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The life of a spy is never easy, especially when things get tricky. Trust in your team weighs against the promise of torture, and choosing to get out easy could banish your loved ones to a life of pain. It's not a job for the weak of mind or of body. In the country of Outhila, that couldn't be more true. War has ravaged their country for close to a decade, and the opposing country of Bajhe seems no closer to surrender. The only upper hand that Outhila has is their spies. The spies are the best of the best, those with the strongest wills and strongest minds, and capturing these spies is rare.

It does happen though.

As Character A is out in the field one night, spying on a meeting that is crucial to the war, the worst happens. Before they know it, they're locked up in the country of their enemy. Character A is well aware that this could be the end, wether they spill any secrets or not. But they're strong. Or at least they think they are.

Character B is one of the most revered soldiers in the Bajhe army. They've led groups of men to victories that no one thought possible. But after one simple mistake, they're moved to the prisons. Getting information out of Character A is the most surefire way to get back their position. If only it was as easy as it sounded.

-Please be literate. At least 4 sentence responses or longer as well as passable grammar.
-Andrews rules apply.
-Blood, cursing, and various other things will be present. Beware ahead of time.
-Most likely rated mature due to above themes.
-Please ask before joining and be ready to show a writing sample.
-LGBTQA+ is always welcomed .
-please tell me if you want to end this at any time. Don't just dip.
-This list is subject to change at any time if I think of anything I want to add.

Hey y'all! I'm in the mood for another rp..obviously. I would prefer to be character A, and you would be playing Character B. This is most likely going to be some sort of whump like RP, and I want to stress again to be alright with blood, torture and various other themes before joining. May contain romance, if you prefer, but that will not be the main focus of this. If it is included, obviously it will be enemies to lovers. Any other questions just PM me or ask if you want to join, and I will also get a template up if preferred. (It will most likely be appearance, not much personality, so be ready to describe or have a picture)

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"You know what I've wanted and you know why I do what I do.", Lucien stated,"So, why is it that you keep asking me the same questions over and over again?" He uncrossed his legs before standing up out of the chair; the screech coming from the bottom of the iron broke the silence for a second. Those ice bleak eyes stared down into the investigator's as the man stood still.

A small tingle feeling crawled up Harper's neck making the sides of her arm twitch momentarily. She couldn't face looking back at Lucien with the pure purpose that reflects against his stare. How it made her froze with not having a clear direction to pull herself out of this. Harper moved her seat back as she managed to get a glimpse back at the suspect who's somehow still waiting for an answer.

What Harper finds interesting is how the silence in the room is not affecting him at all. Lucien has his hand lying flat over the dark yellow file; he's not dragging it over to him or her, it's still. The lack of emotion in his face is what makes the eyes stand out to her. His posture is perfect yet rigid, she isn't sure if he is going to lunge at her or if this is all a waiting game to gain power. Lucien doesn't have anything on him to attack her with, so what the point be to kill her right then and there? Harper also noticed that his suit jacket is still buttoned; the past times he always opened it or placed the jacket behind the chair.

She bit the corners inside her lip trying to hide any possible sign or sudden smirk. "It's simple Mister Wildgrube, to see if you have anything new up your sleeve.", Harper remarked," You know, any change of interesting habits or people that could possibly be missing. Anything."

Lucien broke the gaze he kept with her, a grin appeared as he shook his head. How does he manage to overstep this time? Bringing his chair back, he sat down pushing the file closer to her. "Come on Harper my sweetheart, if you're smart enough to work on case with twenty people dead or missing, I think you would know by now."

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(I'm perfectly cool with playing Character B. Honestly I'd be fine either way platonic, romantic, or platonic but then transfers into romance; whatever is fine with you. Also, let me know if I should change anything in the template. Sorry for the wait.)

Name: Rael Han
Age: 28
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Rael stands roughly around 6'1" and weighs about 170 or so pounds. He has jet black hair and nut brown colored eyes. Most of the time, his hair is parted to the right side to help keep it away from his vision. His figure is somewhat slime and rectangular but he does have muscle. Rael wears a Bajhe army uniform along with a dog-tag; also he has a soldier beret which is black. (Reference Picture)
Basic Personality: Rael is someone who prioritizes work over everything basically; a textbook ambitious person. He tends to push away whatever concerns or feelings that he has in order to keep moving on. Yes, he does have the ability to love/look after others, but Rael always feels like he has the need to put on this strong stoic image. A part of him feels like he's having an internal battle with his heart, yet typically loses. Usually the people he looks after are the soldiers or his family, other than that he pretends to not care. Rarely does Rael ever go against what is set in stone either/or what he was told to do. Although, he is aware that sometimes you just have to be flexible and push forward.
Other: N/A?


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Name: Nym Pialla
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: (Be detailed or link a pic) This is Nym. Nym has auburn/copper-colored hair that falls to about the bottom of her shoulder blades when she doesn't have it tied back. Chocolate colored eyes, a strong jawline, and a straight small nose are her other defining facial features. She only stands at around 5'7" and has slightly less muscle definition than in the picture (If you're able to see it), but to say she's anywhere near weak is a lie and a half. Most of the time she has a gorgeous tan and when she does it's clear to see the several scars she has. Nym has one large raised scar across her back from her right shoulder blade down to the bottom of her ribs on the left side, as well as one on each shoulder, one in the shape of an E, and the other in the shape of an O (For her siblings. These scars she gave herself on purpose). Last but not least there's a set of three tally mark scars below the E on her shoulder.
Basic Personality: Will reveal most of this in the RP, but to put it simply, she's a bit of a smartass around people she doesn't cherish (AKA Bajhe citizens). She's also way too stubborn for her own good. Around her few teammates and remaining family, she's a sweet girl, if a little loud and happy.
Other: She has a younger brother name Esho (12) as well as an older sister named Ortia (26) who both live back in Outhila. Her sister is a member of the army, but she works as a nurse and takes care of Esho on the side. Both of her parents are no longer living.


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The last thing Nym wanted to do with her night was end up in the clutches of the Bajhe army. But yet, by the time the sun was sure to rise, that's where she was. She scowled at the two guards flanking her, yanking at the metal chains already clamped tightly around her wrist. This wasn't where she was supposed to be.

Only hours before, she had been up, quietly crouched on a rooftop, listening through an open window to one of many military conversations she had spied on. It was risky to be ontop of one of the general's roofs, but she didn't have any other option. He had guards around his property, and the only way she could get anywhere near the conversation was to cling onto his sloped roof like a squirrel. Until she fell that was.

And now, ontop of being in the clutches of two angry looking guards, her ribs and arms were killing her from the fall headfirst.

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Out of all the things you could tell Rael, being relocated to one of the prisons did sadly bewilder him, but not as much as to his next assignment. At first he'd thought that the commander sergeant was just trying to throw him off, yet the look on the older man's face told him otherwise. The details as to how and why the spy was caught made him bite his lip trying to hold back any reaction. Surprising? Obviously, the spies that Outhila train are some of the best. Anyone from Outhila or Bajhe would think that you're lying to them. Although, on the other hand, anything can happen.

It wasn't long till he made his way to the prison. There wasn't enough time to even process the whole situation let alone what will happen next. The commander sergeant had given Rael some suggestions, but none of it was transparent enough for him. No matter what happens, Rael has to get every drop of information out of the spy.

Squeezing the small off-white notebook, he strutted down a long hallway passing closed doors that held other prisoners behind them. The first sergeant stopped with his right shoulder pointing across to the door with a guard standing by. A sigh quietly left his lips before he turned to the guard signaling him to open the door.


Not suprisingly, the chains hooking Nym's arms hadn't been removed when she had been tossed in a cell. In fact, they had even added a pair of leg chains, ones that barely let her shuffle walk around her cell. Pathetic. She kept her face neutral as they had added the chains, and now, at the break of dawn, she was doing just that, keeping her face neutral as she walked small circles around her cell.

With the amount of guarding they had, she figured she was a first class prisoner. Chains, a cell, and even a guard to keep her company if she got lonely. All things she had to work around if she was planning to escape. As she already was planning to do. She couldn't let any of this information out, and though she trusted her stubbornness, she wanted to have a backup plan.

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Rael avoided looking at the spy first thing as he stepped inside the cell. Tracing his finger alongside the edge of the notepad, he flipped it to quickly skim what was jotted down from before. "Nym Pialla, 25, Female…", he read to himself. Immediately after, his eyes shot up to take a glance over at the spy. For a moment he just gazed at her, looking up and down noticing scratches she must've gotten from the fall.

If it weren't for the given circumstances and his reputation, he would have giggled a little. The whole matter was sort of amusing to him, on the other hand it was beneficial too. A win-win situation you could say. Oh well, there's no use in dwelling on it. His train of thought was disturbed by the rattling of chains.

Watching the guard finish, he tapped his foot with his arms crossed. When the other came over, Rael patted him on the shoulder before sending him out of the cell. Taking another glimpse around the room, the first sergeant pulled the chair from the corner to just a few feet in front of the spy. Rael gently sat down on it before leaning back.

"They didn't teach you to look before you leap? Right?"


“They didn’t teach you to think before you speak? Right?” She replied back, tone extremely condescending and more of a growl than anything.

Nym looked like she was wearing a mask, calm in expression but fiery anger in her eyes. This was the interrogator they sent in? A scrawny little male and his little white notepad. This was going to be easier to withstand than any training she went through in Outhila.

Even as she talked, she barely paused in her steps, chains rattling quite annoyingly. Maybe she could get them off if she made enough noise. Or, better yet, she could annoy the hell out of this scrawny interrogator and maybe she could find a way to escape in peace. If she couldn’t escape she could always find a way to send up her last goodbyes to her family through the gods and piss her captors off enough that they could simply dispose of her.