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A family of five who seem perfect, but are actually a dysfunctional mess, end up going on a vacation to a log cabin in the middle of the mountains, that one of the parents won from a radio show. The roadtrip goes horrible, and the first couple of weeks in the cabin go as usual, terrible. That is until one of the children finds an old skeleton key, and another finds the door it goes to. It leads to a fantastical world, and while it seems nice, it’s hiding so dark secrets. And as the family spends more time here, they start losing their memories of their life before.


Role 1 - Parent 1
Role 2 - Parent 2
Role 3 - Teenage Twin 1
Role 4 - Teenage Twin 2
Role 5 - Preteen child

I will not be taking a role, as this will kind of run like a DnD campaign, just without the dice rolling, and constant fighting. I’ll just be shaping the story, describing the land, and playing all the background characters.

  1. All the normal roleplay rules apply
  2. No sexual content
  3. While this roleplay is gonna be kinda angsty, keep the severe angsty things on the sparse side
  4. Ty to reply with at least two sentences
  5. If you have trouble trying to create a character for this, then you may use a character you already created just slightly altered

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