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Character A is the crown prince to the kingdom of Trila.

Character B is the 4th son of a king from a nearby kingdom that is close to war with Trila.

Character A needs to find a partner, but he’s said to be cruel, short tempered, not interested in married life at all, and lastly, he has no inclinations of peace between his kingdom and Character B’s. So when his father tells him of the arranged marriage between him and Character B, he rages.

Character B is not a meek man, willing to lie down and be sent over to perhaps the cruelest person alive. He will fight tooth a nail against this marriage. But he didn’t find out until he was carted away and had already arrived at Trila for ‘Peace Talks’.
When he finds out about the marriage, they are not happy, and does not want to be in the Prince’s presence.

Character A may be misunderstood, and puts on the pretense of cruelty to protect his kingdom. But no one knows that, and he doesn’t want anyone to know this. He decides to take his rage out on the prince, hoping to keep him far enough away from him and who he really is.

Will Character A succeed in keeping B pushed away from him? Or will B see the soft side of A? Will the two forever hate each other? Will A declare war against B’s kingdom, even after the marriage?

I would prefer to be CHaracter B


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(I’m going to assume character sheets-)

Age: (21-25)
Body Type)


Name: Crown Prince Dominic Algeron
Age: 24
Gender: Cis male, he/him

Appearance: Dominic stands at 6'9– he's a very tall man with a very well-built and toned body. He has strong muscles with defined abs and biceps, and broad shoulders with strong veiny hands/arms. He has dark almost black hair, slightly curly with what would be something similar to curtain bangs that frame his face. He has golden skin that looks as if he were to be kissed by sunlight. The man has strong, defined features, a chiselled jawline, and a sharp nose. His eyes are golden, honey brown, the type that looks dark in shadows but are as bright as gold in the sunlight. Long lashes, soft pink lips with strong brows. When he does smile it is charming, though can come across as forced but when he is smiling from the heart his features light up in a way that deems him almost magical. He is clean-shaven pretty much all the time because he can't stand the feel of facial hair on his skin. Dom has a tattoo on his back, and a tattoo on his left arm. He also has an array of scars across his body, ranging from small slash marks across his wrists/thighs to a large jagged scar right down the centre of his chest. The prince tends to wear black pants with combat boots and button-up shirts mainly in navy blue with gold accents/embroidery on the collar and sleeves when it comes to casual wear– sometimes he will pair this with a vest. When he is dressing for an event he'll wear a suit with a sword dropped to his belt.

Personality: The crown prince is a fierce, hardworking young man who is feared by many due to his short temper. He is quick to rage, quick to ready his sword and quick to argue. Dominic loves an argument and would be ready to drop everything if it mean fighting it out in order to win. He is stubborn yet determined, loyal to the bone and would fight tooth and nail for his people. He comes across as an asshole, not wanting much to do with people unless he has to because most of the time, they only annoy or anger him. But being the crown prince means that he has to deal with advisors. He loves his people, only wanting what is best for them no matter what. Nothing could get in his way when it comes to the man getting what he believes is best for them. Underneath all of the rage, the scowls, the fights and the sharp insults, is a man that only wants to be loved. A proper, true love that melts his heart and has his head spinning. A love with someone who would care for him through and through, be there to kiss his wounds and tell him that it would be okay. He is a man with deep-rooted insecurities and fears, not that you would be able to tell from the demeanour that he puts up, often seeming cocky and arrogant, yet under the surface, he craves a deep, real connection.
Likes: Fighting/physical training, getting his hands dirty, he loves anything to do with nature and would love to spend all his time outdoors if he could (secretly an avid gardener), horses, cats, astrology
Dislikes: the quiet/silence, people who treat him like an idiot or speak down to him, grapes, the cold
Hobbies: horse riding, hand-to-hand combat, archery, gardening

Fears: Being alone forever, the dark, his father
Conditions: Dominic suffers from depression. He often is very good at hiding this because if anyone found out they would surely cast him aside and look for a 'healthier' potential ruler. Has suffered with it his whole life. Extreme self-worth issues. Has survivor guilt.

Background: The Algeron family has ruled Trila since the kingdom was founded. The line has been passed down from father to son (with one exception when there were only daughters born) and they have ruled and thrived. The kingdom is wealthy and well-known, and they do good to continue to make their people feel loved and cared for.

Dominic was the eldest of three, having two younger siblings Ezra (the middle child) and Otis (the youngest). His mother was a kind soul, too pure for the world and his father is a raging dickhead behind closed doors and is the reason for Dom's mental illnesses and the reason why he is how he is to this day. The reason for this is that his mother and his brothers were killed in an assassination attempt against the family when Dominic was six years old and this is the reason why he has a large scar across his chest– he nearly died that day. His father changed with the loss of his wife and other children and, when Dominic was healed from the physical wounds of the attack, his father began treating him differently. He was cold, harsh, closed off. He didn't seem to care for his son's feelings only that he became a warrior and the best prince he could be in preparation for becoming king. The abuse was physical and verbal, and even though he is older now, his father still likes to engage in some of his old ways when Dominic is 'misbehaving.'

Dom spent his teen years becoming the warrior that his father wanted. A soldier. A prince. Often he wonders what life might have been like had his mother and brothers been around but knows that is a foolish thought.

Other: he has created a little hideaway in the attic of the tallest tower in the palace that is his safe space. No one knows about it and often at night he retreats there for some alone time where he listens to the night and watches the stars.

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Name: Rylin “Ry” Barvolin
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Eyes) A cold, light bright blue color. They look like chips of ice, and always cold. They hide a bright, kind and gentle young man. They’re slightly downturned and framed with short-medium length light brown lashes.
Hair) A dusty brown color, styled in a Men’s Undercut. It’s always soft to the touch and looks incredibly fluffy.
Skin) Fair and practically pale. He has a light dusting of freckles on his cheeks and over his nose. He sun burns easily (After about an hour), and it always turns an ugly red, as well as nasty blisters.
Height) 5’8”
Weight) 139lbs
Body Type) Ectomorph
Clothing Style-
Formal) (It is insanely difficult to find pictures of what he wears, but bare with me as I try to describe what’s in my head :D) He wears long, leather coats, tailored to his form. They are always lined with animal fur (Never dogs/wolves, almost alway arctic foxes). The coats hang down to his mid thigh. He wears pants, usually made from a thick, heavy fabric, shined and polished leather boots that come almost to his knees (styled to prevent snow and ice getting into the boots). The shirts underneath the coat will always be long sleeve and made from heavy fabrics as well. His coats are embroidered with beautiful patterns of the elements and with shimmering thread.
Casual) Casual’s not really a thing for him, day to day, he’ll wear pretty much the same thing as Formal, though the coats are usually plainer.
Personality: Ry’s appearance always comes across as distant, though it’s probably his eyes. Though, in reality, he’s warm and welcoming, always ready with a smile that brightens his face. He has a bright laugh that tends to burst out of him at any given moment. He knows when to be serious, and when it’s okay to joke around and, essentially, act stupid.
He loves putting smiles on other people’s faces, and will to almost anything to keep the people he cares about happy, he has no problem going to the extremes.
Despite being a bright and playful personRy has a small bit of sass to him, a side that only his family and close friends ever really see.
- Breeding/Raising/Training dogs; He has five that are his particular favorites, Tamara, Vicki, Talia, Tiki and Cormak.
- Reading; He finds it relaxing and it helps quiet his mind. Depending on what he wants he’ll reread an old book or find a new one.
- Dancing; Whether it’s a high class party in the palace, in in the center of the slums, you can be sure he’ll be in the center of the dance floor, having a blast. (As long as he was invited, anyways)
- Anyone Calling His Dogs “Mutt”; His dogs are purebreds, and he will not stand for them being called mutts. Dog is fine, but mutt will really piss him off.
- Being Lied To; He’s always honest with the people around him and he thinks it’s a huge dishonor to him as a person, his kindness and then him as the prince for someone to lie to him. He typically won’t associate with you again if you lie to him.
- Cats; He’s a dog person.
- Dancing; He’s done it so much in his life that he’s really good at it. And sometimes it feels good to let loose and just dance to the music. Or no music.
- Reading; He does it for fun, and it kills time.
- Telling Stories; Whether it’s one he’s read, or made up on the spot, he loves doing this.
- Being Left Alone; He loves being surrounded by people, and being alone makes him feel forgotten. Though these feelings don’t settle in until it’s been about an hour or two.
- Never Seeing His Homeland Again; He loves his homeland, and every time he leaves it, he fears he may never see the frozen mountains and tundra again.
- Small Spaces; Claustrophobia
Mental) Sociotropic
Physical) N/A
Background: Rylin grew up int the icy tundra and snowy mountains of the north, the land often called Vera (“Ver-ah“), though in his native tongue it’s called, Veraisiki (“Ver-eye-sick”). The land, frozen almost year round except for two months in the “summer”, when the ice and snow thaws to reveal vibrant colors.
From a young age, Ry has always shown a fascination with animals, especially dogs. He spent as much time as possible in the kennels with his father’s and older brother’s dogs. Despite his parents’ attempts to get him to come inside from the cold and to do his studies, little Ry couldn’t be separated from the huge animals. The newer pups would follow him around, tumbling at his feet and yipping. The only way to get him to come to his studies were to (a) hold them outside or (b) let the dogs follow him around. This was usually a disturbance in his lessons and made it very hard for the tutors to teach him.
When he was ten, he was given his first dog, Tamara, to raise and train. He taught her well, and she’s still his to this day. He worked hard, letting her be the only dog with him, teaching her to be quiet and obey, but also making sure she got plenty of time to play and let loose. She’s a serious dog, while also very motherly, watching over the other dogs in the kennels to make sure they behave.
By the time Ry is fifteen he has multiple dogs, having ben gifted most and then breeding others, though Tamara remains his favorite. Around this time is the time his father gets sick and starts dying. Ry has never been super close with his father, knowing the man is strict and stern never paired well with Ry’s bright and playful manner. Once the man died, about six months after getting sick, Ry’s older brother took the throne of Veraisik.
His older brother, Kaymor, was not known for his kindness. He was a selfish man, doing things in order to preserve himself instead of the kingdom as a whole. This leads Rylin to spend even more time with his dogs, avoiding his brother, now the king.
Around this time was the time he discovered his fondness for parties, going to the festivals in the city to celebrate with the people to escape. He found the dancing here was a lot different than the dancing done at home, and loved it all the more. He would go down into the city multiple times a week to enjoy the festivals, carnivals and parties offered there, spending time with the people, getting to know them as well. Most of the events had huge bonfires and took place in the open, frozen, fields just outside the city, left open just for that purpose. These bonfires would dot the landscape and could be seen for miles in any direction.
From ages sixteen to twenty-one, he spent most of his time doing this. Going to parties or spending time with his dogs. When he was nineteen, his dogs Viski, Talia, Tiki and Carmak were born from Tamara. He’s elated at this and spends a lot of energy, perfectly training the god. Specifically these four and their mother only listen to him, and do not listen to any other royal or handler.
When he’s twenty, his brother’s behavior (Kaymor), causes the peace between Trila and Veraisik to become shaky, and eventually, falls apart. Skirmishes happen on the borders, though no one declares all out war between the two kingdoms. Veraisik is 1/8 the size of Trila, and though the harsher climate has created strong and hearty men, they are incredibly outnumbered by the larger kingdom.
Shortly before his twenty-second birthday, Kaymor tells Ry he is to be sent away to Trila to marry their crown prince. Ry being Ry, he turns to his dogs and partying to help prowess the new information. He’s crushed, he doens’t want to leave his home land, one he finds beautiful even in the dead of winter. The time of travel and the distance between him and the capital of Trila is vast, a gaping place and void of time in which he does not want to experience.
On his twenty-second birthday, he’s sent away with his five dogs, half his belongings and his horse.
Other: He brought five of his dogs, Tamara, Viski, Talia, Tiki and Carmak
Veraisik Dogs are about as big as your average wolf and tend to be black, dark brown or dark gray in color. Typically with blue eyes, sometimes gray.


(I love him omg, they’re complete opposites. Starting when Ry arrives is good- I’d probably write a little of like, Dom’s reaction to the news along with them meeting too lol)

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Rylin did not like his birthday present. Honestly, who liked being sent away to a foreign land to marry a guy you dont even know and most people are petrified of as a present? That wasn’t even a present. More like. . . Like a punishment. For what, Ry had no clue, he was unaware of anything he’d done to Kaymor to piss him off this much.

His typical bright mood had been slightly dimmed by this news, and he’d been frustrated at the fact. Most of the people he’d met who had been to Trila (all of three) and were born and raised in Veraiski had said being in Trila was mostly hot. Making plenty of sense to Ry as most of Trila is further south than his homeland. And the capital was on the utter opposite end of the kingdom. His finery would have him melting there. All the thick fabrics and furs, heavy coats and tall boots.

Kaymor hadn’t even given him time to try to find someone to make him clothes to take before the man had practically thrown him out by the ear onto his horse with a wagon pulling his trunks.

He was exaggerating. He’d had a few days preparation, but the fact remained that he was going to a much warmer climate with nothing but clothing made for his icy homeland. It would take too long for him to get his own clothes, he would have to figure out what fashion styles would look best on him. The colors, fabrics. It would all be different.

He probably sounded stupid, the first thing he was worried about being clothes and nothing else, but his point was validated. He couldn’t very well be killing himself with overheating himself. He’d managed to find the lightest clothes he had, one’s he wouldn’t wear until the one month spring and fall they had in Veraisiki. So, currently clothes were his biggest worry.

His second? Crown Prince Dominic Algeron. The man was known for his anger, and feared because of his temper. Ruthless once the man sets his eyes on something, he wouldn’t give up until he had it. This may have set Rylin on edge slightly, if only for the fact that the man could want nothing to do with him and do everything he could to get rid of Ry. Ry did not want to lose his life, or freedom or anything. He just wanted to go home.

But here was was, at the end of the four week travel and approaching the splendid palace before his horse. His dogs were quiet and at his horses heels, all five on alert as they look around. He was also incredibly tired from the long days and wearing the lightest finery he had. Which didn’t prevent the sweat sliding down his back or pooling in unwanted areas. He would need and ice cold bath later.

The clothes consisted of his summer boots, black and shinning and coming up to mid calf, the jacket, made of plain leather, embroidered with blues of all shade, making it look like ice was creeping up his coat. The edges were rimmed with snow white fox fur, neatly taken car off and fluffy. His pants were the same shade of black as his boots, making the transition from boot to pants seem seamless. He had forgone the gloves and hat, deeming it too warm to wear such things.

He shifts in his seat, turning towards on of his aides, “Are we supposed to wait out here?” He asks softly, speaking in his native tongue. While the two languages, his own and the one spoken in Trila were similar, they were still different. That’s what happens when a people secludes themselves into the mountains for generations. The langues pulled apart, both of them changing and adapting. Now, two solidly different languages. He’d been working on the ‘‘common’’ tongue, though he was still rocky at it.

The aide looks at him and tilts his head, “I believe so, you highness. Waiting for the king and his—“

“Yes, yes, the Crown Prince.” He murmurs, a hit of derisiveness in his tone as he shifts forward and then dismounts from the horse. His boots land on the ground with a soft thud and he turns, petting each of the now sitting dogs once on the head and then turning to face the gates, his stance widening slightly and clasping his hands behind his back as he waits. He hoped he didn’t have to wait long, he wanted to cool down.


When Dominic had found out about the arranged marriage, he punched a hole through the wall of the barn. The wood had splintered and cracked as his hand had made contact, pushing all the way through the structure of the building and leaving a great big, gaping hole. His horse had looked at him disapprovingly, if horses were able to express that sort of emotion. Dom had only glared back at his friend and grumbled, ranting for what seemed like hours to the only person- horse- that would listen to him.

Marriage wasn't something Dominic wanted. He had disapproved of the idea ever since he had been told as a child he would have to marry in order to secure the throne, or build an alliance, or to simply stop another country from invading. He had seen from a young age that marriage could be happy, but he had also seen how the loss of love, pure love, could hurt. It resulted in his father, King Octavian Algeron, becoming the man that he was now. Harsh. Cruel. Feared. As much as the royal family put up the pretence to their people that they were a happy family, behind closed doors they were the exact opposite.

The Crown Prince was used to his father's abuse by now, after how many years of dealing with the bullshit, but he still feared the man more than anything else. Not that he would ever let a single person see that. Not now. Not ever. No one would know what he suffered. No one would know how he feared the man above him. No one would see the impacts of the abuse. Maybe that was why he was so fucked up. In fact, he was sure that it was. It didn't take an idiot to understand that the impacts of prolonged abuse would be terrible.

So marriage had been off the cards for a long, long time, and finding out that he was being forced to marry a man that not only he didn't know, but a prince from a kingdom that they were on the verge of war with was, needless to say, quite fucked. Dominic knew he didn't have a choice. His father had come to him with the news and it was as if his whole life had flashed before his eyes and suddenly he was stuck in quicksand and slowly sinking faster than normal. Nothing could be done about the situation. He was to be married, he was to be bound to another person that he didn't know and was to be forced to stay with him, to pretend he liked him in public. That was going to be difficult when he despised the kingdom he came from.

It was the only thing he could think of as he walked with his father to the gates of the palace. Trila was a hot kingdom but having been born there he was used to the heat. He was used to the blazing hot sun that tanned his honey-gold skin, and loved the warmth. Dressed in the signature colours of navy blue and gold he was dressed as formally as he could be with the heat; black pants and boots, light, thin fabrics of his shirt and vest with the cape draped over his shoulders, his sword strapped firmly at his side. He saw the other man from a distance and his grip tightened on his weapon. The gates swung open and Octavian opened his arms in a welcoming gesture, "Welcome, Your Highness, to Trila," The king said, "I hope the journey wasn't too harsh."

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Rylin already wanted to tear the stupid coat from his back as he stood there for a few moments, sweating. It was like a never ending rain. Except slightly warm and uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. The fabric getting damp from the sweat. His shit was sticking to his back and there was no air flow at all. At least while he was ridding, there was the slightest breeze.

His gaze sharpens, his ice chip eyes focusing on the gates in front of him as they slowly start to move. Finally, this could get going, he could get through introductions and maybe take a damn ice bath. He watches the gates slide open and he gets a small sliver of the man he’s here to marry.

He hated the term now, his mother always telling him that being the fourth son, he would get to marry for love. He’d always dreamed of the day he’d meet the person he wanted to spend his life with. But Kaymor took that chance from him, the promise from his mother. Rylin was unsure why he had been surprised. After all, Kaymor had shoved their mother to the outskirts of the court, and never listened to her. Rylin had wanted to beat his brother upside the head for that, but never got the chance. Of course because he was sent here.

He smiles, the expression plastered onto his face as he watches the king and the crown prince walk through the open gates and stop just a few feet away. They both looked much more comfortable than he felt, in their lighter clothes and minimal sweat. Regal as well, somehow managing to make the airy material look perfect. Though Ry supposed he made the furs on himself look just as good, despite the intense heat he was suffering from.

The navy and gold colors of Trila looked splendid in his eyes. A beautiful combination, though, of course, Rylin was partial to the cool, icy blue and pure, snowy white colors of his kingdom. Hard to come up with something more colorful when your home consists of snow and ice, few colors beyond whites and blues.

But here, in Trila, he was seeing some colors he had only seen so few times, and in abundance. Like yell, it was a brighter color and he had seen it in so many places of the city. If one was to wear yellow in his homeland, you were pretty much putting a target on you back. Most clothes consisted of whites, blues, grays, black and browns. Though, among the nobility, there were a few more speckled in there; reds, greens, purples.

He tips his head forward, a semblance of a bow. He would not bow all the way to these people, the reason being they were both royal. He held some semblance of respect to the men, though the forced marriage, arranged by his brother and this king, was lessening that respect. He keeps his stance as was, feet anboit shoulder width anpart annd hands clasped behind his back, and after a long moment, spoke. “Thank you for the welcome, your majesty. It truly is. . . wonderful here. Many more. . . colors than my homelands.” Despite the time he took to think about his words before speaking, he was still slow, so as to be careful and not stumble over the words.

He lifts his head, tilting it to the side slightly, his eyes flicking to the aide and then his gaze settles on the prince and then the king. “Four weeks on the road. . . Can be harsh to anyone. . .” He pauses for a long moment before speaking again.

“Though it was not. . . An unpleasant journey.”

It was very unpleasant. Who wants to spend four weeks on the road for their twenty-second birthday going towards an unwanted marriage? No one he knew. He was leaving behind his life in Veraisiki to be here, in this blistering kingdom. Who knew if he’d even ever go home. That thought made him not just sad, but slightly depressed. Not only was his homeland home but it was his joy. The frigid winters spent partying in front of huge bone fires they scratched the sky. The two months of the year were green spread over the fields and the sun shone weakly.

It also sent a shiver of fear down his spine, if he wasn’t a part of Veraisiki, then who was he? Just a the guy who was used as a pawn in a game of chess? He would find a way to go home someday. He had to see the towering snow capped mountains and frozen fields filled with fire again. Always again. He would never leave it behind.


Trila, the large kingdom that expanded over most of the southern lands didn't experience snow or ice of any kind. The palace was situated at the furthest southern point closest to the coast line where one could take a short trip down to the sea if they so wished on the sweltering summer days. Half of the kingdom was made of dry farmlands that prospered no matter the heat, and rolling green fields in between the lands aided to the beauty of the kingdom.

But the city itself was where most found their joy in the realm. Built upon ages of men expanding and expanding the walls of the kingdom were no longer where they once had been. They remained inside the walls of the citadel, a monument as a remembrance to those that had come before them, with rows of flowers along the cobbled walls to pay respect to their ancestors.

There was never a dull moment in the city, if only because the place was covered in bright yellows and oranges, blues and reds, greens and pinks and purples of all shades that brought it to life. Most streets contained some form of colourful bunting that thing between houses, shops picked the brightest fabrics to decorate not only to entice customers but to bring life and colour to their streets. If one was able to get over the fact that Trila was blistering hot for the majority of the year, then they would find themselves loving the kingdom.

Dominic certainly did. He couldn't stand the cold. Frostbite and furs that were too heavy and made him sweat, snow that covered landscapes in pure white and took away any form of colour or life that might have been seen. He was glad that the wet season in Trila only lasted a few months, never any more than four at the longest, because it was painful to have to deal with. The rain– which he knew was good for the farmlands – prevented him from riding, or being outside without becoming drenched from head to toe. There was little one could do when they were dealing with that, at least in his mind, and it was why he enjoyed the sun.

There was a reason as to why he was called the Prince of Sunlight, and it wasn't because of his shining personality, but because of his golden skin that only darkened and glowed the longer he stood out in the sunny rays. He never burnt, only ever tanned, and it made him all the more regal in his homelands. But now, his homeland was being invaded. Well, that was an exaggeration, it was only one prince, but a prince from a kingdom he had never visited and one on the verge of war with his own. How his father expected him to keep a civil marriage when that was the political predicament he didn't know. It was still a surprise that he had even agreed to the marriage to begin with. Maybe he hoped it would bring peace of some kind. Dominic doubted it.

Octavian hummed his agreement with Rylin, "You're quite right, the journey is long and unforgiving at times. It wouldn't help with your furs, I'm surprised you aren't dying of heatstroke."

Dominic couldn't stop his smirk at that. Rylin dying of heatstroke would have been a blessing, it meant he wouldn't have to marry him.

"Dominic will show you to your chambers, Your Highness," The king continued, "Your wedding will be tomorrow. All the arrangements are in place so today your requirements are to become acquainted with your future husband, explore the palace and, most importantly, cool down. It would be a shame to see you pass out from the heat so soon into your arrival."

The king turned to the aide, "Come, we shall leave these two alone." He motioned for the man to follow, and that left just Dominic and Rylin alone at the gates of the palace.

The Crown Prince looked at the other man, then down at his dogs before looking back to him, "You have… many dogs." Civil. He reminded himself. Be civil. At least for now. Until they were inside and away from prying eyes that might see the two of them together. Gossip spread fast in a big city as his own, and the marriage was already circulating with excitement, he didn't need his people speaking of the altercations between him and his future husband so soon.

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Rylin supposed he could come to love the place of his new home. Though it would never be Veraisiki. He sighs softly, changing his stance and putting his feet somewhat together, “Tomorrow?” He blinks once.

Tomorrow was too soon. Fuck, any day was too soon. But tomorrow was way too soon. It wasn’t time for him to adjust, or get anything better for him to wear. He did not want to wear furs for his wedding. It was simply impractical, he would have to stand in the heat, sweating for hours and then a reception, more heat. His face falls into a scowl.

The aide leans closer whispering into his ear, “I can find something better for you, your highness. I’m sure at the right price I could convince someone to make you something suitable for the weather that looks just as fine as your furs.” Rylin closes his eyes, thinking for a long moment.

“Do whatever it takes, I’m positively melting and I want it to stop.” He smiles, having reverted to his mother language to speak to the aide in a low whisper before turning back to the two be fore him and switching back, “MY aide. . . Will be going. . . Into the city. To find something. . . For me.”

He wasn’t going to elaborate, his aide worked for him first. If Rylin didn’t what the older man beside him to follow the king, he wouldn’t. Rylin looks back to the aide, “Come back at sunset and tell me what you found.” He hoped the aide would find something he knew Rylin would wear. Fine, beautiful and something to do with the elements. The aide nods before turning and walking back the way they had come.

Rylin looks back at the two in front of him, smiling at the king. He did not like the man trying to dismiss Ry’s own aide. It was not his prerogative to do so. He tips his head forward slightly, “Passing out would. . . indeed be very. . . Bad.” He watches the king walk back inside and his gaze turns to Dominic. He raises an eyebrow at the other before looking down at his dogs and he seemed to preen.

“Yes. I have many. . . more at home. . . but these five are. . . My pride and. . . Joy.” He smiles, petting Tamara. He points to each one, “Tamara. . . The mother. Viski, Talia, Carmack and Tiki.”

Introducing his dogs was easy, seeing as he was going to call them by their names in his own tongue. He wasn’t going to figure out how to translate any of them, and everyone else could deal. He looks at Dominic, “Do you. . . Want to pet. . . them?” He offers. If his dogs liked the man, he could be content, and he wanted to see how the other would treat the animals. Though yes, they were mere animals, they were incredibly smart and well trained.

They could understand commands, insults, and even simple sentences. The dogs knew what things were, what smells were good and bad, they even know how to open or close doors. He was proud of them, they way he had trained them and taught them. He was slightly excited to teach them about the things in Trila, different sights and smells for them to learn. Different foods.


Octavian was a king who cared little for those below him, and dismissing Rylin's aide was a clear indication of what he thought of the man. Anyone who wasn't of status wasn't worth his time, so he wasn't displeased when the aide didn't follow him back through the gates and to the palace. There was still much to arrange and decide upon before the wedding tomorrow, and the king was positively drowning in preparations for his son's wedding. It was to be the only royal wedding Trila would see in his lifetime, and he wanted it to be perfect.

Dominic, on the other hand, was feeling the same way about the closeness of the wedding date as Rylin. Even though he had known about it for months, had seen the planning and the preparation and even had a hand in choosing what he wanted for his wedding, there was no joy behind it. Everything was said and half-baked and thought through for the crown prince because he didn't give a shit. He cared not for married life, as was evident by the lack of partner for his nearly twenty-five years, and the only reason he was going through with his marriage was because he had no other choice. His father wouldn't hesitate to murder him if he spoke against him. It was why there was a hole in the barn rather than in the palace.

There were more than enough outfits in what was to be Rylin's room for him to choose from when it came to everyday wear. There were few formal options, however, there were some. The palace staff hadn't known his sizes or fittings and as such had taken a gamble, yet now that Dominic got a good look at the man, they would most likely be wrong considering he was shorter and skinner than the crown prince had expected him to be. Or maybe he was just used to being around men of his own height and build, standing clearly over a foot taller than the other. Whatever it was, the furs would certainly be a nuisance in the heat. The peak of summer was on the horizon, Rylin would definitely suffer greatly if he didn't adapt to the change, and soon.

Had Dominic been more inclined to be friendly rather than just civil, he might have smiled back. His face, instead, remained in a neutral expression. Not displeased, just… thoughtful. There were few who had ever seen his real smile, he doubted Rylin would ever be one of those.

Yet he listened as the other prince listed off the names of his dogs, taking in each as Rylin spoke. It was obvious he wasn't used to the common tongue unlike him. Being the crown prince meant he must be fluent in not only his native tongue but the common tongue, too, since by now he negotiated many political agreements and the skill was more than needed. For once, Dominic refrained from being an ass and commenting on the slowness of Rylin's speech.

He looked from the dogs to Rylin, "If that is allowed, yes."

Dominic wasn't a dog person, not entirely. He loved animals, horses and cats for the most part. Dogs could be too wild and rowdy, but he didn't mind them if they were kept under control. From how they behaved around Rylin, seat perfectly and properly as they spoke without barking or growling, he hoped that his assumption in their training wasn't incorrect. He knelt, lowering himself into a crouch so he wasn't towering over the animals– he knew all too well that could only create fear, and if he was going to have to live with them, he wanted the dogs to at least be pleasant around him and not bite his fingers off. In a loose fist, he held his hand out cautiously for them to sniff at.

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Rylin watches Dominic crouch down, appreciating the gesture towards his dogs. He nods slightly, motioning for the dogs to move forward. Tamara stands and moves forward first, miffing Dominic’s hand and then head butting his hand. She then licks it before sitting down next to him, looking up at him.

Ray raises an eyebrow, “She. . . Likes you.” He remarks, tipping his head to the side.

At the movement from their mother, the other dogs all move forward, sniffing at the crown prince. Tiki woofs and then lunges forward, circling the prince, his tail wagging side to side. Ray watches, his eye curious.

He was slightly amused that his dogs had swarmed the new person, though it wasn’t surprising. They always did this once Ry gave them the okay, sniffing, licking and nipping at the new person. It was all fun and games, the animals’ way of getting used to and meeting the new person.

Tiki nips at the prince’s pants leg, and then blinks looking up at the prince. He sits down on his foot, his tail thumping and tongue lolling out of his mouth.

Ry sighs, snapping his fingers, gaining the dogs’ attention, and pointing to his side. The dogs all move back over sitting down, Tiki more reluctantly than the rest. Ry rolls his eyes, petting each dog and kissing the top of their heads.

He straightens, “Lets. . . Go inside. . . Shall we?” He tilts his head slightly, smiling. Going inside could mean he could cool off. Find something else to wear.


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Dominic practically breathed a sigh of relief when the dogs seemed to like him, sniffing, licking and headbutting his hand. The circling was only a little intimidating but the crown prince did not appear bothered by the actions, at least not externally. At least they were growling or snapping at him, that would have been an awful beginning to his marriage. He couldn't help reaching out to pat Tiki's side, gently running his hand through the soft furs. His lips quirked up into the barest hint of a smile but it was gone the second Tiki, along with the rest of the dogs, retreated back to their owner.

He stood, brushing down his pants and smoothing out the crinkles that had formed. With the lightness of the fabric it was far easier for the wrinkles to form compared to the thicker clothing that Rylin wore, but they were easily brushed out within moments. The golden prince seemed to glow in the sun as he straightened to his full height, his hand resting on the hilt of the sword that sat by his side. Honey brown eyes watched Rylin for a moment longer before he nodded, "Yes, we shall. I will show you to your chambers."

Because he had no doubt that the other prince wanted to change out of the clothing he was wearing. It was obvious to anyone who had clear sight that he was uncomfortable in the heat. He had been told that Veraisiki, the small Northern kingdom was barely more than ice and snow the majority of the year, covered in a thick blanket of white bar the small sliver of 'summer.' So different to his own, Dominic couldn't imagine living somewhere so cold all the time. He could barely even stand the wet months in Trila, and even then it didn't necessarily become cold, not how it would up north. And there was definitely no snow. Not even a flake. And Dom? He had never even seen it.

Either way, he turned on his heel and motioned for Rylin to follow him through the gates of the palace. The gardens were vast and beautiful, and the clean cobbled path they followed veered off in many directions that led to different flower beds and sections. Dominic loved it. He could spend hours out there and never grow bored. A large, marble fountain lay in the centre, right in the middle in line with the palace doors just beyond and the large– probably too large – palace lay behind in its regal glory. One of the largest palaces ever built, with intricate architecture it was a piece of beauty.

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Tiki looks back at Dominic and then licks Ry’s face when he kisses the top of the dog’s head. Ry laughs, “Tiki, no play.” Tiki huffs looking at Ry and then calming down after a moment, though that doesn’t stop him from staring at Dominic with huge dark blue eyes.

Ry rolls his own eyes, ruffling Tiki’s fur, “You are too playful for your own good, Tiki.” He murmurs, though a loving smile graced his features for a moment and then he stands, not even brushing at his clothes. Yes, they wrinkled the slightest bit, but the heavy fabrics pulled the wrinkles out themselves. Ry was always careful to take care of the clothes, ironing them and maintain them, that he could crouch down for a few moments and they clothes would be just fine.

He nods ever so slightly, still more focused on his dogs than anything else. After a moment, he blinks and returns his full attention to Dominic, his gaze void of any emotion except for bland calm. Though, inside, he was feeling incredibly curious.

Who was the man in front of him? Sure, Rylin had heard the stories, but sometimes, stories could be exaggerated, or just not true. To be honest, Ry got a worse feeling from the king, and the man’s presence had set his dogs on edge as well. He made a mental note to avoid the king, and if he couldn’t be be prepared for anything. But something in him told him there was another side to the prince before him than the rumors suggested.

Rylin casts his gaze about the area for a moment, then looks up to the sky. He stares at the sky, a few wisps here and there, but otherwise, a clear, cloudless sky. He might be able to get used to the heat, the blistering sun. Gods know his pale skin needs a slight tan.

He looks back at Dominic again, “Of course. . .. thank you. . .” He walks forward, following the other while looking around.

The gardens were magnifient. A lot better than his brother’s own. Not many plants grew where he lived, though the ones at home were filled with tress and a few other plants. As well as beautiful ice sculptures. It was a pity, the weather here was too hot for ice sculptures. The ice would meant within minutes. Ry was fond of the ice sculptures, his people having perfected the art of making clear ice or foggy ice, and to different degrees. And doing so, made the sculptures that much more elegant.

He’d even heard one of his sisters talking about a new sculpture coming up who had started adding dudes to their ice, coloring it. It would be too long before he could see how beautiful those sculptures would be.

His gaze slides over the fountain and he smiles. He could picture Tiki running though it when he got too hot. Ry would have to make sure the dogs knew better than to do that. He would take his dogs the the shore not to fear away to play in the water to cool down, and may even, though it hurt him to think this, get them groomed to match the weather.

His gaze moves beyond the fountain and he stares at the palace, it was larger than his own home, but not by much, he had to think. He at least hoped he had a room that was cool. Away from the heat. Preferably freezing. The architecture was beautiful. While his home was all smooth and jagged, this place seemed to flow from one design into the next. It looked like it had been built in the same lifetime, while his had been built over six generations of Barvolins.


The dogs that Rylin had brought seemed nice enough, and the more that Dominic looked at them, the more than he was around them, he more he was sure that he would begin to at least like them. He could tolerate them for the time being, but maybe if they were okay like this all the time, he could begin to like them. Tiki seemed the most fond of him so far, and out of all the dogs, it was the one that he could see himself liking the most.

It didn't matter, he didn't know why he was thinking that way. He didn't want this marriage, he didn't want Rylin here with his dogs and his cold clothes and thick furs. This wasn't something that he wanted. Why he was thinking about what it would be like if he was to stay around him for longer than a few months was beyond him. Dominic tried not to frown at himself for those thoughts. He couldn't begin to think about this. He needed to focus on other things.

Other things including politics, his coronation that would be coming up in a few months, the preparation for becoming king, and the relationship that Trila had with other kingdoms. Politics. So much politics. Always and forever politics. His father had trained him for this since he was young but that didn't make it any less worse now that the realisation that he was truly to become king in a matter of months would be coming sooner than he wanted. He knew what his father would do if he fucked up, knew he would have far more scars and wounds than he already had.

And now he would have a husband to think about. Gods, what would Rylin think if he found out about his father and his relationship? If he found out he was being abused by the king? His father had told him that anyone would think he was pathetic for letting it happen, but what more could he do without making it worse? Dominic didn't want to come out one day with a black eye and have to deal with Rylin's questions.

For now, he led them up the stairs of the palace and through the golden oak doors. It was a bustling atmosphere, with servants running around left right and centre and tending to their duties. They all nodded to Dominic, though they seemed scared as they did so, like he was going to yell at them if they messed up. It wasn't out of his nature to do so, especially if mad or upset, but with his husband-to-be at his side, he wasn't going to make a scene. No, he would keep his composure for now.

Rylin's chambers were in the East Wing of the palace near Dominic's, as requested by Octavian. At least they didn't have to share a room. That would have been awful and the crown prince would have taken up residence on the couch if he had to.

The chambers were large, with big open windows connecting to a balcony which let in a breeze during the day, cooling the already cool space. With the marble on the floor, it did not retain the heat, which was needed in the hot climate. A large, four-poster bed was on the back wall, with a fireplace in one corner, a living space with multiple couches by it, bookshelves, and a dining table. There were drawers for clothes on the other side of the room and a divider for privacy to change, and an adjoining bathing chamber.

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(Ry would be so concerned and pissed at Dom’s father. . . Maybe send his dogs after him, no questions asked, Ry does not tolerate abuse)

Rylin follows the Prince through the palace, looking around. It was a beautiful building in general, light and airy, open enough to let in breezes but keep the sun out. He relaxes slightly now that he’s out of the sun. The sweat slows, though it”s still there, sliding down his neck.

He pauses, standing and watching the servants rush about. He notes the looks that give their Crown Prince, nodding, a few even taking the time to bow ever so slightly. He looks at them, the wary looks on their faces, the bubble of space that appears around Dominic, giving the man about six feet of space. Wary. . . As of afraid. “Hm. . .” He hums softly, considering.

He follows Dominic, smiling at the few braves souls who dared to look at himself. Kind, gentle and warm. The dogs following on his heel looked around, looking excited at the new surroundings. Though they stayed close and didn’t wander away, though Tiki woofed softly at a few who looked at him.

Rylin looks around the room, noting his few belongings he had brought were already in the room. He looks down at the marble floor, the few encounters he’d had with the stone, it had held cold very well, and hadn’t really gotten hot. He smiles slightly and then lifts his gaze to the windows. Large, big enough to throw open on a breezy day, there was an overhang over the windows to keep the blazing sun out.

He moves over to the bed, running his hand over the blankets before turning towards Dominic. He tilts his head ton the side, considering the prince. He decides to say nothing other than, “Thank you,” before turning and pulling the fur coat off. Underneath was a plain white tunic, made from thick fabric. The only reason he wore the coat was to look presentable.

He set it over the bed, and wipes his hand across the back of his neck, flicking the sweat away with a slight twitch of his fingers. He moves over to a chair and notes the fireplace and points to it, turning back to Dominic, “Why. . . would this be. . . in here. . ? Fire is hot. . . would add more heat to. . . this blaze. . .” He tilts his head to the side.

Don’t get him wrong, Rylin loved fire. He found it mesmerizing, and it held very dear memories. The parties, the time his mother first read him his favorite story (it remained his favorite to this day), Tamara giving birth to her pups. Mostly because fire was a Jesse city in Veraisiki, and almost everything was done by a fire, but still. The five was the center of his culture, and that was something he wouldn’t put away, no matter how hot he was.

He looks around, hoping to find something to light a fire with and then frowns when he doesn’t spot anything. He then moves to one of his truck and flips open the lid, looking around nail he found the small tinder kit he had packed. Every night on the way here, no matter how warm, he and the few people who had come with him had circled together around a fire that he made. It was their one comfort when miles away from home, and soon, those people would be gone. All of them would leave after the wedding to return home except the aide, who would stay for months to come before returning back.

He turns to the fireplace and tasses a few small sticks he had gathered into the small space. It would do for now until he could get some real wood. He works on starting the fire, not really caring what the man behind him would think. Ry would rather die than never see a simple fire again, and he could always find ways to keep the heat from filling the cool room. Glass doors, or something.