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The jungle stretched on and on, the full moon your only source of light. You don’t know why you are here. You can’t remember. The last thing you remember was the alluring song you heard on the air, it must have brought you here. It’s strange, but you feel the sense of magic in every fiber of the jungle and get the sense that you are being watched. Figures dart in and out of the shadows, chill bumps cover your skin.
Mortality, the shadows of the jungle whisper, it comes to taint our immortality.
The song rises in the air, a beautiful voice— no, voices— pull you forward. But then you’re at a crossroads. The song is pulling you in two different directions.
Come, be immortal with us.

Alright so: The Encante is a magical realm parallel to the real world, where all immortals make their home. Gods, monsters and spirits run amok, but humans can become trapped here too. The magic of the Encante corrupts humans’ bodies and souls, transforming them into encantados. These are creatures who were once human, but have become a boto, a mermaid, a spirit, or the like. They still remember and desire the struggles and pleasures of the human experience, and often escape the Encante. They cause chaos and fear in the human world, and often bring humans back into the Encante with them.
Now, your character has been lured into the Encante, and two demigods are vying to have you for themselves. Jaci Jaterê, the god of rest and sleep and keeper of treasures, who entrances human children with his face and voice; and Iara, mother of water and queen of freshwater mermaids, who’s siren-like voice draws humans to her waters and drowns them. However, although they originally intended to play with you, the little mortal, and eventually have you killed, they soon find they both have affection for you. At the same time, you are trying to deal with slowly becoming an encantado, and you have to escape the Encante if you want to stay human.
Sooo yeah. Fun.


  • this is based on Brazilian/ Latin-indigenous myth, as well as the creative liberties I have made with it. You don’t necessarily need to be well-versed in it for this, but it may be helpful to do research so you have a better understanding of the world.
  • yes, you will be the human, I will be the demigods. I’m cool with someone else joining tho, in that case I’ll only be one demigod
  • this kinda like a dating sim ahaha, you can choose between Jaci Jaterê, Iara, both, or neither. We can discuss it beforehand, or we can just see what happens, I’m chill with anything.
  • humans transforming into encantados can vary depending on the personality and experiences of the person, so how long it takes to be corrupted and what creature you become varies quite a bit.
  • pls be an experienced rper or writer. If I have not rped with you before, I will ask for a sample.
  • fyi, replies might be spotty bc I’m pretty busy these days


(I’ll be a god but honestly I’m a little worried about you guys being gods if you’re not familiar with the mythology. Hmm, if you guys were to be Jaci Jaterê or Iara, who would you be?)

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(probably Jaci Jatere, as playing male characters comes a little more naturally to me. However, I can step out if you'd rather play the gods and zero wants to be the human. not a problem if that's the route you'd rather go. or, 2 humans? although from the prompt you gave, this sounds like the least likely option)