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  2. Cussing/Swearing IS allowed.
  3. Gore/blood warning.
  4. ;-; Emotional times, I guess?

My Character:

Wyatt Breston.
-Face: Freckles, all over his cheeks with gorgeous blue eyes, and a small set of dimples.
-Skin: Tanned.
-Hair: Short, black, and fluffy with a light blue tint to it.
-Shirt: A cropped white shirt, with a small blue butterfly on it.
-Pants: High-waisted black shorts, with rips in them.
-Shoes: A pair of black ankle-high boots, with laces.
-Acc: He has a black choker, and a pair of gold round-framed glasses.
-Other: None.
Theme song: Wrap me in plastic.
Species: Demon/deer/human/mix.
Power: Unknown.
Personality: Cocky, kind, and very, very flirtly but mostly kind.
Other: He's a model.

"Mm… I dunno." -Favorite thing to say.

Character Template~
Theme song:

@lxvender_darling language

(I was thinking of something like this–)
(Wyatt and whatever character the someone is gonna use- is a kidnapper, and kidnapped the poor shortie and kinda did- stuff- XD-
Then a few years or so pass by, he's still trapped but for some reason ends up developing feelings of (-insert characters name-) for some reason?)
(Then, turns out -character name- is more of a sadist and shit, so Wyatt's-)
(I'm sorry- I'm not too good at the plot thing-)
(Basically short boy x murderer/kidnapper/scary being- XD-)


(Or, alternatively- my character could be just looking for someone to experiment on with all his tests and stuff and he's not like, super sadistic, but he's morally kinda gray and doesn't really understand that what's he's doing is wrong)


Name: Ario Saffron Flores
Age: 20

-Face: Pale skin with blue cheek markings and blue eyes. He has sheep ears in place of human ones and small horns protruding from his forehead.
-Skin: Pale
-Hair: Ario has incredibly fluffy, wool-like hair. It curls at the tips and is very thick, and has bands that cross over the right side of his forehead.
-Shirt: He generally wears plain colored shirts with some sort of jacket over top.
-Pants: Ario has sheep legs (think satyr) and does not wear pants.
-Shoes: Due to having hooves instead of feet, he also does not wear shoes
-Acc: Ario like to wear round glasses (he has bad eyesight and genuinely needs them) and a beanie or beret that matches whatever he's wearing. He's also quite fond of scarves
-Other: Ario has a set of wings, but he really doesn't fly, so they're more for show than anything.
Theme song: Honestly I have no idea lol
Species: Sheep satyr
Personality: Ario loves to experiment on live subjects, although he will also do tests after they die (which is somewhat frequently). He's not inherently mean or evil, per se, he's actually quite charming. The problem is, he's very morally gray and secluded from society, so he doesn't think of know that what he's doing is wrong. He tends to be not the best in conversation due to his secluded lifestyle, and also the fact that his subjects aren't usually too fond of having conversations with him.
Other: He's actually very clever and, despite not having any formal training, knows a lot about chemicals and medicines and what they do. He's no expert, of course, but he's learned a lot through his experiments.


(Uhhh probably not very lol. He's sheeb so uh… four foot something? He doesn't physically drag his victims to his house, he just uses charm lmao)