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Here we go again!. I tend to do a hero x villain rp every few months, mostly cuz I love the dynamic and miss it so heres yet another one.
A is your typical Villain, dangerous, morally grey, and oh so very attractive. He'd do just about anyhting to piss of B, the hero everyone loves and adores. A's crossed just about every line except outright murder (except that one time) to garner any attention from A, and usually, it works. Maybe not well, maybe they end up fighting again, threatening to never see each other, wishing both were dead, but yya know, that just their thing. Did I mention they're immortal? Oh yeah, this has been "their thing" for eons. And A wouldn't have it any other way. Except that maybe….they want more. Eons of fighting and hating each other can only get you so far when those feeling bloom into something more…A has always wanted more. And maybe so has B. Being loved and adored by everyone gets old fast, especially when the one person you care for the most seems to be your rival. But maybe, just maybe, this life will be their chance to put aside their facades and be something more than just beloved hero, and hated villain. Or maybe the universe has something else in mind.

As always, LGBTQ+ is always welcomed if not highly encouraged. I typically make my rps gay but am open to any and all pairings. I would like to be the villain if possible unless convincingly swayed. andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules as always. No smut please, but go as heavy on the romance and tention as you want. Please no one or two liners, I'd like paragrapghs. If you need anything cleared up please let me know, this is a very vague plot but I do have some ideas on where the story can go. template will be up when someone joins. Have fun!


(no problem, just general questions, m/m alright? I'm good with any pairings if not, and which would you like to be, hero or villain?


Name (Alias) - Auraleous (Phantom) Lopez
Age - 27
Appearance - Auraleous has russet brown hair, falling in waves to the nape of his neck. As much as he loves to have longer hair, he keeps it cropped short for appearance and professionalism. He has deep green eyes and strong facial features. His skin is tanned, flecked with freckles across his shoulder's chest and back. Because of his job he has built up his muscles but remaines relatively lean, never having been one to look overly buff. His normal everyday clothes are simple yet stylish, liking to embelish something typical with jewlery or accessories. His hero outfit is mostly black, prefering ease over flashy spectacles. If he's feeling dramatic, he'll throw on a long coat or a few silver pieces, but when it comes to his job, he'll try and keep things as practical as possible.
Personality - Normally Auraleous is a by the book sort of guy. He loves rules and order, seeing them as the only constant in his very long life. While he would argue he's a very fun individual, Auraleous is an introvert at heart, liking to spend time alone or with very few people when choosing to socialize. However this is not the case when it comes to being the hero. Unfortuneately for him, being the city's hero comes with publicity and needing to put yourself out there. So he lies through his teeth, putting on this whole facade of over confidence and bravado if only to keep his private life more to himself. He genuinely does care though. Maybe not for his own safety as much anymore but for those not as fortuneate to live an immortal existance he would protect them with everything he has.
Backstory - Auraleous was born in Spain, somewhere near the 17th or 18th century, he doesn't really keep track anymore other than the occassional birthday when he remebers. When he thought only one life was possible, he lied it to the fullest, having an afinity for healing and medicinal practices. As the years turned into centuries, and centuries to life times, Auraleous has had to grapple with his existance, mostly alone and afraid, always questioning why of all people did he deserve to live for whar he assumed is forever. He began his vigilante hero a life or so after he figured out he was immortal, figuring he could use that to his advantage. While he kept his roots in healing and pacificity, he did eventually learn how to fight and worked with agebcies to prevent crime.
Abilities if any - apart from his skills with medicine and healing, nothing too grandiose. He does have a knack for being very quiet or staying out of sight though
Likes - helping people, learning new things about life despite him being immortal, his job, being comfortable enough to loosen up even if that's a rare thing for him
Dislikes - faking his real self, being alone, the rain, specifically being caught in the rain, he likes the sound though
Songs - "this too shall pass" Danny Schmidt

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Name (Alias): Narciso (Typhon) Camelia
Age: 25
Appearance: Narciso has sculptured features; the most prominent being his long grecian nose and upturned, smoky dark brown eyes. His 6'3" height along with his muscular inverted triangular body also gives into this fact. Narciso has chin-length crimson hair with a pushed back long style that shapes his oval face. It stays neat for the better part, though it is feasible for a strand or two to fall out of place. On his back are scars from whips and there are even scars on the left side of his abdomen.
Personality: The immortal is all about drama, partying, putting on a show, and having a good time; all of which is up to one's interpretation. Danger is fun to him; it's exciting and he loves it. Oddly enough he's quite the protective one, despite the fact he doesn't want to admit his ever bleeding heart. Narciso always analyzes every single little detail, hoping to further himself and his goals by any means possible. He is thoughtful, but he always misguided when using his own means to make sure that happens. Usually he is misguided with motives, always bring afraid of being in danger or hurting his pride and reputation. No matter what, Narciso is determined and persistent in what he does. Sometimes it is for the good of others, and sometimes we don't know the motive. Nevertheless, he still carries a big soft heart.
Backstory: Narciso was born somewhere in present day Romania somewhere in the middle of the 18th century. Due to his immortality, he barely remembers bits of his early life. It wasn't kind to him that's for sure. Then when he realized he was immortal that just blew everything out of proportion for him. He was just a simple man who wanted to go see what the world had to offer, but he was unlucky from the beginning. So he started to raise some hell. Maybe start a gang that terrorizes towns…Threaten royals…Maybe roughen up a government official…Set buildings on fire…Narciso did whatever really. At first he had a point, but now it has been diluted with impulse and wanting attention from a special someone.
Abilities if any: Aside from knowing how to fight or use a sword…let's just say he has a way with words.
Likes: Photography, museums, thunderstorms, movies (usually watching them with someone else), sports like ice skating, swimming, or even boxing, going on shopping sprees
Dislikes: Being alone, laying around for too long, strawberry ice cream, small crowded spaces, being warm, wearing bright colors
Songs: "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode
Other: n/a


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Auraleous tossed his bag in the back of his car and slumped into the driver's seat, allowing himself a blissful moment of silence before turning the car on, letting it rubble to life before pulling out of the parking lot and heading home. Today had been a long day but fulfilling nonetheless. His job really wasn't that exciting and he wanted to keep like that for the rest of his life if possible. He had enough to worry about with his hero side hustle. Working as a botanist was a luxury vacation in comparison. There were days like these where many of the regular patrons decided to come in all at the same time, for what reason exactly, he couldn't fathom but Miss Jennings had the suspicion it was seeing him freshly off his break without her nagging them all to move along. Auraleous genuinely didn't mind the attention, finding the doting from little old ladies adorable. It was a different kind of attention he didn't get when being a hero, one he would gladly trade in any day.
He smiled now as he secured the little care basket one had given him before his shift had ended, more for his cat than himself but the thought counted. He glanced up at the long winding road, glaring up at the billboard with his face grinning, advertising some sort of home product or another. "Not your greatest moment, bud" he muttered, shaking his head to himself as he drove past the edge of town, eager to get home and rest. and of course, see his cat.
"Wouldn't it be funny if you were heading home just about now?" A voice over his speakers mused. Auraleous all but groaned as he turned off the soft music playing. He had half the courage to turn off the radio completely and ignore the voice. That voice was Conan Jerves, manager, inside man on the police system, and only other friend who knew his double identity. And right now a pain in his ass. "Hilarious. What?" He snapped, turning up the sound and slowing his car down to a leisurely speed. Auraleous' tone did all but discourage Conan. Auraleous could practically hear the smirk on his friend's face. "Don't shoot the messenger. If you want someone to blame for their late-night excursions blame your friend over here making a mess, again." At that Auraleous slowed his car down until it stopped on the side of the road. "I told you, we're not friends." He said slowly, already looking up the coordinates sent to his phone.
"Lie all you want to the public and to yourself but don't lie to me. Anyways, he's on his way downtown, just off 8th. nothing too bad, running red lights, the usually fun illegal stuff but he seems to be heading to Lafayette Museum. I'm assuming for that special exhibition? keep an eye on him. Today's a great day for crime there." Auraleous barely said goodbye before he turned his car around and headed back towards the city. "What are you up to tonight, hm?"

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"Okay so then the queen tells her that she is actually the princess and sole heir of the kingdom. And she goes, 'Me? The princess? Shut up!' This stuns the queen like she almost dropped her cup of tea. It is literally so insane but also iconic at the same time, you know?" Narciso turned to look at the guy in the passenger seat; the same guy that he knocked out and "stole" his car. "Look, I know you're supposed to be at your daughter's…niece…goddaughter…whoever's party, but I promise I won't spoil the rest of the movie. You should watch it though, it's really good." The villain frowned at the guy then turned his eyes back to the road. Not his fault that he needed to find a way to get to Lafayette Museum. His car is still in the shop for some car inspection that was two months over due. Sure, he may be a villain, but he would like to be caught in a heist and not for getting his car re-inspected.

Yes he is going to a museum to stir up some trouble. Being dressed all in black, having his hair tied up in a bun and covered with a beanie, and a face mask tucked under his chin, he was ready to go! And of course, his turtle neck and pants were perfectly tight. Sadly his other clothes need to get dry cleaned and he forgot to drop them off a few days ago. Oh well… Narciso was bored! There was nothing else he had to do for the day. All the photos he had taken from weddings he had done were processed, his apartment was cleaned, he learned how to make the best ramen in the world, and he finally went to that bookstore/cafe he had been meaning to go to for months. The poor man had nothing else to do. Besides, if his math was correct, it had been a while since he had run into his beloved Phantom.

Yes, everything he is doing right now is so he can get attention from Phantom. What's new with that? Aside from secretly thinking about the handsome bastard while watching something like Pride and Prejudice, this is all that he's got. Oh he can remember the first time that he realized his heart was all fuzzy and warm wasn't because of the excitement from danger and action but from just seeing Phantom himself. The realization had made his own villain crusades even more fun which is why he decided to go to a museum, maybe lock everyone inside and hold them hostage, and maybe even steal something today.

Narciso went through another red light (he was sure that it was his tenth in a row). The car weaved through traffic like a ribbon except not as smoothly as a ribbon. Not everything about him is graceful. In exactly ten minutes, he zipped through more red lights, almost crashed into another car, stopped, got out, and went inside Lafayette Museum. It didn't bother him that there were police sirens in the far distance. That just meant he was right on track.


Auraleous gently tapped at his steering wheel as he waited at the light, trying his best to ignore the people beside him as they taunted him and begged for a race. His car was nice, a sleek black beast with a motor as silent as the wind but powerful. Perfect for chasing down his adversaries. "You know you can just run the red light. You're a hero on a mission, I'm sure the police won't notice." Connan suggested through the radio. "Or I can be patient and hope Typhon doesn't do anything too drastic before I arrive." Auraleous countered, rolling his eyes and then rolling up his window to block out the insistent yelling from the other group. After what seemed like an eternity sitting at the light, he swore under his breath softly and revved his engine, speeding past the red light and heading towards the back routes of the city, finding that much easier than winding through the inner city filled with eventgoers and city life. "You didn't see that." He muttered to a snickering Connan.
As much as Auraleous was a stickler for following the rules, some did have to be broken for the greater good of a situation. Knowing Typhon, which Auraleous wasn't too sure whether he should be proud of that fact or not, leaving them alone to their own shenanigans meant only trouble. "Any reports yet? kidnapping, lockdowns, fire?" He could hear typing on the other end of the line, and then a "uhuh" as a no response. "Other than the vehicle he seems to be driving not being his, and maybe a possibly knocked-out driver, nothing yet. You should be able to reach him before he does too much damage. Also fire, really?" courageous shrugged despite Connan not being able to see that, "who knows, maybe he's gotten creative over the years." he mused, slowing as he came up to the back parking lot of the museum, filled with late-night patrons there for whatever function seemed to be going on inside. If Auraleous had to guess, some sort of charity event. Thankfully he never went anywhere without a suit. "Do we evacuate or wait?" Connan asked as Auraleous changed out of his work clothes into the suit. "Wait," Auraleous said, almost on instinct. He knew it would be safer to get everyone out, but what if this was a false alarm?
Some part of him, perhaps the hope he had never quite let go of all those lives ago still wanted to see what Narciso would do given the chance to choose. He still had time to change his mind, to turn around and leave these people in peace. As much as Auraleous wanted to believe the best in his lifelong rival, the closer those police sirens sounded the less hope he had. "Let me assess and then I'll get back to you." He said to Connan, turning off his car and putting in an earpiece. "right, I'm just going to sit here while you and you're boyfriend catch up. Let me know when y'all are done so I can save lives here." Auraleous rolled his eyes as he tossed the suit jacket over his shoulder and stepped inside the Museum. "He's not my boyfriend-" "yet but go on and try to convince me otherwise, I'll wait." Auraleous fell silent, steadying the flutter of nerves in his stomach. That was all they were, after all, just everyday hero nerves. "We're just friends." He said softly, muting Conan for now so he could focus. He didn't need the idea of being in any romantic relationship with anyone right now, especially with Narciso. He didn't dare give himself that much hope. That was too far. They were only heroes and villains. That's all they would ever be. And right now, Auraleous needed to focus on keeping people safe.

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Narciso had everything laid out down to the finest detail. From the moment he walked through the doors, it was all about him. Even when he sweet talking the lady at surveillance, it was all about him. Sometimes he wished he had a team of underlings to do things like taking out the security guards or putting certain sections of the museum on lockdown, but that would ruin the fun.

He wanted Auraleous/Phantom's undivided attention. It's the one of the only reasons why he is doing this. Although, there is something about rich people and museums that piss him off. Anyways, most if not all of his reasons deal with his adversary. Sure his outfit may be bland if not terrible, but he just wanted to see Auraleous even if they have to fight and go through the whole script again.

Now he stood in the middle of the event. Shards of glass scattered around the floor as he swung a pipe he had broken off. People were crouching, hoping that he wouldn't harm them. Some of them stared down at the floor while others looked at him or were gazing around. All of them were wearing their fancy suits that made him jealous but also yearning to have suits of his own that looked as fine as the ones he was seeing.

What (who) he really wanted to see though was Auraleous. "Where is he?" He whispered to himself. With a swift swing, he smashed another exhibit case. "What kind of hero doesn't show up when the villain is up to no good?" His grip on the pipe got tight to the point where his knuckles turned white. Whether it was out of impatience or what, he didn't know.

Faintly, he could hear shards of glass crack underneath his boots. Quickly, he moved them away so that the people wouldn't be stepping on the shards or whatever. He didn't want poor Phantom to get cut with one of them too. Part of the plan was to make sure that no one gets hurt, including Auraleous. Good God, his mind was just full of nothing but Auraleous and wanting to see him. Should be any minute now…Oh waiting around was just the worst. He might do something unplanned and he hates when that happens.


Auraleous gave a polite incline of the head to the patrons he passed as he walked into the throng of partygoers, hoping, praying that he wouldn't be outted as a trespasser. But he had been to enough of these functions against his better judgment to know how to act at one of these. so he simply nodded and laughed as he waited around for any alarms to be raised. Also against his better judgement, Auraleous decided to unmute Connan. "So is that you giving up on your 'just friends' argument?" Connan deadpanned, seemingly around a mouthful of food. Auraleous sighed softly "It's complicated, now do your job and help." He snapped, though the bite that was in his voice before was significantly less. He genuinely didn't know how to feel about Narciso. They were enemies for as long as Auraleous could remember. But their relationship had never felt as if it was fueled by hatred. Sure Auraleous sometimes hated that people were put in harm's way or bad things happened simply for the reason of entertainment but he didn't have a hatred for Narciso. Just confusion and a sense of responsibility.
He snapped his head up when he heard glass shattering, then a moment later alarms. "Connan…" "On it, on it, go find him." Auraleous put down his glass of champagne and started to run against the crowd, whipping around when he felt a sharp tug on his shoulder. "Sir the exit is this way, you must evacuate!" A security guard prompted. "I can't. My cats in there, I have to go get him." Auraleous took the second of confusion flickering across the man's face as his opportunity to twist out of his grasp and disappear into the panicked crowd. "Cat? That's a new one. I liked Storm Cloud better though." Connan teased. "it was an on-the-spot response." Auraleous half-defended, falling silent as he made his way into one of the exhibition rooms, now devoid of people, except for himself and who he hoped was Narciso.
"Very fitting, The Greek exhibition opening charity ball?" He called, muting Connan again and slowly making his way around each room, looking for any sign of his enemy. If he wasn't on a last-minute mission searching for Narciso, a night walk through an empty museum might have sounded nice. "So you stole a car, drove it here, and what? was planning on taking people hostage? breaking a few precious articats? stealing said artifacts? or did this so happen to be on your itinerary for sudden late-night ragers?" he asked, pausing as he entered the room filled with beautiful marble statues. He paused, hopelessly gazing up at the statue of Achilles and Patroclus before moving on. "Well, I hate to ruin your plans on the hostages but tonight all you're getting is me, so come out little Storm Cloud, hiding won't do you any good."

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"Where is he?" the villain muttered underneath his breath. It had been quite some time since he had begun this whole charade. Auraleous was supposed to be here. They have to fight after all! Narciso had done his part by causing chaos and putting people in danger. Now the great wonderful Phantom had to do his.

It was a funny thing really. He hated waiting around because it made him anxious. And he was pretty sure that while he smashed another artifact case, one of the people had noticed. The way Narciso paced around while mumbling curses must have shown that he was getting antsy. It would be a lie for him to say that he didn't think of besting the man with the broken pipe. All he really did was get up close, slam the pipe against the wall next to the guy's ear, then walked off into one of the exhibit rooms.

Since the hero was stalling (at least that's what he thought), then he would bring himself to him. No more walking around. No more being on the brink of panic. No more waiting to see Auraleous! Even as he walked around, gazing at statues and paintings, all he could hear was his heart thumping. Narciso has always had a complicated relationship with museums ever since he first went into one. Going to them are one of his favorite things nevertheless.

On the wall, he saw a painting of Apollo and Hyacinth. Despite his eagerness to see Auraleous, the villain found himself stopping. His eyes were glued to the masterpiece. Maybe it was just the colors or the detailing, but he stood there, staring, longer than he had anticipated. Only when he heard a familiar voice did he stop then continue on.

Narciso turned around a corner, seeing Auraleous a few feet away. "You know that is what I want," He mused, "I would tell you that I'm not 'Storm Cloud,' but I'm sure you already knew, my dear."


"Where are you?" Auraleous muttered, peering behind another statue before looking up as a man sprinted from the next room over, a terrified expression on his face as he ran past. Perhaps finding his villain wasn't going to be as hard as Auraleous thought. Typically their encounters were what he would call extravagent. It was never a mystery as to who was behind the chosen crime, and no surprise when Auraleous was called to deal with Narciso almost every time. But this was different. Auraleous was caught slightly off guard by how passive this all seemed. No hostages as of yet, no proclamation of mass destruction or lacky to pick up any stolen goods while Narciso made himself a spectacle. Not even an attempt to disable the security systems or incapacitate the security guards. Was it bad that Auraleous felt…worried over Narciso?
He shook away the thought and stalked towards the room from where the man had come from. Worried? Him? over the biggest pain in his life? He's also the only reassurance you have in these lives, a small voice in the back of his head said, to which Auraleous couldn't help but admit. There was always a sense of right when he eventually found out that Narciso had made it to the next lifetime. It meant that no matter how much they fought or seemed to hate each other, they'd be there for each other, one way or another, even as just a reminder that they weren't alone.
He hated his treacherous heart for quickening in beats when he saw Narciso round the corner, then his foolishness as a wave of relief washed over him at seeing the other at least physically well. He allowed a tight smile to appear on his lips as he took in Narciso's appearance.
"The all-black cartoonish burglar suits you well." He greeted, spreading his arms at his side and bowing at the hip slightly. "You call, I come. That's how this has worked for lives now, hasn't it? That won't change. Though I must admit, I half expected more of a spectacle from you, storm cloud This almost seems tame for you." He chuckled lightly, surprising even himself as he set his suit jacket off to the side, not wanting it to get ruined in the crossfires. "Oh but you are, dear. I think it suits you perfectly. What would you like cme to call you instead?" he asked, slowly walking the perimiter of the room, getting a feel for his environmetn and Narciso. "'Cat' is always an option as well. That may suit you now I suppose but Connan has already voted nay for that one."

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God, he hated the way he almost sighed at the sight of Auraleous. Narciso tried to push back those thoughts. It was difficult ignoring the way his heart leaped. He knew he had strange feelings for this God awful terrible tyrannical hero for a while now. Honestly he had no idea what was going on every single they would meet. Then when it was all over, he would spend days thinking about the hero. Watching movies would he taxing. Either he'd imagine him and Auraleous as the main characters or he wished to watch these movies with Auraleous. It was terrible.

"Really? You know, I only dress for you and our fantasies." Narciso removed the black beanie to reveal his bright crimson hair. Letting the hat drop to the floor, he undid his man bun. While fluffing his hair, the villain frowned. It was horrible to admit how much the hero was right. This whole charade is pretty calm compared to everything else he has done. There were times where he had lit buildings on fire for God's sake! He didn't know. As much as he planned this, he still was a bit impulsive.

He sat down by a statue with his arms crossed. Might as well pout before they go through another fight and call it a day. Hearing Auraleous called him a "dear" had him falling back against the statue. Narciso's face was almost as red as his hair. A wrinkle between his brows formed. "I hate you," He mumbled. A lie.

Looking over his shoulder, he stared at the statue whom he realized was Hercules. While crossing his legs, Narciso huffed, "I am not your pussycat, Auraleous, baby." A smirk settled on his face. He got up then started to amble around. "Call me yours. Your boyfriend, your lover. Call me by your name. It's much better than calling me your cat."


Auraleous focused on the rhythm of his footsteps as he strode around the room, willing himself not to falter at Narciso's comments. Externally he was cool and level headed, but internally, he was a flustered mess. His hearbeat was in his throat and his gaze flickered anywhere but to Narciso, not wanting to see the desire in his villlain's face reflecting his own on the inside. Or worse, the dead cold seriousness that only proved this to be all a game. Even if this was all just a game to get him distracted, Auraleous couldn't let Narciso see just how much such simple teasing words had an affect on him.
So to hide the fact that literally any suggestive comment made by Nardiso had him figuratively (and quite possibly literally if given the chance,) on his knees, Auraleous paused and gave a playful glare, right past Narciso's head to some small detail on the statue but just close enough to make it look like the hero was addressing him. "How interesting. Usually in my fantasies theres less…in the way." He gestured vaguely to Narciso but before he could let the words sink in, Auraleous continued his walk, taking the opportunity to check where his villain was, closer, farther away, now near Heracles. How ironically fitting.
He would play this game all night if he had to, the banter was honestly his favorite part, whether that was because he would actually mean some of the things he said or if it was merely all for show no one would know but him.
Auraleous did close his walking circle just a bit, catching the moment Narciso tugged off his beenie to reveal his fiery red hair. Hair Auraleous yearned to run his fingers through, tug out of its regular updo and watch it cascade around Narciso's face, bringing out the honey gold in his eyes, essentuating the redness in his lips, lips Auraleous only had ever dreamed of kissing…Auraleous chuckled softly, breaking himself out of that all too far away fantasy and returning to his reality. "Oh you love me, my darling." He countered with a wink, finally stopping a few feet away in front of Narciso and crossing his arms over his chest.
"No, I suppose you're not. You've proven yourself stronger than that." He admitted softly, a small fond smile crossing his lips for a brief moment. He wanted to pretend this was all an act, told himself it was part of his hero persona he'd adopted who knows how long ago, but every now and then truth seeped through. More so than he liked to admit.
He took a step back for good measure when Narciso began to walk around, not necessarily scared but more so cautious. Usually about now would be the time they fought but they both seemed to silently agreed tonight would be different.
He ganced away for moment, trying his best to compose himself, his smile fading. To call Narciso his? That had to be a joke. Something Narciso had seen or read somewhere just to see if he could get a rise out Auraleous. There wasn't any way he actually wanted to be with Auraleous, not after the countless lives they've lived hating each other. He didn't dare have hope to think this was real, to actually believe Narciso wanted him in any capacity other than dead. Or at least that's what he was lead to believe all these lives they've been fighting against each other. Flirting was easier when he believed none of it was serious. At least on Narciso's part, but now…
"You've always been mine, stormcloud." He said softly, his bravdo and confidence suddenly falling away. "And I yours. It's how it's always been. You just never got it through your head that I've meant every word."

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There was something in the way they went back and forth in this little game of theirs. All of the teasing, flirting and banter were what made every single match fun. Although, Narciso was sure that his heart was going to explode any moment now. He was not able to watch Auraleous walk. It was impossible. On top of all of that, the hero spoke in that God-forsakened voice that would woo him every time without failure. He hates Auraleous. He hates how much he needs to see this man this hero even if he kept on convincing himself that he is only want because the AC is not on.

With his arms at his sides, he stood as still as the Hercules statue. The only thing that ever moved was his head. As much as it was hard to look at Auraleous and those goddamn gorgeous green eyes, he needed to see him as much as he needed to breath air. His jaw hung opened. After swiftly shutting it, the villain rolled his eyes.

Looking down at his black turtleneck, he tugged on the material. Narciso looked at Auraleous, "And in mine, you help me take this off." For a second he was proud of himself for his comment. Words tend to fail him. Ever since he realized that there was more to his hatred towards Auraleous, he just could not process things to say.

Just like how his eyes bulged out at Auraleous saying that he loved the hero. The wink was the final nail in the coffin. Narciso almost tripped over himself. As he crossed his arms, he mumbled, "I won't say I'm in love. I…I…I…I hate you. I seriously hate…you….you." In the corner of his eye, he gazed over at the Hercules statue again. His bottom lip puffed out as he pouted.

Good God he could never hate the hero. Not anymore at least. Never in a million years could Narciso hate the man he believes is the most perfect in the world. If he kept living on hating the hero, then he would make himself to be a big fool. Once his pouting had settled in, it quickly fizzled away. Whether it was from what Auraleous said or those lips curving into a faint smile, he did not know. Sure that smile only lasted for a few seconds, but to Narciso, it lasted for an eternity. No photo or painting or video could capture the feeling of seeing it just a few feet away.

At this point he could not tell if the game was still going on. If it was, he most certainly lost. Narciso does not want this to be a game anymore. No, not the same one they have been doing life after life. Is he really Auraleous's? Is Auraleous really his? The villain did not want to listen to the way his heart was beating. He would be unsure of what to do with himself if he ever got his hopes up.

Narciso slowly took a few steps closer to Auraleous. His vision started to become blurry, only to be somewhat cleared when he blinked. Once he stopped, he asked, "Is it true? Do you mean every single word you just said?"


Auraleous almost forgot he was here on a last-minute mission but how could he concentrate on that now, with Narciso blushing so adorably at a few comments? Besides, it wasn't like he wasn't doing his job. This was simply an out-of-the-box tactic he was using. Or that's what he hoped everyone else would see it as, at least until he could get Narciso and himself to a safer, more private location.
"In this instance, I could see how you could hate me. Interrupting your little charade and making you all flustered must be frustrating for you but I don't think you actually hate me. At least I hope not." He grinned, melting a little on the inside when he saw Narciso pout. What he wouldn't do to kiss those lips, to erase that pout.
Auraleous never hated Narciso. Sure some of the things he chose to do made him nervous or even angry sometimes but he could never hate the person he shared an eternity with. He assumed that being partners would be boring or simply too weird because of their shared eternity. They had all the time in the world to explore what kind of partner they wanted to have, why would they want to be stuck with each other? And it wasn't like Auraleous didn't try. He had a few parners in his life time, even one he had married who he still cherished to this day after lifetimes had passed but not even that had felt like the connection he had the potential to have with Narciso. But would he want an eternity with Auraleous? He had never considered what a relationship would look like from the other side. WOuld they still be enemies to the public? How would they explain their sudden romance if all they've been made to look like was enemies? He genuinely didn't know but gods above he desperately wanted to try. He wanted to put his constant doubts and what ifs at ease. He of course would be elated if NArciso felt the same but if not…then Auraleous would continue living his life, even if it meant with a broken heart for a while.
He refocussed on Narciso, his head tilting slightly when the villain came close. Auraleous was done backing away from what he wanted. He wasnted to be selfish tonight. For once in his life he didn't want to care what the public or his agency thought about his odd yet useful ties to Narciso. He didn't care if he was supposed to be fighting off his enemy for the safety of others instead of shamelessly flirting. He didn't care that half the museum was destroyed just because Narciso wanted attention from him, he would gladly give it if it meant staying just a while longer beside him.
"Every single word." He said slowly, reaching up and gently brushing Narciso's cheek. "Do you really hate me?"

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Narciso wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of eternity with Auraleous. Everytime he has to go to a wedding to take photos, he cannot help but think of him and Auraleous. To be honest, he had thought about them spending eternity together way before he had become a wedding photographer. Sometimes he hated being in his apartment. It gets to be so lonely. All he would do is imagine what it would be like to live with the hero. They could live in a nicer apartment or even a big masion full of flowers and paintings.

Part of him worried a lot. He worried that they might not work. What would other people think of them? They definitely would judge Auraleous for being with a villain like him. They'd call him crazy. And Narciso was not sure what Auraleous was thinking. But he does not want to be a villain anymore. He wants to be Auraleous's partner. Instead of meeting to fight each other, he wants them to meet up to go on dates. Resturants, movies, museums, the beach, he just wants to do things with Auraleous.

What if he was crazy about thinking these things? Surely he can't be. For hundreds of years, he has been doing everything to continue this thing they have going on. Despite not wanting to be a villain anymore, he only kept on because this was one of the only times where he could see him.

Auraleous's hand felt warm on his cheek. God he does not know a feeling better than this. The way his thumb brushed against Narciso's skin is maddening. Narciso was sure that he was going faint any second now. Not like he was not going to in the first place.

"No," he shook his head. "The only thing that I hate is how much I miss you. Auraleous, I need you in my life."


Everything he had been taught throughout his lifetimes, warnings from his fellow heroes about tactics and how people are manipulated, how easy it was to believe something you desperately wanted to hear, and how that can lead to your detriment all came crashing into Auraleous's mind all at once. But he knew Narciso. Daresay he knew his stormcloud better than anyone else alive. This wasn't like any other time they fought where they used pretty words against each other, knowing it'd get a reaction, knowing deeper still that on some level they meant every tease and suggestive comment. How that ache in his heart after every fight ate away at Auraleous every night. Each time he would be called to deal with Narciso, it was rarely met with opposition, knowing he'd have a chance to see him, even in the worst of situations.
If this was all fake, and Auraleous was being this stupid for believing this whole charade then so be it. At least he would have a taste of what it felt like to be wanted by Narciso, even for just a second. But then there was an equal possibility that this was real, and they could be real. None of this hero and villain game between them. As easy as Auraleous desperately wanted all this to be, he knew his institution would have their arguments they fight and they'd hate the both of them for going against every standard they had established. But for all the institute's disappointment and hate, Auraleous could bear all of that if it meant he didn't have to see doubt and fear in Narciso for choosing his job over him.
"How can you miss something that's been there your whole life?" He asked softly as he gently tugged Narciso into a hug, knowing exactly what he meant. Every moment Narciso wasn't physically in front of Auraleous was a moment spent wondering about his immortal partner. Were they alright? What were they planning? When would they get to see each other again? What would a normal life with them look like? "I'm right here, Stormcloud. Always have been, always will be. Honestly I'm surprised you're not sick of me yet." He chuckled lightly, breaking away jsut far enough to look up at his villain. "Do you know how long I've waited for this? Lives."

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Narciso was at a loss for words. None of this was real. After he closes his eyes, he'll wake up in bed alone with everything happening being nothing but a dream. Again. It has happened a million times before. Surely this must be another one. He did not want to get his hopes up, imagining, dreaming, and yearning for Auraleous, only to find out that none of it happened. Their cycle of only seeing each other during fighting would continue. He hated it. He hated almost everything about it except for seeing Auraleous and, in a twisted sense, seeing him too.

All he wanted to do was to see Auraleous all the time. More than once in a while. He may be delusional, but he would love to be with Auraleous forever the way romantic partners do. Sure their story is not like your average romance or rom-com movie, but it can be better. Maybe it is! He hoped it would be at least.

At first, he froze in Auraleous's embrace. His shoulders were stiff. His eyes grew wide. It took him a while to process what was going on. Still, it was hard for him to believe that this was happening. In the back of his mind, he wondered whether or not he was going to melt as a result of being in the hero's arms. Narciso gently wrapped his arms around the hero.

"Why would I ever be sick of you? You are so perfect," He whispered. To Narciso, Auraleous has always been perfect. Not that he views it through an envious lense, but rather through one of amazement. From appearance to personality to intelligence, the hero has it all. His voice was soft and his laughter was warm.

A faint smile formed. "Really? You have waited this long?" Narciso asked. For a while he just stood there smiling. While it may have been hard for him to believe this, he finally did. "I have always dreamed of this happening, but I wondered if it would cone true."


For a dreadful, heartbreaking moment, Auraleous thought he had made a mistake in hugging Narciso, in confessing his feelings at all. Had he overstepped their boundaries? Was this still part of their act? Auraleous wasn't acting anymore. He didn't want to play around with his feelings anymore, not when he had finally come to terms that he liked Narciso, loved him. He wanted to explore that love more with him and only him.
He loosened his hold ever so slightly, a silent signal he would let go if Narciso showed any sign of discomfort. He let out a relieved laugh and almost sagged into Narciso's returned embrace. "I am anything but perfect, my dear," he murmured, burying his face against Narciso's shoulder and closing his eyes, wanting to preserve this moment forever. Maybe this was the beginning of their forever. Auraleous didn't think of himself as a bad person, he always tried to be right by his morality and the people he had vowed to protect. But when it came to his personal life, Auraleous wasn't always the best at keeping up with his busy life. He rarely got a chance to sit and relax despite his long life. His mind was always working with what-ifs, and constant worrying over everyone else. For once, he wanted a life all to himself. To be able to relax, and enjoy his immortality with someone who understood.
He tilted his head in indecision and to simultaneously give a gentle affectionate nudge. "Well, maybe not all our lives, but for a while now. I want to live a lifetime with someone and not worry that they'll die or something will happen. I want that someone to be you specifically. We've known each other for how long? Have practically flirted with each other for how long? at some point or another, I started realizing I want to make you flustered and blush all the time. I like seeing you, I like being around you. I don't want to leave whenever we have to meet up but for the sake of appearances to the rest of the world, we're not meant to be together like this." He murmured, offering a soft smile. "I'm sorry for making you wait for so long, my dear. I hope you can forgive me for not relaizing just how much I wanted you sooner."

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To him, Auraleous was the definition of perfect. Everything about the hero made him head over heels. For God's sake, Auraleous has always been the one who saves the day and people love him. Well, not as much as Narciso did. After all, he is right: the hero is perfect. From the way Auraleous laughed and his alluring skin to how kind he is…To Narciso, the man was beyond perfect. While he did not consider himself as perfect as his longtime rival and crush, but he was right and that was all that mattered to him. The only problem was that they are not together in a romantic way. If he were to have some sort of happy ending, he wanted to have one with Auraleous.

"Oh no…" He shook his head. While softly laughing to himself, his ringers brushed through the hero's hair. It was so soft and delicate that his fingers were practically gliding through. "If you are not perfect, then I am wrong. I would be nothing." God there was nothing more he wanted to do than to just lie on a blanket in some park while brushing through those alluring brown locks. Well, Narciso was lying; there was more that he wanted. Part of him didn't mind that because he was the villain after all so it'd be okay to be greedy, wanting more. The thing was he wanted to be together with Auraleous forever. Not fighting, but kind of like how soulmates do. The two of them can live in a nice condo by the park and go to all these fancy restaurants or travel the world. Yes, he had been thinking about this for awhile. Awhile…what an underestimation.

His lips trembled. When Auraleous smiled, he lowered his chin. His ears heard every word. His heart felt every single word. Again, he shook his head. "Auraleous, you see…the thing…the thing is…is…I don't like you." Narciso took a deep breath before looking up. "I feel much more than that for you…You are perfect and I can't just like you after everything. You see…I am a wedding photographer when I am not doing everything to see you, but even while I'm working at a wedding, I'll take a look at the newly married couple and think of…you. I always envy them. They get to live in love…do everything together forever. I want to be like them. I want us to be like them…one way or another. Now we don't have to be married or anything, but I don't want us to be just hero and villain. I want us to be Auraleous and Narciso."