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I got inspiration from this song

It’s just a really good song and I thought I should do a rp on it!

This is about a girl who died, but instead of going to any afterlife, she was sucked into the void and has stayed there for eons. She has gone completely insane because of this. Your character is a time traveler who has accidentally stumbled upon this girl. When you try to save her, the void rejects her exiting and keeps both of them there.

You soon figure out that this girl wants to leave…but is still holding onto these horrors. Can you heal this poor soul and bring her to peace, give up, or die trying?
(You’re basically just learning about this crazy girl- romance- yeeee-)

Andrews rules apply.

May be mentions of very sensitive topics all together. Viewers warned.

Please respond at least once a day. If you’re busy that’s cool. We all have lives. Just try to be active. If you become uninterested then just tell me and I’ll open the rp back up.

I’ll post my girl in here soon :)