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Slice-Of-Life kind of plot. Meant to be light hearted and fun.

Plot is:
Character A (me) works at the cafe, The Moon Light Cafe, and character B is a regular there. The two are friendly and cordial with each other, but nothing more. But when B comes to A because they had no one else to turn to, the pair start to get closer. They talked after A's shift, and hang out when they both have free time.

Character A: AnxietyGremlin
Character B: Cuji
Character sheet:


Here's my character

Name: Iris Vonner
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long jet-black hair that reaches just above the small of her back, piercing emerald green eyes with dark freckles plastering her face and arms. She wears a black hoodie with white striped sleeves, and black ripped jeans. The uniform for the Moon Light Cafe is a white pleated skirt, a black button-up shirt, a white apron, and white flats. She adds black thigh highs with white garters for a little originality.
Personality: She's very cold and analytical, but when you get to know her, she's a warm, friendly person with a lot of energy. She's very excitable, and passionate about the things she likes. She can talk your head off. When she's in her bartender mode, she's friendly and calm but doesn't speak unless spoken to or necessary. She prefers to ignore creeps
Other: She works at the local cafe, the Moon Light Cafe, and is very good at her job. She has a degree in mixology and is a very good cook.


Name: Anja Hall
Age: 23
Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender: Female
Appearance: pink and white wolf cut and freckles scattered around her nose. tall with a muscular form but not like a gym rat.
Personality: mysterious at a first meeting, doesn't reveal much about herself and keeps to herself. not in a shy way but in a 'you don't need to know about my life' way. loves trills and doing crazy things on a whim. also loves sitting back and being out in nature, like picnics or walks through the forest. she can get rather snappy when annoyed and doesn't like to interact with people when in a bad mood
Likes: Books, tea, picnics, climbing trees
Dislikes: the city, people with no common sense. people who ask too many questions, clowns
Other: she works at an antique book store

@AnxietyGremlin group

Iris walked around the back, waiting for the coffee to brew. She turned the pastries in the warmer oven and prepared a plate. She knew her regular was coming around this time, and Iris knew what she would want.
She heard the bell on the door notify her that someone was there.
She made her way over to the counter and her regular walked up to the counter.
"Hey, Anja. The usual?" She asked calmly. Anja came in every day, and Iris knew her normal order by heart


Every day, like clockwork, Anja would go on her break at 12:00pm and spend it at the Moonlight Cafe. With a book in her hand, she strolled down the street and opened the door, a bell signaling her arrival. She was hit with the smell of coffee, but tea was her preferred beverage.
"Hey, Anja. The usual?" Anja softly smiled as the waitress confirmed her order. Iris was always working at this time and soon enough she had memorised Anja's order, a medium hibiscus tea with 1 sugar.
"Yes thanks." Anja paid for her order and made her way over to the booth near the back of the cafe, where it was much quieter. She opened up her book and continued where she left off, waiting for her order.

@AnxietyGremlin group

Iris prepared Anja's drink swiftly, as she didn't have to write anything down or copy a recipe. She always had the tea brewed by the time Anja came in, and had a specific way she knew Anja liked her tea. She stirred in the sugar and put the tea on a small saucer. As sh approached, she said what she always did "Hibiscus tea, one sugar no milk. Here you go Anja". She put the tea down "Anything else?" She had a feeling Anja wouldn't ask for anything else, as usual, but she had to ask anyway. company policy


Iris delivered Anja's order in record time, probably due to the fact that Anja was their most frequent regular.
Anja thanked Iris as she placed it on the table in front of her. She closed her book and placed it to the side.

"Anything else?" Anja assumed it was company policy to ask their customers if they wanted to order more. Anja never did as she was content with her tea usually, but as she looked up into Iris' kind eyes, she decided that maybe today she could do something a bit different.

"Actually, a macaron would be lovely, thank you. Raspberry please." Anja smiled and sipped on her tea.

@AnxietyGremlin group

Iris smiled back "Raspberry macaron coming right up." She said cheerfully speeding off to get one for her.

As she walked to the kitchen she looked around the cafe. The usually bustling shop now quiet and calm. The vibes were perfect. She listened to the quiet lofi coming through the speakers and smiled.

She got the pastry on a small plate and brought it back to Anja faster then ever. Gotta keep the best regular happy