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Magic blossoms throughout the realm of Astura. Astura is home to the witch race and all witches are born with the power of one of the eight elements. When a child is born, part of their Initium is to receive a cut on their palm to reveal their blood. (An Initium is kinda like a witch baptism. It's a ceremony for a newborn, just no one is baptised.) The colour of a witch's blood determines the elemental power that they possess. The elements and the colour they are associated with is as follows:

Air - Light Green
Earth - Dark Green
Fire - Red
Water - Light Blue
Darkness - Black
Light - White
Ice - Dark Blue
Electricity - Purple

Due to the colour of a witch’s blood, it is clear that the colour or hue of a witch’s skin will be different. Those with darker blood have darker undertones while those with lighter will be more pale. The colours will give the skin a bit of a green/blue or purple undertone. This is all considered normal in Astura. (I hope this all makes sense with how witches appear due to different coloured blood)
Gavix School of Witchcraft is Astura’s most refined and prestigious school and where our story will be taking place. We will be following 5 young witches as they start 7th grade, seeing what adventures and troubles they get themselves into.

Also just some quick lore that I feel could be important/make for good dilemmas and whatnot.
Astura - Witches
Aware of the Realms and capable of Realm-Jumping
Also home to phoenixes, will-o’-the-wisps, gargoyles, salamanders (the mythical kind) and wolpertingers (google it, they are cute)
Earth - Humans
Unaware of the Realms and not capable of Realm-Jumping
Hooman is silly and weak. We have giraffe :)
Eva - Elves
Unaware of the Realms and not capable of Realm-Jumping
Elves don’t have magical powers but have the ability to connect with nature and listen to it. They are peaceful and wise creatures. Eva is also the home to hippogriffs,
Aifore - Faeries
Aware of the Realms and capable of Realm-Jumping
Tricky and mischievous creatures, Faeries often are deadly trouble makers. They have an obsession with human meat and tend to lure children into faerie rings, causing them to Realm-Jump into Aifore. I think we can all assume what happens to the poor child…. Anywho, only a few Faeries Realm-Jump to Earth once a year to replace Faerie rings as Realm-Jumping is illegal and they don’t wish to get caught. Aifore is also home to unicorns and pegasus'
Esul - Centaurs and Fauns
Unaware of the Realms and not capable of Realm-Jumping
Also unable to wield any magical abilities, Centaurs and Fauns live opposed to each other, in constant war over land. Smart but single minded, Centaurs and Fauns haven’t been able to solve their troubles for many, many years. Esul is also home to griffins,.
Oceana - Mermaids
Unaware of the Realms but capable of Realm-Jumping
Mermaids are very chill and relaxed creatures who don’t care for much. Hence why they have never created enough power to Realm-Jump. They live in peace with many ocean creatures including kelpies and sea serpents.
Turrak - Ogres, Trolls and Giants
Unaware of the Realms and not capable of Realm-Jumping
Although seemingly scary, Ogres, Trolls and Giants are rather gentle and kind creatures, they live in harmony in Turrak and keep to their districts, Giants in the mountains, Ogres in the caves and Trolls in the forest. Turrak is also home to dragons.
Angels are like guardians of the Realms. They exist in time and space but don’t reside in a realm. No one has ever met an Angel. Angels are like Gods.

REALM-JUMPING IS ILLEGAL. Angels deemed Realm-Jumping a forbidden act as to keep the peace between all realms. There are dire consequences and just because creatures decide to continue Realm-Jumping (looking at you Faeries) it is not ok to do. (Angels cannot see everything so yes there are cases where creatures have successfully Realm-Jumped. Still, not ok to do it.)
Realm Jumping is only possible through great power that can break the energy between time and space. Hence why habitants of Earth, Eva, Esul, Oceana and Turrak do not know the existence of other Realms. They do not have the power to create such a break in time and space. (Mermaids do but they chilling).

Hello. Sorry for the info dump but this could be useful in the future XD So basically this is a witch high school rp and we are witches starting in grade 7. Don’t really mind where the story goes.

I don’t have too many but one that is important is we are all 13. We can’t have 17 years old's in grade 7, that's weird.
We are also witches and witches only. No you cannot be a Faerie who illegally Realm-Jumped (more on that below) into Astura. (Witch has no gender attached to it. It is the name of the species.)
And basically just be nice and don’t make your character op. This also means your character can only have one elemental power. It doesn’t matter which, we can have double ups (like two off us have the fire elemental). But only ONE ELEMENT FOR A WITCH TO POSSES.

I’m only gonna have 5 people max cause it’ll get busy with too many characters.

Elemental Power:


Name: Seraphina Carlisle (Sera)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Elemental Power: Electricity
Appearance: Short white hair (bob), has a tendency to stick up due to static electricity. She has purple eyes and a purple undertone to her skin due to her blood. She is rather short for her age and hates being teased about her height. She prefers to wear denim and cotton to prevent static electricity and she is normally seen wearing jeans, denim shorts and a button up. She prefers sneakers over any other type of shoes because it's the easiest to run in.
Personality: Sera is known for being snarky and smug but she is just confident in her powers, being trained by her parents since she was little. She is super protective of those she cares about and although she prefers to fight from a distance so she can use her powers to the best of her ability, she won’t hesitate to get up close with her enemy. Sera also doesn’t fully understand the concept of physical space and will get up in your face if you’ve picked a fight with her or she finds you attractive. Then she will shamelessly flirt with you to no extent.
Other: Sera is the daughter of two well known and powerful witches, a lesbian power couple.


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