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yeah uh ,, i had this idea for a roleplay and now i'm gonna make a post for it cuz i wanna use this plot so badly hahsgha
anyways here's the actual plot

two girls. childhood friends, and partners in crime. they've gone so far without getting caught, and now they want to go further. world domination was their only thought. they've also started falling for each other. will this newfound love ruin their plans? only time will tell…

follow andrew's rules pls !! also please list your triggers before joining, since there may be some triggering topics here, with the crime theme and all !!! and i'm also gonna need a writing sample sooo djfdhjfkd

character sheet will be up once someone joins <3
buh-bye for now !!

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Conditions (mental or physical):
Noticeable traits (if any):

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Name: Daisy Riviera
Age: 22
Gender/Pronouns: She/Her
Appearance: 4'9, Shoulder length straight black hair, Green Eyes, Freckles, Petite, Works in Emo Styled clothes such as Punk Boots and Leather jacket but also wearing girly stuff underneath.
Personality: A shy girl with a rough past, who is very into girly things but try's to cover it up. Not very see through unless the person knows them very well. (still working on it)
Likes: sweets, girly things, (the bad stuff), Women, pistols weapon of choice
Dislikes: spice, Heavy weapons,
Fears/Phobias: Spiders, Heights
Conditions (mental or physical):schizophrenia, Paraphrenia
Noticeable traits (if any): freckles, and cut on side of neck
Backstory: Daisy came from a divorced family split between rich and poor, she went with her mother after the divorce to have a good life, but when her mother is killed at the age of 16 she moves with her father not able to collect her mothers inheritance yet. In the time she Became an Heroin addict and suffered from withdrawal causing her schizophrenia as her father put her in a mental hospital when she met a friend name Justin who later got her into a lot of crime after they where released from the mental hospital.
Other: none yet that I can think of

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(yeah that's fine!! here's my character hagashhahghs)

Name: Juniper Tarla
Age: 23
Gender/Pronouns: female - she/her
Appearance: 6 ft tall, slightly tan skin, hazel eyes. her hair is a dark brown, and goes past her thighs, drooping over her shoulders. she normally wears fancy dresses, even when it isn't necessary (she has a dress for every occasion lmao).
Personality: she's very calm … most of the time. other times she's very energetic; like, bouncing-off-the-walls energetic.
Likes: flowers, animals, having people to talk to
Dislikes: cockroaches, that's ,, literally the only thing she dislikes-
Fears/Phobias: katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches)
Conditions (mental or physical): pica
Noticeable traits (if any): the bruises on her. she's a klutz
Backstory: she grew up in a pretty normal family except for her abusive stepdad. she got into crime as a way to rebel aginst him specifically. otherwise, she's in it for the lulz. she loves doin wacky shit so it's no wonder she'd take part in something that requires a lot of trial and error
Other: n/a

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Juniper rolled over and off of her bed, hitting the carpeted floor with a thud. "Agh- Ow!" she yelled out, sitting up and rubbing her head. "Thank god I had this carpet put in." Juniper stood up and groggily shuffled her way to her kitchen, not bothering to change out of her silk nightgown.

"Maybe I'll go out today. Do something fun or whatever," Juniper uttered under her breath, opening her fridge once she finally arrived at the kitchen. She pulled out a jug of milk and set it on the kitchen counter, then grabbed a container of cereal off the top of the fridge.

"That'll have to do for now. I'll have to go out for lunch or something, cuz I can't stand another day of instant noodles." The female crouched down to where her height matched her lower pantry. She swung the pantry door open and pulled a bowl out. She slammed the door shut and placed the bowl on the counter with the milk and cereal.

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Daisy was asleep at her new apartment (above Juniper's) as she hears a bang of the counter through the paper thin walls. This making her Decide to get up so she can get an actual job since she has been in a mental institute for the past 6 months.

"I need to get a phone off some sort so I can find a job easier." she mumbled looking at her empty apartment with just a mattress and backpack as she sighed. She get dressed in a pretty pink shirt covered over with a black jacket, her glasses, and some punk jeans and boots that she got from the Thrift store downtown.

As she heads out the door she looks around to check out more of the place since she was new to the area. she looked down at the door underneath her apartment and mumbled "Loud Neighbor." she said as she walks down the steps to sit outside as the sun comes up.

@andromeda language

Juniper poured some cereal into the glass bowl, once again causing another loud sound to echo throughout her ever-so-silent apartment. She poured the milk in next and sighed. Juniper grabbed the milk and put it back in the fridge before she forgot. She grabbed a spoon she had washed the previous night, then lifted up her bowl along with the spoon. She walked to her dining room table and sat down.

She was silent as she ate her bowl of cereal. When she was through, she put her dishes in the sink and put the cereal container back where it was before. The female headed back to her room and swung her closet door open. she pulled out a long, flowing dress with a floral print on it, then changed out of her nightgown, replacing it with the flora dress. "Much better."

She put a flower crown atop her head and fixed her hair, then headed out of her apartment. She kept fixing her hair as she headed outside, just to make sure it looked decent before she actually got out in the open.

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Daisy looked over at the door of the loud apartment as the Lady in the Flora Dress came out of as she herself sat at the steps. She let out a cough as she looked up at the Sunset.

She decided to get up and introduce herself to her but was hesitant to get up and talk to the lady.
As she got up she walked over a shyly to say Hello.

As she got close to the lady in the flora dress she Awkwardly said "H-Hello?" to her from behind her.

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Juniper turned around to face Daisy and gave a warm smile. "Hello!" she replied, a joyful tone ringing in her voice. She had immediately shifted from tired and snapping to a happy ball of sunshine within just seconds of leaving her apartment.

Juniper adjusted her flower crown and began twiddling her thumbs, quickly growing fidgety.

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"H-hi, I'm Olivia your new upstairs neighbor" she said kinda fidgety looking up at Junipers Crown Confused at the concept and asks. "You a pageant queen?" she asked a little trying to make a little small talk a little embarrassed at even speaking with the lady.