptly allowed them entry.


(this is great! I'm intrigued by the premise. Here's a template!)
(Fill 2 out if playing a child as well)
Name -
Sexuality -
Age -
Race -
Appearance -
Personality -
Likes -
Dislikes -
Other -


Name - faybian silver
Sexuality - pan
Age - 29
Race - shapeshifter, favorite form is a fox
Appearance - like his fox counterpart, Faybian has deep russet red hair, silky smooth with black highlights in between. He has green eyes and pale skin, splattered with freckles. He stands 6'4 and has a thinner lanky build. His usual clothing consists of looser fitting dress clothes or pjs, there's no in between
Personality - silvertounged and witty, to anyone who's not close to him, Faybian is ever attractive person you love to hate. But for all his swagger and sly nature, Faybian has a sweet living side barely anyone sees. He adored his family and would do about anything to keep them safe. He's a secret romantic and adores any show of affection, no matter how big or small.
Backstory - Faybian had grown up in the streets for the majority of his teenage life since his parent's died at a young age. He replied on his shifting abilities and natural charm to get through life until he he met his husband. While it didn't all click for him at first, and thought that the relationship would fizzle out like his previous ones, he found himself very attached and for the first time in his life, genuinely in love.
Likes - loves chocolate, warm fires, the rain, and laughter
Dislikes - the cold, the sight of blood, being bored
Other - nope
(Add a backstory in, forgot to add that in the template. (๑´•.̫ • `๑)

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hello, I need help making my universe because I don't know what to do but I'm thinking of doing with dragons and humans kinda like how to train your dragon?