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Comfort items for little kids, just toys, right?
They worship humans. They're the plushies' guardians, their protectors, and the toys would do anything for their human. They refuse to see how humans treat them, how when they grow bored they just toss the plushies away, abandon them. They don't see how it is only a select few who are actually cared for, that their just the playthings for their owners.
They depend on their owners.

But you know the truth. You've seen the harsh reality. And you want out.

Yes, first off, I did not come up with this idea on my own, I took it from a different rp I saw on another sight.



Rosie, human

Azami Centero, human
Peppermint, one-foot tall plastic doll

Caramel, stuffed black bear

George the Giraffe, stuffed giraffe

Ranaldo, stuffed penguin
Ryan Whitaker, human

Yuri Eali, human

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Name: Rosie Merrow
Age: 8
Personality: Rosie is a bubbly girl. She loves to play, and will play with most anything. She doesn't really get that some toys 'are for boys' or 'are for girls,' and will just play with the toys she has. She loves soft toys in particular.
Appearance: Rosie has pale skin from how much time she spends inside, with long brown hair that is usually done up in a braid or ponytail to keep it out of the way. She would cut it short, but she knows it would remind her father too much of her mother. She loves to wear different clothes almost every day, her styles varying wildly. She loves to dress up, from cowgirls to princesses. She has pretty grey eyes, and a slender build.
Backstory: Rosie doesn't have the best homelife. Her father is almost always gone for work, even though when she was younger he went out of his way to make sure they spent time together. It most likely changed because of her mother- she had left one day mysteriously, and Rosie had no idea why. Her father owns a cigar and tobacco company, though, and a successful one at that, so Rosie has most anything she could ask for. Still, she's lonely, and turns to her toys for comfort. They're a means to an end, so to say, something to make herself feel better. Sometimes her father drinks the 'bad grape juice,' as she would put it, and he gets really sad. When that happens, Rosie usually hides in her room so she won't hear his crying and moaning for her mother.
Other: Rosie tries to hide it, but she can get really sad too. She has a lot of friends, but she knows it's just because of her father.

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Name: George the Giraffe
Personality: They’re adventurous and hopeful, always yearning for something new, something more. They’re deeply caring and hates to see Rosie sad.
Appearance: A small stuffed giraffe, with its colors faded from lots of “love”. One of its ears is missing, and it’s tail has seen better days.
Owner: I’m going with Rosie
Brand: Toys R Us
Other: George was found at a thrift store, already fairly damaged, but hopeful someone would pick them up and bring them home. Someone did.