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The world is a cruel, harsh place.

The gods play with all life, as though it is one giant video game. It's almost never in the "avatar's" favor.

The avatar being the creature that is being influenced by one or more god.

In a world where monsters pour forth at the behest of beings who scarcely care for any life at all stand a group of people.

A group of people who have renounced the gods and the games they play, and have sworn themselves to ending it all. They don't all agree on how it should be done.

Some say to resolve it peacefully, with words and promises and contracts.

Others say the negotiators are fools, stating that the only way to end it is to fight the gods and win.

And still others just want to watch everything crumble around them, want to see the light of hope fade as they take the side of the gods and stamp out the last embers of life from Earth.

Two people in particular stand out as leaders of the factions.

One, originally of the mind that negotiating is the best way to go, now a part of the faction who want to destroy the gods and, if need be, the world.

Two, originally of the mind that fighting is the only way, now a part of the negotiators and the dreamers.

Always going at it, they have to team up when almost half of each of their factions is wiped out from an encounter with a monster much stronger than it should be.

They have to guide each other and the remnants of their factions to a safe place, to plan and recover. Scavenging is now the top priority, and survival.

Questions will be asked, secrets will be revealed, and lives will be lost.

Will these people manage to work together, or will their inherently different views cause their downfall?


  1. Be active. I don't want this to die every couple of days and have to do my best to revive it. 2 responses a day, minimum. That being said, if something comes up or you know you'll be busy, let me know. I don't want to be left wondering about things. I will decide a turn order once everyone joins.

  2. Be kind OOC. It goes without saying, but asshole characters are okay. Asshole roleplayers will be kicked out, no exceptions.

  3. Cursing is fine and a little encouraged. The world here has gone to hell in a handbasket, everyone's at least said "shit" when things seem a little tough. Nobody is better than the rest, not even the negotiators who think of themselves as kinder. Slurs will not be tolerated. Using a slur against will get you kicked out immediately.

  4. In general, characters should not be overpowered. Gaining inhuman levels of power in extreme circumstances is okay, but powering up before every single fight and completely wrecking the encounters before anyone else has a chance to even get close isn't fun. Breaking the rule once is fine, but if it happens again I will give you a warning, and if it happens more beyond that I'll have to kick you out.

  5. Just try to have fun, alright? We're all looking for a good time. Don't be an edge lord, don't be a complete airhead. If your character is meant to not get along with most people, they shouldn't be an option in this world where teamwork is essential. With that being said, members of different factions don't always get along, so a little angst or edginess here and there during faction encounters is okay.

  6. I will want a short writing sample if I'm unfamiliar with your style. No offense to any amazing writers or roleplayers here, but I want people who's style will click with mine and the other roleplayers' styles. If I say no, it isn't that you're a bad writer. It just means you aren't the best choice for this.

  7. Finally, as always, andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s Rules apply.

@Null-Gravity language

(Ehhh. . . I'll leave that to the disrection of the roleplayers. I'm not sure how to handle characters who are off on their own, besides throwing a boulder at them or something. If I think it's funny I'll even throw a treasure chest at a player. Who knows. I'll be playing God and the leader of the war faction anyways, so yeah.)

@Null-Gravity language

(He'll only be inhuman or only partly human if he's part of the generation born partly of monsters, so for this, he'll have to be altered to be fully human. As for his powers, make sure you don't awaken anything overpowered for a bit, alright?)