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I'll get it!


Mine will probably be up sometime soon-ish? I'm in computer graphics rn and I have Stuff To Do lmao like I haven't been procrastinating all class period


I ended up going with Salty Man With Island Trauma instead of Lost Boy lmao. Sorry if the forms suck, I'm still kind of in "no braincell mode" from the shenanigans earlier

Name: Link Wild
Age: Technically 117 but he was asleep for 100 of them so they didn't really count
Gender: Woo hc time Primarily uses he/him pronouns but Does Not Care and his gender expression can change on a dime
Personality: Wild is one of those "dumb and chaotic and feral but with a heart of gold" types. He's got an intense fear of failure or letting those around him down. Wild is very friendly and, if he considers someone close, will watch their back no matter what. Much to the frustration–and sometimes panic–of most of his companions, Wild tends to act very impulsively and do stupid, often dangerous things just to see if they'll work.
Appearance: I'm just gonna go with reference images jdksanv
Other: Wild's Sheikah Slate has the same function as it does in the game(his inventory, basically), and he can carry more things with it than would be reasonable of a normal human being.

Name: Link Wind
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Personality: He'll kill anyone that points it out, but Wind is simply a very foul-mouthed babey. He likes to Cause Problems On Purpose and, if we're being honest, is the only one that will probably straight-up rob someone. Wind hates being viewed differently due to his age and often tries to pull ridiculous stunts to prove that he's just as capable as the others(half of which end up in him needing rescue by said others)
Other: Realistically, he's probably the most open about his adventures and stuff, but I've never actually played either of the games he's from so don't expect anything terribly detailed or accurate as far as that goes lol.

Name: Link Legend
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Personality: He may only barely be an adult, but Legend is bitter beyond his years. He lost his childhood innocence before he lost his rights to clear skin and made the decision to never get attached to anyone again. He never actually followed through on that, though. Underneath all the jabs and remarks, Legend actually very much cares for his friends.
Other: Contact with certain types of dark magic may turn him into a pink bunny(actually canon lmao). He also avoids pants like the plague(not really canon but I do what I want). As for his Island Trauma? You'll just have to see ;)

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Name: Peregrine
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: For the most part, Peregrine acts cold and calculating, always stern and. She occasionally shows her soft side, however, by offering training tips, drinks, or baked goods. She has a sense of adventure, and spends her free time either training, taking care of the mansion, and occasionally baking or sailing around the island.
Appearance: Peregrine is slightly above average height, and has long, black hair with bangs growing down to her eyebrows. Her eyes are yellow and narrow, almost cat-like. She normally wears black slacks and tall, black boots, with a white button-up shirt, and a black cape with red velvet on the inside.
Other: Peregrine almost always has her sword on her, and if not, at least one knife tucked into her boot.





Something… no, someone was shaking him. Everything felt heavy: his arms, lying at his sides; his clothes, clinging wetly to his body; his head, flopping back and forth limply. Wha…?


Wild's eyelids fluttered open. He coughed; salt water ejected itself from his lungs and dribbled down his chin. It was warm, a welcome contrast to how cold the rest of his body was. Slowly, the world came into focus. Legend was holding him by the shoulders. The urgent look on his face melted into relief once he realized that Wild was conscious, and suddenly he was hugging Wild. "*OhthankHyliaIthoughtyouhaddied," he breathed. In his confusion, Wild patted Legend's back.

"Wouldn't be the first time," he said, but the joke fell flat. "Legend… what happened?"

Legend released him from the embrace. "I don't know. Honestly, I don't even remember going through the portal… bad shift, maybe?" He shook his head. "The last thing I remember is waking up in the ocean, in a storm. You and Wind were unconscious."

"…And the others?"

Legend flinched. "…I don't know."

Wild blinked as the words set in. *He doesn't know? They could be hurt, dying, under attack…they could be dead–**

"Hey! There's a really big house up here, I think we should check it out!" Wind's shout was accompanied by the sound of his footsteps on the sand as he ran down the beach. Legend got up, and there was something off about how quickly he did so. Wild shook his head a little. Maybe he was imagining things; that would be too weird, even for Legend.

"Let's go, then," the Veteran said. He offered Wild a hand, and the latter gratefully obliged the help up.

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Peregrine wandered the halls of her mansion, glancing out windows at the beach below. Her cape flowed behind her, and her sword was at her side, as usual. She was planning on training that day, as, for once, the sun was shining on the island. Just as she was about to descend from the second floor, a flash of color against the sand caught her eye, and she stopped walking. Looking out the window, she saw three boys, ranging in age, making their way towards her mansion.
Marines? Here? They promised that they'd leave us alone.
The swordswoman pushed open the nearest window, leaning out over the ground. "Hello? Who's there?" Peregrine kept a grip on her sword with her right hand, holding the windowsill with her left as her yellow eyes surveyed the trio on her island.


Three heads snapped upwards at the voice. Out of the corner of his eye, Wild saw Legend sway a little bit. "Three lost travelers," he shouted back. Wild saw him start to fall again and caught him, draping Legend's arm around his shoulder.

"Leg, are you… well, obviously you're not okay, what's wrong?" he asked.

Legend scoffed. "You ever try to carry two people to land from… oh, at least two miles offshore?"

Wild's eyes widened. Shit… "Uh, ma'am? You, uh, wouldn't happen to have a spare bed in there, would you? I think my friend here might pass out."

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"Yes, I do. You, however, wouldn't happen to be affiliated with the Navy, would you?" Peregrine let go of her sword, leaning with both arms on the windowsill. She scanned the boys closer, squinting at the three. "Your clothes… don't look like anything I've seen before. You know what? Just- come in. I'm curious, anyways. I'll be right down."
She disappeared from the window, and soon appeared at the mansion's back door, facing the beach. Peregrine beckoned for the trio to enter, then turned on her heel and started back down the hallway, expecting the newcomers to follow.


(sknf sorry this took so long I was Busy)

"Navy?" Wild tilted his head to the side, but the stranger was gone before he could ask anything else. He looked over at Wind, who shrugged.

"Weird house on a weird island has a weird person asking weird questions in it," the Sailor said. Legend huffed out of either annoyance or amusement, Wild wasn't sure which.

They waited, and when the stranger appeared at the door and beckoned them in, the three boys followed. The first thing Wild noticed was that unlike any Hylian he'd ever met, her ears were rounded rather than pointed. It was odd, but Wild had enough sense to know that pointing it out would probably be considered rude. "Thank you, miss," he said politely instead.