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So, uh-
I'm bored as hell.
This would be preferably rated MATURE-
Have fun~

My character~

"Uh, Mason. Duh!"
"I'm 20."
"Gay, ugh, I'm not into girls. Not my type."
"Haha, what's that?!" Obviously aggressive, but flirty at times;
"Mm~ Sure you hate me. I love you too~"

-Short black fluffy hair.
-Dark purple eyes, normally looks like a galaxy when he's gazing at stars.
-Tanned skin and freckles.
-Short, and he has a perky on the rear.
-Tsundere, and very, very flirty at times.
-He has a button nose.
-A pair of bunny ears and a small cute cotton tail, with smol horns on his head.


"One, if you ever dare to take me on a date, I should warn you. I'm not a cookies-cuddles person."
"Two, I'm gay, so please if you're a girl and have a crush on me, back o f f -"
"Three, I love you all bitches <3"

Idea for this:
So, like-
There's Mason, and another character,
Y/C and Mason have been one of those flirt-like-friends, and a few months later, the two developcrushes or whatever-
And they confess it at a bar, when they're drunk and it goes on from there-

How about we start at the bar?

Have fun~

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Name: Connor Jackson
Age: 22
Sexuality: Gay (VERY gay-)
Personality: His demeanor is very nonchalant, and he isn't bothered by most things. However, he can be pushed to a limit, which is VERY bad for the one doing so. He also swears like a sailor-
"Shut up, I'm biting my fingernails and I need peace and quiet."
"-grabs a pocky box- this is absolute S H I T -throws the box on the ground and steps on it-"
"Fuck, the lights went out. Oh, wait… TURN THE LIGHTS BACK ON YOU MOTHERFU-"
Voice: His voice is kind of deep, but has a weird rasp to it that kind of sounds like he's choking on something.
Appearance: He's 6'2 with dark purple hair tied into a messy man-bun, with lots of extra hair loose and down. He wears an oversized sweater that droops halfway down his shoulders (no matter how many times he tries to fix the damn thing-), shorts that go up to his thighs, and tall laced boots)
Other: -loud cheeto crunching noises-