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Do I have a real plot? No. Do I have lots of ideas for this? Yes.

A few basics, our characters will be supers who get their powers from items, as all supers do in this world. At this point, these items are rarely found, but more created and those original artifacts are hardly ever used or are passed down from generation to generation to become the new iteration of what hero or villain founded the line.

One character (your's preferably) will be a popular kid by day. One who's well-liked and often seen as a poster child. But by night they are a villain from one of the longest villainy lines around.

The other character (mine preferably) will be an absolute loser by day. One who seems to be hated on by everyone they meet for one reason or another. But by night they are an up-and-coming hero rising in some popularity despite the fact that they are the first in their line in a highly competitive world.

Naturally, the two end up as archnemesis in their alternate forms and end up running into each consistently. However, during the day their relationship is a little more complicated. Mx. popular has a little crush on Mx. loser, however Mx. loser fails to recognize their flirting as such and ends up thinking they are Mx. loser's main tormented. (As does the rest of the school except for the close friends of Mx. popular).

Before you ask to join, note that I will attempt to give my responses the same amount of effort as you give yours. So if I get only one-liners from you, you will get one-liners in response. If I get a full paragraph from you, I will do my best to give a full paragraph back (I'm busy okay?).

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(Hey! Ik we're already doing a rp, but if no one else joins I'd love to do this! :')


(Nice lol. I don't have a character sheet for this yet so give me a bit to whip one up. Also what type of pairing do you want?)










Item's Powers:

Item's Drawbacks:

Personality: (Like, basic is fine)


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(Ok I will awso b a girl bc I don’t wanna play some bastard f boy lmao)


Name: Kore Iota

Nicknames: Corn on the Cob (Not one she's fond of tho)

Alias: Phoenix

Gender/Pronouns: Female She/Her

Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance(Day): Short red hair that is neatly cut and never seems to grow out, tan skin with freckles dotted everyone, hazel eyes, typically has two crutches due to her genetically weak legs and has a difficult time walking without them. She's very skinny and lowkey looks malnourished despite the fact that she can easily drop kick a child. Normally wears very plain and simple clothes, anything easy to get on and wear to varying degrees of newness.

Appearance(Night): Her hair grows out into a long ponytail and her feather moves into the band of her ponytail. She wears a tight red and gold bodysuit (the gold typically is more of an outline on the tips of the collar and does more detail work) with a high necked collared-esque neckline with a false item (a deep red gem) embedded in the collarbone. She also has gloves and boots that both go from red to gold with feather detailing on where the gloves and boots meet her suit. (About mid-forearm for the gloves and mid-calf for the boots). Lastly, her mask surrounds her eyes and she wears something of a face mask in order to keep her identity as secret as possible.

Item: A Phoenix feather typically kept on a leather cord around her neck and under her shirt,

Item's Powers: It gives her an abundance of energy to which she can then choose to either fire off in golden flames, use on herself or others to heal, or enhance her own physical abilities.

Item's Drawbacks: As long as Kore has the feather on her person (and she has to keep it on her or else she will start to become ill), she physically cannot die. It's sort of a weird parasite-host situation. Kore can use the feather and its abilities, but she is also forever stuck on the earth as the only person able to use it.

Personality: Kore is reserved and has difficulty speaking up for herself. She typically prefers to keep for herself and only speaks when necessary considering when she isn't Phoenix it feels like the world is out to get her. However, she's a very kind and caring person who wants the world to be fair (despite the fact it most likely never will be). She has a few temper problems, but she is mainly in control of those.

Other: The only reason she doesn't use her item at all moments of the day in order to walk around normally, is because no one knows she has it. Not even her family.

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(Pfffft XD I LOVE HER!!!! I’ll have mine up by tomorrow at the latest! :)

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(I dunno! I usually write characters in high-college age so whatever you’re most comfortable with works for me)

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(Im working on it!! Sorry!! DX Im tryna finish all my homework. I think tonight I'll have it up tho)

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(here she is! Sorry it took so long. lmk if I need to change aything :)

Name: Chiara Crawford

Nicknames: Kiki, whatever else you can come up with

Alias: The Scarlet Devil

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Sexuality: Lesbian

Appearance(Day): about 5'4" with chestnut skin and deep brown eyes. Her hair is naturally black, but has bleached highlights at the ends. She has a curvy figure, and is typically seen wearing tank or tube tops with skirts, or ripped jeans. Most often with fishnet leggings and her trademark red doc martens. She has a muscled physique and gleaming white teeth. Hair nails are most often painted black with an unordinary amount of rings on her fingers, and a septum piercing

Appearance(Night): Her hair transforms into a deep red, turning her eyes a silver color and heightening her senses. She grows sharp claws and pointed teeth, donning a black outfit with a small tank top, lightweight shorts, and a long, black overcoat. She carries a silver cane, equipped with sharp daggers and other useful offenses. She also wears a headpiece, a black, lacy crown with devil horns protruding from the top. Her red and black mask matches her hair, giving her an even more devilish appearance.

Item: A silver ring with a small, ornate demon skull. It’s typically hidden amongst other rings on her fingers

Item's Powers: Transforms into a long cane, giving her heightened senses and a changed physical appearance. It also has the ability to control shadows for a short period of time

Item's Drawbacks: When in use, the ring takes on a mind of its own. The host typically lacks better judgement, thinking more for the ring than themselves. This often results in irrational choices and impulsive behaviors

Personality: Witty and sly, with a sense of style and comebacks for every occasion. She doesn’t find it difficult to strike up a conversation with someone random. Even though her family and most of her friends embrace the wicked part of the world, which she also heightens, she can’t help but feel bad for every wrongful deed she takes part in. She hides this feeling though, and most others, only opening up truly for people she really trusts.

Other: Comes from a long line of Aztec descendants. Her ancestors forged the ring in the name of the god, Tezcatlipoca. When the moon rises, the ring connects with the spirit of death and shadows, giving the wearer superhuman abilities. Her ancestors have been using it for their own personal gain for centuries, held under the curse to continue passing down the ring and evoking chaos, or the god would destroy their family.