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Well, a couple. There's this time traveling idea I've been wanting to try. Two people "borrow" a time-traveling machine and go back in time to cause trouble and whatnot. But they get stuck in a time era when the machine stops working. While trying to fix the machine, they're dragged into helping two runaways.

I dunno, if you'd be willing to try this.

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Name: Alexandra Daudier

Nicknames: Alexa, Alexis

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Appearance: Alexandra has pale skin with freckles on her nose. She has a scar near her right eye due to an incident she had when she was younger. She has shoulder-length sandy blond hair and she's about 5'8 and weighs 117 lbs.

Style: Alexandra is usually seen with a white and black striped shirt and light blue overalls. She also has a light pink handbag. She wears light blue high-tops with white stars. Her hair is always down, except on a few occasions. Like when it's super hot.

Likes: Nature, swimming, science, drawing, baking/cooking, music, reading, dogs & cats.

Dislikes: Dark chocolate, spiders, strawberry milk, super sour candy, haunted houses.

Background: Alexandra is half french. Her father was born in France but then moved to America, where he met Alexandra's mother. Alexandra is the youngest out of the four children and the only girl Mr. Daudier and Mrs. Daudier have. She has a brother who's one year older than her, and her other two brothers are at least five years older than her. She has a male golden retriever named Tony and a female Siamese cat named Sky.

Other: Alexandra can say a few words in French, but no more than that. Though, she does understand people when they're talking in french.


Name: Charity Park
Nicknames: Char, Rarity, Park
Age: (16-19) 18
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Appearance: She has light brown skin, with bright green eyes that light up a room. She had curly black hair that goes to her waist
Style (clothing and all of that stuff): She's usually seen in black leggings, lace up heels, a crop top, and a jacket over with its sleeves pulled up. Her hair is alway falling around her face
Likes: dark chocolate, cherries, the sunset, and sleep
Dislikes: bright lights, homophobes, murders, and cranberries
Background: She's Hispanic, both her parents from Spain. She moved from Spain to Ajstralia when she was five years old, and when she turned 15 she moved to America to go to school. She has a twin brother and two younger sisters
Other: She's very shy, and can speak English (American and Australian, Spanish, and Korean)

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(So before we start I still haven't figured out what time era they get stuck in. If you have any time era you'll like to see them get stuck in, just say it and will do it! Also, I figured it be better if we start the rp like at a science lab or an inventors lab.)

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(Oooh, that'd be interesting to do. Alright, 60's it is! I'm afraid I'll have to post a starter later today or tomorrow morning, seeing as I'm currently busy with stuff.)

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(So sorry! I was turning in a bunch of assignments yesterday and I totally forgot about this. God, highschool is going to be the end of me.)

"Welcome students, to Virginia's most advanced science lab. Thanks to our association with The University of Virginia, this field trip was made possible. Today, one of the scientists who work at this lab will show us around." The teacher in charge said all cheerfully. She then added. "Please don't make me regret bringing you all here."

Alexandra rolled her eyes. It was most obvious that their school had no association with the The University of Virginia. The school got most of their students like that. By claiming they had an association with a famous university, organization or person. Either way, association or not, she was excited to take the tour of the lab. A lady with strawberry blonde hair approached the group of students. "Welcome. Before we start the tour, I want to tell you to not touch anything unless I or the scientist at their workstation says you're allowed too."


Charity huffed, looking around with a snarl. “This is going to be so boring…” she hissed under her breath, looking around and tugging the hood of her sweatshirt up. It was technically her Ex-s, but she névé gave it back, nor care to

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As the guide finished her somewhat short speech, she started leading the students around the lab. They stopped at a few workstations and every time they did stop the students would let out an ooh and aah, but most of the students didn't have the foggiest clue on what the scientist was talking about. Alexandra on the other hand felt like if she was a kid alone in a candy store. Something caught her attention from the other side of the room.

"There are a lot of brilliant minds here at the lab. But none more brilliant than Mr. Jackson Staree, our top scientist. He's been working on a device that will surely change the world as we know it!" The scientist smiled at her colleague. "I'll let him tell you what he's working on."

Jackson smiled. "As Sally told you, I'm working on a device that will surely change the world. I believe, no, I know I have built a time-machine." The students looked more interested in the word time-machine and Jackson smiled. "Yes, a time-machine. But a miniaturized version of it. Not like the photo booth time machine one might see in a cartoon, like in Spongebob. This time machine is disguised as a watch." He holds up an aqua colored watch.


Charity's eyes widen as she looked at the watch. She wanted to take it apart and see how it worked. Maybe recreate it. She paused though when she noticed a girl from her class more interested in something else. She slides over. "What're you looking at?"

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Alexandra jumped a little and shook her head. She turned to face the girl who was at her side.
When did she get here? It took her a moment, but she finally realized she was being asked a question.
"I was just. . .nothing." She took a look at the watch and frowned. "That's way to small to be a time-machine." She said under her breath.

She took another look at the watch and frowned. Was the so called scientist lying? She really had no idea how a tiny watch could serve as a time-machine. After all, how was one supposed to input the year one wanted to visit? Unless. . .
Her eyes wandered off to a calculator. She looked confused for a moment, but then her eyes widened. She almost laughed out loud. There was no way. Absolutely no way. But the more she thought of it, it started making sense. She started making her way to the calculator and Jackson noticed.

"Kid, what are you doing? Come back. Aren't you interested in this? Why would you want a old calculator?" Jackson said nervously as he fumbled with the watch.


Charity hummed, looking from the nervous Jackson to her classmate. “The watch isn’t the real time machine. She figured it out…it’s the calculator” she bummed. “You can’t input a date on a watch.”

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Alexandra nodded. "Exactly. And on a calculator, you can. You know, I would've thought the genius scientist would have made the time-machine a little bit more flashy. Something to get people's attention."

"Kid, put it back where you found it. You can't be fiddling with something you don't even know how to use. Just give it to me and everything will be alright." Jackson said as he started making his way to Alexandra.

Alexis just stood in place, looking at the calculator. "Or maybe I can do something completely different. Like, oh, I dunno, use it."


Charity’s eyes widened as she watched her classmate before walking over. “What’re you doing…? That’s dangerous…” she hissed softly, although she had to admit she was curious on how if works

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"Inputting a date is dangerous? How can it be more dangerous than a child holding a fudging gun? It's a calculator that serves as a time-machine. You can travel back in time and into the future. Certainly doesn't sound too dangerous to me." Alexandra said as she started inputting a year.