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@knightinadream ey ey! Here ya go. I'll get character sheets up in a mo

Her entire life, she had searched for the one. Years had passed, and many times she'd been put down as she aged without finding a partner, but she had to be sure it was the right one. And finally, she'd found him, the perfect partner. Even though they were both in their thirties, he still knew how to have fun, and after dating for a few months, they'd decided to get married. She'd never been more excited. Everything was picked out, everything was perfect

As she's getting ready to walk down the isle, one of her friends comes up to her in tears, looking utterly devastated. In response to asking what was wrong, her friend informed her that her 'fiancé' was currently in the back making out with her maid of honor.
Of course, the bride is beyond devastated herself, and completely humiliated. In an effort not to make a fool of herself, she rushes out of the building in tears.

Now, a month later, she's alone, having hosted most of her friends who seemed more sympathetic with her ex than her. Maybe she's given up on love, maybe she's still looking. Either way, wherever she is, she meets someone who instantly catches her attention – as does she catch his. Maybe…this could be the person they both were looking for…?

Kinda love at first sight? At least a 'holy shit' at first sight
like the original, I'd prefer a mxf for this, just bc my guy is straight <3
The above prompt is adjustable to your character, since I'd like like to play the guy. If you have a gal that would work, but something in the prompt is a little off, no prob! it's just a general idea.
Swearing, is fine, just keep it reasonable.
Probably nothing nsfw, cause I'm uncomfy…but also ikc that much? idk we can talk about it if we ever get that far
Andrew's rules apply.
I'd like our characters to be mid-thirties? Kinda on the older side
May contain some pretty dark themes and more mature content
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please don't let this die on me. Just tell me if you're no longer interested in it, so I can reboot/reopen this for other users.
I have the right to deny you for whatever reason. Just a heads up, if we've never rped, I'll probably ask for a sample.
That's all I got for now. Just let me know if you're interested.
No god modding
Please keep your replies a little longer. I'd prefer an rp'er who's at least semi-literate, if not very literate
I'll post a character template if anyone's interested.


Character's name:
Character's age:
Physical Description:
Brief Backstory:

I'm using the same character still so:

Character's name: Arlath
Character's age: 36
Gender: Male

Personality: Arlath is quiet and kind, if a little reserved. Still, he'll always talk to anyone having a rough time, or at least try to reach out to them. He rarely talks about himself, and is pretty uncomfortable with the idea of getting to know people, thought his natural love of humans constantly wars with that. Really, he's a very social, charismatic guy, but past experiences have left him traumatized and severely depressed, with a lot of self-hatred. Probably some self-harm in that man But he cares very deeply about others, and will do anything to help anyone in need. He's patient and respectful, and always tries his best.

Physical Description: he's BIG, not just in the tall department. He's 6' foot even, and pretty much solid muscle. He's COVERED in scars, not that many of them seem to bother him. He'll actually talk about those pretty easily, he sees them more as experience/age than links to trauma. He's missing an eye, and the other one's a very pale gold. He's generally weathered and tough, with white hair cut in a short stripe on an otherwise shaved head. He's got enough scars that the hairstyle just looks better than having random scarred patched where it just won't grow. he's got a short beard, and tanned skin. He has a serious resting face, but an easy smile that comes out the moment he sees you. He has a constant, very faint, smell of fire and metal about him. He's on his way to early arthritis, from a very physically stressful life.

Brief Backstory: He really doesn't talk about it much at all, only that he was in active duty in the military, and isn't anymore. While he never says it outright, it's implied there was no honorable discharge involved. he lives alone in a fairly nice house that's a little too big for one man, but he never mentions any family or friends. He's decently well-off as well, but he just seems sad and lonely, despite his comfortable living situation.

He's an avid reader and gardener. Otherwise, he doesn't seem to have many hobbies or or activities.

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Character's name: Delia Arany
Character's age: 33
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Personality: Delia is a calm and collected person, but is also quite loud and energetic around those she's comfortable with. Even when she is not lively, she is very vibrant. She is quite the compassionate person as she just loves being around others. It is easy for her to connect very well with people, although she does tend to get shy every now and then. While she always listens to others, she keeps her own thoughts and emotions to herself. She smiles a lot, even when she is very tired, but Delia always pushes through and tries to continue on.
Physical Description: She is just a little over five foot seven. Delia has a somewhat ectomorph triangular body shape. Her skin is a shade of ivory, but it does tend to get a bit tan under the sun. She has medium brown hair that goes down just a little bit below her shoulders. Sometimes she will put it up in a ponytail or bun, but she does her best to keep it neat. Her eyes are hooded shaped and they are icy-blue. Below her right eye, there is a small birthmark. The only scars that she has are on the lower right side of her leg from a fall she after running out of the church on her wedding day.
Brief Backstory: There is not much to Delia's past. She grew up as the youngest in her family; always following around one of her parents or siblings. She always looked after others even when she was tired of it, but somehow it still made her happy. And while Delia went on to college, travel overseas, and even get a good job after graduating, she still felt like something was missing.
Of course, until she had met Frederick. She had met him at a dinner party while she was there with some colleagues. Oh how she was absolutely smitten by him, and she thought that he was the one. Over time, she started to notice signs that something was wrong and that most of her friends were not on her side. Somehow Delia always found herself doubting everything and listening to Fred along with the others. A few years passed by and next thing you know, her and Frederick were to be wed. It all was perfect till Delia found him kissing someone she had thought was her friend. Every after that is a blur for her, and she hasn't been all that joyful ever since.
Other: She has a black and white tuxedo cat named Stoker. Delia also loves writing and watching movies.


Pfff I love her so yeah there's that ^^ If you want you can do the starter, I'm not too picky on setting or anything. If you have a place for your gal to be, I'm chill. I can also do it if you'd rather! Just lmk

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Delia found herself in a second-hand bookstore downtown. Beforehand, she was just laying around back at home while watching a movie and petting Stoker. A strange urge of getting up and put of the house kicked in, but she really had no idea where to go, yet she grabbed her keys and left.

Now here she is, wandering around between shelves. Her fingers dragged along the spines of the books as her eyes looked up and down. Gazing around, she carelessly read each title before going to the next. Some sound interesting yet she did not feel picking them up. Eventually after a while though, she had stopped at one that was laying on top of a pile of books.

As she had look up from the book in her hands, she saw a couple walk by the store. They both appeared to be so happy. The boyfriend was smiling while the girlfriend had her head tilted back as she laughed. As she had watched them, the corners of her lips turned up into a small grin as her eyes began to become watery.

Is it strange to get so worked up at such a thing? Oh, she wouldn't know. She probably will not talk about this to anyone in her family or her two friends. No, it would be just as upsetting to her. It's only been a month since the day that was supposed to be the happiest one in her life, she should still give herself more time to heal.

Soon enough, the couple had disappeared. Delia shook her head and wiped her eyes before tucking the book under her arm. Another deep sigh escaped from her lips as she tried to pull herself together. She hid behind a shelf, wiping away tears that could escape from her eyes. Biting the inside of her cheek, she managed to pull herself together after a while. Then again, she opened the book and began to read the first page.


Arlath looked up from the book he had just placed back in the shelf as a woman appeared not far away, almost by magic. His eyes fell to the book in her hands and he felt his heart rise, and then drop. It was the exact copy he'd been looking for. His own book, that he'd accidentally left at this store the other day. He knew and loved the old, worn pages inside and out, and couldn't imagine anyone putting it down quickly after picking it up. The woman had just begun to read, and as he watched her, agonizing over whether he should got say something or not, he realized how upset she looked.

Or, had looked. She seemed to have regained her composure, but Arlath was too experienced with tears to not notice the faint tear stains on her cheeks as she read. Where before he had been hesitant, now he was down right balking. He didn't want to bother her if she was trying to get a moment to herself, but sentiment for the book he'd owned for years refused to let him do anything but linger uncertainly half a shelf away from her.

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Quietly sniffling, she turned the page and started at the next. The pages felt soft under her fingertips. Even as she used her sleeve to wipe away any remaining tears, her eyes were glued to the book. It only was the prologue, and yet she found herself being very pulled into the story. A very faint smile had managed to appear on her for a moment.

Delia glanced up from the book, gazing around to see if anyone was there. She could not help but feel as if someone was looking at her. Her eyes did manage to catch somebody at the next shelf, but she just assumed that he was looking at something else. For a second, her shoulders tensed up before she shook her head and walked over into another shelf. Still her eyes were staring at the book, scanning each word that they came across. She did not even bother to look up from it again despite being in a different section. Carefully, she leaned against the shelf behind her, continuing to read. Although she did briefly check her phone for the time. She did plan on looking around at other parts of the store, but she did not want to be out for too long.


Arlath took a compulsive step forward as she began to move away, and, steeling his resolve, he followed her, calling out in as friendly a tone as he could manage.

"Pardon me, ma'am," he said. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm afraid the book you're reading is mine. I left it here earlier."
Even as he tried to sound confident and upbeat, he could hear the apology slip into his tone. He found himself double checking the front cover of the book, suddenly anxious that he'd mistaken it for another book. But no, it was definitely his. His gaze lifted to her face again, hoping his nerves weren't knowing on his face, knowing they almost certainly were.

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It took her awhile to notice that someone was talking to her. Whenever she was enthralled in something, it always would take a good bit of time for her to notice anything outside of it.

"Hm?" She turned to face the direction of the voice. Lifting her chin up, she glanced at the man talking to her. At first, her brows furrowed together as her eyes wandered down to the book in her hands. For a second, she wondered why someone would leave their book here, but she shrugged it off.

A smile swept across Delia's face. Her eyes scanned the man as she grinned. "Oh it is alright, no worries," She reassured, taking note of his worried features. Carefully closing the book, she held it out to him. Quietly, she took a deep breath. "Here you go. Sorry for thinking it was for sale."


"Don't apologize," Arlath said, relief flooding him at her cheerful response. "I can't blame you. And it is quite a good read too. I've yet to find another copy, so it's quite dear to me."
He offered as much of a smile as he could muster in response to her own, happy all was well. "If you can find yourself a copy, I cannot recommend it enough."
He put the book away in his bag, careful not to wrinkle the pages or scratch the cover. The poor thing had seen enough wear and tear in it's life. "Sorry to bother you," he added as he finished tucking the book away.