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I had a couple of roleplays before here and there, but this is the only early one where the people involved are still here and I also got super involved in.
Also I made Cyrus for the assassin role play, but now he lives in a fantasy setting.


In the early days of my roleplating, I would make characters specifically for the roleplay I was in. That rp was just fr fun but now its become a project that I plan on getting published in the future.

Sparrow was just a name I chose because I had been watch pirates of the Caribbean and named my character Sparrow Jacks lmao but now she has become my favourite creation.


In the show, the kids dad is killed and their mom moves them to to Locke House. There they find all of the keys. A few of the keys do things specifically because they are connected to the house.

Maybe they move into a house as students or fugitives on the run and find the keys?


Ok so we want to do something from age 15- 28? I feel like that's a diverse enough range and if we each make a character of a different age, it make room for potential rifts and rivalries


Are we sticking with the fact that these characters are escaped convicts or going in a completely different direction? I have 2 females, Izara and Alia, that i need to make a personality for but I want to know which direction so I know which one I want to use


Escaped convicts could honestly be kind of fun. Cause then our characters probably either have a very shaky relationship using the others to ensure their own freedom or close-knit as in they trust each other really well.