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A private academy surrounded by forest. Curious teenagers watched over by professors and teachers and faculty. A high fence separating trees from tamed garden.

In the forest, though, lie cracks in the border between our world and the next, one very similar yet different from ours. This world is the world of magic. Of the Fae and their kingdoms and messy, brutal politics, slippery words born of an inability to lie.

These two worlds have collided in the past, but have always been separated again. The Fae still slip into our world sometimes; "alien" abductions are usually the fault of curious Fae taking humans away.

Bellamy Remington is a student at the academy. He has always been curious about the forest, and often sneaks out the window late at night to go to the garden and stargaze, or watch the shadowed trees shivering in the breeze. He has often felt like something is watching him, but has never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary. At least, so far as he knows.

(Name) is a Fae prince who keeps crossing the border and watching the academy. One student in particular catches his eye; a young man who sneaks out to watch the stars, whose hands are flecked with paint and lead and whose eyes are always catching on every small detail.

One night, Bellamy sneaks out of the school's grounds and into the forest. He has done it before in the past, but this time is different. When he turns around to head home, he cannot find the way back. The trees have grown taller, somehow, and the stars brighter. The moon hangs low and bright in the sky. He continues on, until a strange person reveals himself to Bel.

(Name) has decided to finally reveal himself. To bring Bellamy to their home and show him a world he had never, ever dreamed was possible. But the land of the Fae is at its boiling point; war is imminent unless something changes, and the presence of a human, in one of the courts? It only serves to inflame tensions. Humans can do things Fae cannot, and each court wants to use Bel for their own purposes.

(Name) and Bel begin to fall in love, but who can Bel trust in this world that, while lovely and alluring, seems to only want to use him?

Idk basically a human x fae romance?? with court intrigue and all that good stuff. The aesthetic? Dark Academia meets Royalcore, Gremlincore, and FaeCore. It's gonna be good. As you'll be the prince, I need you to have at least basic knowledge of the Fae. They aren't Elves.


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(also the uh, time period for the real world is like, early 1900's)

Bellamy had snuck out of his room. Again. He had done so countless times, sneaking out to the gardens or even into the woods, stargazing or just enjoying the quiet dark. He had a leather satchel slung around his body, holding his art supplies, a book, a sketchbook, and a candle with matches. He didn't usually light the candle; it was too bright and would draw attention, but he liked having it there, just in case.

He sat down on one of the stone benches, staring up at the moon for a long moment. It was in that odd stage somewhere between half and crescent; not big enough for a lot of light, but not small enough for none. A good night for stargazing, but he'd left his telescope inside. That was fine, though. He liked seeing the stars by the naked eye. Bel pulled out his sketchbook, and sat on the bench for a long while, sketching out the shapes of constellations on the paper of his sketchbook. When he tired of that, he tucked the sketchbook away, and headed over to the wall. He knew exactly where to put his feet in order to climb up it, hauling himself up to perch on the top, then jumping down into the forest on the other side.


Prince Eldeon Frey, Crown Prince of the Fall Court and supposed delight of his parents, was out again, watching. It wasn't unusual for him to watch, for his race to watch, to observe nature and the cycles of the moon and the attitudes of the people and whatever other bullshit there was to observe. No, Eldeon was watching a mortal.

The same mortal, in fact, that he had been watching for the past several months. Among his people, this was considered crazy; they usually took a mortal who struck their fancy right away.

"Just abduct the mortal and have done with it, if your so interested in him," came his mother's voice. His lips quirked into a rare little smile, one that immediately vanished as he again considered the mortal.

He had climbed over the school wall and was making his way to the forest. Eldeon had been waiting for him, this nameless human, for a little over an hour, sprawled in a tree that would be impossible to climb if he weren't Other. The Fae Prince waited only a little longer before following the human, that strange, persistent curiosity pulling at him after.


(hey just as an FYI, the Fae Kingdom wouldn't really be…a thing? So the Fae have the Courts (usually divided by season but idc if you make up some other form of Courts) that are their separate kingdoms? Sorry if I'm being a bitch or picky and whatnot, i just,,,, the Courts are a big part of Fae lore)

Bel continued going further into the woods, eyes flickering between the trees as his feet brushed almost silently over the ground. He enjoyed listening to the sounds of the night creatures; the wolves howling in the distance, the birds letting out sleepy sounds every now and again. The owls, hooting and flying on silent wings. The squeaks of just a few bats, fluttering about and eating the flies. He wished he had better night vision; if he did, he'd be able to actually see these creatures, beyond a vague silhouette against the moon, there and gone.


(Whoops lol, let me change that. Sorry, I wasn't sure about it, I was in a fae rp one time where the other person wanted kingdoms instead of courts. So I wasn't sure which type you wanted. I'll get my response up in a sec.)