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This is very much ripped off from, with permission, the lovely @/RainyDayArtist ~ Thanks, and you're a genius for coming up with this!

Her entire life, she had searched for the one. Years had passed, and many times she'd been put down as she aged without finding a partner, but she had to be sure it was the right one. And finally, she'd found him, the perfect partner. Even though they were both in their thirties, he still knew how to have fun, and after dating for a few months, they'd decided to get married. She'd never been more excited. Everything was picked out, everything was perfect

As she's getting ready to walk down the isle, one of her friends comes up to her in tears, looking utterly devastated. In response to asking what was wrong, her friend informed her that her 'fiancé' was currently in the back making out with her maid of honor.
Of course, the bride is beyond devastated herself, and completely humiliated. In an effort not to make a fool of herself, she rushes out of the building in tears.

Now, a month later, she's alone, having hosted most of her friends who seemed more sympathetic with her ex than her. Maybe she's given up on love, maybe she's still looking. Either way, wherever she is, she meets someone who instantly catches her attention – as does she catch his. Maybe…this could be the person they both were looking for…?

Kinda love at first sight? At least a 'holy shit' at first sight
like the original, I'd prefer a mxf for this, just bc my guy is straight <3
The above prompt is adjustable to your character, since I'd like like to play the guy. If you have a gal that would work, but something in the prompt is a little off, no prob! it's just a general idea.
Swearing, is fine, just keep it reasonable.
Probably nothing nsfw, cause I'm uncomfy…but also ikc that much? idk we can talk about it if we ever get that far
Andrew's rules apply.
I'd like our characters to be mid-thirties? Kinda on the older side
May contain some pretty dark themes and more mature content
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please don't let this die on me. Just tell me if you're no longer interested in it, so I can reboot/reopen this for other users.
I have the right to deny you for whatever reason. Just a heads up, if we've never rped, I'll probably ask for a sample.
That's all I got for now. Just let me know if you're interested.
No god modding
Please keep your replies a little longer. I'd prefer an rp'er who's at least semi-literate, if not very literate
I'll post a character template if anyone's interested.


(Here’s a sample. It’s not my best, but I hope it’s okay! Sorry, it's kinda long…)

"They gave us another one of these stupid jobs," Zyl complained. "It's almost as if they want to get rid of us." He perched on the roof next to Ceria, and passersby looked up at him in awe, and a little bit of fear. After all, no matter how many times you see a dragon, it's still frightening.

"They might be," Ceria agreed, legs swinging over the edge of the roof. "Although I'm not sure why they'd want to do that. It's not like there are many mages here in the first place, so trying to get rid of one just renders them weaker. And heaven knows that it's a sin to be weak." She rolled her eyes in disdain. "Seriously, why are we the only ones being sent? There are so many more mages that have experience with this kind of thing. I think they might just be tired of our incompetence." She sighed and took another sip of her coffee, the plastic cup hot in her fingers.

When the city government sends an order to the youngest mage they have, telling them to go and explore an ancient city, which had recently appeared, you'd think that they were crazy. And, they were, the stupid power-hungry bastards. Ceria was the most free-spirited of all of the mage in Kalmai, and no one liked it.

Except for her, of course. She hated being held down by the shackles of duty and responsibility.

"Well, what do you say?" She asked, reaching up to rub her hand along the smooth, warm scales of her best friend, her partner, her dragon. "Should we go and see what's so special about this ancient city of theirs? I hear there's usually good stuff in places like that. We could finally get enough money to live somewhere that isn't this awful city."

Zyl nudged the palm of her hand before curling up into a ball and resting his head on his paws. "Whatever you like. It might be a nice change of scenery, though, and it'd certainly smell better than it does here."

Ceria giggled. Kalmai was famous for not only having 7 mages, and for its size, but also for its stench. With refugees pouring in all the time, there were lots of homeless people here, and they never washed. Out in a desert-like place like this, there was little water as it was.

"Well, I guess we'll accept. Not because they ordered us, but because we can't stand being in this shitty city for a moment longer." She smiled and stood. "I'll put that in my response. It will make it much more enjoyable."


(OOOHHH very nice!! Welcome aboard! :D I've just got to go, but when I get home, I'll grab a character sheet for us ^^)


(Ofc! ^^ Arright, here's a sheet~)

Character's name:
Character's age:
Physical Description:
Brief Backstory:

I'll get mine up some time today~


Character's name:
Evly Lissen

Character's age:


Gentle and sweet. Evly can often come across as arrogant, for the simple reason that she's a little shy. She hates when people are hurting, and want to help people at any cost. She doesn't have much self-esteem, either, which can be annoying for the people around her, because she's constantly thinking that she's not good enough. She is loyal and kind, and very protective of her friends. She's a bit of an optimist, and always wants to believe the best about people, except for herself. She's funny and bright and sunny, and very fun to be around. She's a good listener, and can make people feel warm by simply saying a few words. She has good advice for her friends, too, and is always willing to lend a hand.

Physical Description:
Evly is fairly average looking, although she does have a handful of features that make her look better. She has an average nose, and an average face, with warm brown eyes and long lashes. She has average lips, too. But her hair, which had been her pride and joy, is wavy and a beautiful golden brown. It had been down to her waist, but she cut it to her shoulders after her wedding. She is short, about 5'4'', and petite, but she doesn't let that bother her. She has what appears to have been a tattoo on her left arm, but all that's left is a scar and a few ink lines. That was where she had her fiance's name inked on her arm, but when he cheated on her, she tried to gouge it off, leaving her with a nasty scar.

Brief Backstory:
Evly grew up seeing her friends get together with other people, and she always supported them. She was a bit jealous, but that was okay. When there was no one for her by the time she was thirty, she realized that there was probably no one for her.
Until she met Marco.
He was charming, and funny, and she fell in love with him easily. They were going to get married… when her friend told her that he was kissing her best friend in the back. Evly refused to believe it… until she saw it for herself.
After that, none of her friends seemed to stick with her. They all seemed to think that she wasn't good enough, that if she had tried harder to make him like her, it would have ended better. And she started to believe them. And her self esteem, which was already low, went spiralling down even further.

She has a pet golden retriever, Max, who she adores.


(Hey! Sorry I went afk, I really got caught with my pants down by college TwT i'm still here I promise! I'll get my guy up ^^ Also, I LOVE Evly, she's awesome!! :D)

Character's name: Arlath
Character's age: 36
Gender: Male

Personality: Arlath is quiet and kind, if a little reserved. Still, he'll always talk to anyone having a rough time, or at least try to reach out to them. He rarely talks about himself, and is pretty uncomfortable with the idea of getting to know people, thought his natural love of humans constantly wars with that. Really, he's a very social, charismatic guy, but past experiences have left him traumatized and severely depressed, with a lot of self-hatred. Probably some self-harm in that man But he cares very deeply about others, and will do anything to help anyone in need. He's patient and respectful, and always tries his best.

Physical Description: he's BIG, not just in the tall department. He's 6' foot even, and pretty much solid muscle. He's COVERED in scars, not that many of them seem to bother him. He'll actually talk about those pretty easily, he sees them more as experience/age than links to trauma. He's missing an eye, and the other one's a very pale gold. He's generally weathered and tough, with white hair cut in a short stripe on an otherwise shaved head. He's got enough scars that the hairstyle just looks better than having random scarred patched where it just won't grow. he's got a short beard, and tanned skin. He has a serious resting face, but an easy smile that comes out the moment he sees you. He has a constant, very faint, smell of fire and metal about him. He's on his way to early arthritis, from a very physically stressful life.

Brief Backstory: He really doesn't talk about it much at all, only that he was in active duty in the military, and isn't anymore. While he never says it outright, it's implied there was no honorable discharge involved. he lives alone in a fairly nice house that's a little too big for one man, but he never mentions any family or friends. He's decently well-off as well, but he just seems sad and lonely, despite his comfortable living situation.

He's an avid reader and gardener. Otherwise, he doesn't seem to have many hobbies or or activities.


(aaahhh thank-you!! :D I think they'll be a great match :D)
(If you want, you can do the starter, and set up where Evly's at rn? ((Also, if I ever misspell her name, I'm sorry, my dyslexia really wants to flip that v and y around xD I'll try to keep an eye on it!))


Let's see… chicken wings, flour, some white sugar, barbeque chips… do I need anything else? Evly mentally ran through her grocery list one more time. Nope, I think that's it! She shook her head. Unless I choose to get something else that looks good… which will probably happen. She gave a rueful grin. She loved to try new foods, and so when she went shopping, she more often than not came back with more food than she needed. Well, even if I buy more food, that's okay. I can just give the leftovers to Max. She smiled at the thought of her dog and picked up a basket from the front of the store, at the entrance, and started into the store.

She was humming as she walked through the store, looking for her groceries. It was a good day. The sun was shining, and she had received a bonus at work yesterday. She was in a good mood.

That changed, though, when she came face-to-face with one of her… "friends."

"Oh! Evly, dear, you're looking wonderful!" Alison said, with a very fake smile.

Evly felt a wave of anger and annoyance surge through her, but she tried to fight it back. You're an adult, Evly, she told herself. There's no reason why you should stoop down to her level. Just smile and go along with it. Her good mood was thoroughly gone, though, as she stared at the person who had been best friends with her for ten years. "Thank you, Alison," she said with a smile, shifting her basket to the other arm. "This is a surprise! How have you been doing?"

She spotted an all-too-familiar ring on Alison's finger, and her stomach clenched. Her friend followed her gaze and smirked. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Y-yes, it is," Evly said, her smile growing harder and harder to keep up. "Congratulations!"


By the time he got to the store, Arlath could no longer deny it. He was definitely limping. I gotta stop walking everywhere, he thought ruefully, pausing outside the store and wincing as his hip popped. He wasn't entirely sure why he'd started waking up each morning stiff and pained, or why walking even the short distance to the store was starting to wear on his joints. heaven help him if he went anywhere before he'd had time to get rid of the stiffness from the last night.
I'm not that old, am I?

Pulling his thoughts back to the present, he entered the store, thinking about what he would need. Nothing much really. Just anything to keep his shelves stocked. As he wove his way slowly through the store, he turned down an isle to get something at the other end, only to stop dead as he saw it blocked by two women having a conversation. Even though he hadn't properly talked to anyone in ages, it didn't take a social genius to figure out that the shorter of the two was in a very uncomfortable situation. Arlath felt for her. Social discomfort was a special kind of misery.

In a move that was quite unlike him, he stepped forward, instead of backing away and finding another way around.
"Excuse me," he said a little coolly, addressing the taller woman whose cart was causing most the block. "Might I get through?"
He wasn't entirely sure what he was trying to accomplish, but perhaps by stepping through he would allow for the conversation to be broken off, if either one wished.

(Making a couple assumptions about their height differences, let me know if I'm wrong! <3)


(Yup! Alison is hella tall…)

A tall man, who looked a little bit annoyed, interrupted them as Alison seemed about to speak again. Evly couldn't help but feel grateful for this stranger, who had gotten her out of a tough spot. Even if he didn't know it…

Alison looked about to snap back, but when she got a better look at the man, she froze. "O-oh. Of course, sir, right away." With a smug look at Evly, she hurried away.

Evly gave a sigh of relief and smiled at the man. Her heart gave a sad pulse as she stared after her former friend, but she tried to hide it. "Thank you for that," she said, her emotions evident on her face, and in her voice. Although she didn't know why she had thanked him. Maybe he had just been saying that because he actually wanted them to get out of the way?

She got a better look at the man, and her heart went out to him. He seemed tough and scary at first glance, yes, but it also seemed as if he suffered. He looked as if something was paining him, and he had the same look in his one stunning golden eye that she recognized very well. A feeling of hopelessness that she saw every day, when she looked in the mirror.


Arlath, who had been planning on simply skating by without conversation faltered in surprise and turned to face the woman who'd spoken to him.
"I-uh-you're welcome," he said, stumbling over the words slightly. He was about to hurriedly move on, but he realized there was more to her expression than he'd previously thought. She seemed like his interruption had been a genuine help to her, something sad and hurting in her gaze as she looked away from the woman leaving. Something was wrong here, and it was clear she was struggling with something. She seemed to carry a weight on her shoulders.

As their gazes met, he stared into her eyes just long enough to realize he was probably being weird, and averted his gaze, breaking eye-contact and instead noticing her hair, which was frankly gorgeous. He wasn't used to seeing such vibrantly beautiful colors, the golden brown giving him pause.

Again, he realized he was likely being weird, and looked away again, pretending to glance away down the isle. But he didn't leave, not just yet. She was going through something more than what it seemed, and he couldn't make himself walk away without first making sure she was alright.
"Are you okay?" he asked quietly, tentatively, not wanting to poke his nose where he shouldn't.

(Gah, sorry this was so short and written so badly, I had serious writer's block, and I was also about to be late for work TwT Next one will be better!)


(Pff, it's fine. That's honestly all of my answers… a rushed job.)

"Me? Oh, uh, yeah, I am," Evly said with a small smile. "Thank you, though." She was oblivious to his stare. After all, what was so interesting about her? She was just a nobody…

She shifted the basket to her other arm. There was some tension in the air, that she wasn't sure she liked. She shook her head. "It was, uh… nice meeting you, I guess." She wasn't sure what else to say. Thank you again? Are you okay? How are you doing? Nice weather? Marry me?

She glanced at the items she had already grabbed and then down at the aisle. She had already forgotten most of the stuff she was going to buy…

This is why you need to write these sorts of things down, Evly, she scolded herself. Come on. This is the third time now that this has happened this year! Get a grip on yourself!


(Hey! I don't know if you're at all interested in continuing this, and I totally get it if not, I really vanished there. A lot of personal stuff happened. Some really bad things went down and I just was off the internet for quite a while. But if you want to, I'm trying to come back to Notebook just a little bit, and I would be down to kepp going with this.
Up to you tho!)