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In the kingdom of Elysia, magic is revered and protected. For centuries, a mystical barrier known as the Veil has shielded the realm from the influence of dark forces and forbidden magic. But beneath the surface of this seemingly idyllic land, a clandestine society known as the Shadow Keepers exists, wielding the very magic that the Veil was created to suppress.

As the Veil begins to weaken, and dark energy seeps into the kingdom, causing chaos and threatening the stability. The rulers of Elysia must take action to prevent a catastrophe. They dispatch a group of skilled individuals on a perilous quest to uncover the cause of the Veil's decline and find a way to restore its strength.

This is going to be a crazy enemies to lovers sort of deal.

-I am looking for experienced rpers. 18+ please.
-This is rated M for mature. There will be violence, swearing, and some rather dark content.
-Any smutty scenes will either be taken to PMs or faded to black.
-Detailed responses. At least 2/3 paragraphs.
-At least one response a day. I understand life happens so I'm not looking for a crazy amount of replies but I'd like to keep this going for a bit.

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Name: Raziel
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Eyes) Icy, but somehow warm, sapphire blue eyes.
Hair) Black with hints of navy and onyx.
Skin) Light Olive
Height) 5’7
Weight) 195lbs
Body Type) Lean
Personality: Raziel is an overall cheerful person on the outside, but on the inside he’s calculating and always paying attention. He never says anything he doesn’t mean to say and always takes his time with his words. When doing this, Raziel can be silent for minuets at a time, just thinking of the best way to say something. When having a conversation with him, it’s ideal to have lots of patience because when rushed, Raziel will just take longer on purpose. He’ll even put this way of thinking into his writing.
Back to his outside portrayal, he’s usually never without his disarming and charming smile and he’s quick with a laugh. Those who really know him know the difference between his real smile and laugh versus his courtiers smile and laugh. When he’s really happy and smiling, he has a dimple in his left cheek, and his laugh is bright. With his courtiers smile, there are no dimples and his laugh is slightly lower, not as bright.
Raziel is pretty easy going, and will take an insult in stride, flashing a smile and laughing. Depending on how bad the insult is though, his eyes may darken with anger, but many people don’t think the darkening of his eyes is from anger, as he never portrays anger. If the insult is really bad, he’ll usually come up with some clever way to embarrass the person in front of everyone.
When he’s with the people he cares about, Raziel is completely different, not so quick with a laugh or smile, as his real ones are far and few between. Instead of thinking of the right thing to say to please the person in front of him, or get information out of them, he’ll usually tell the truth and tell them of his worries, knowing that sharing these things are enter than trying to deal with them alone.
Raziel has interesting humor, sometimes preferring a darker humor, or ever ‘dad’ humor, with stupid and cheesy jokes. He can find a funny side to almost anything, and enjoys seeing people laugh (Well, the people he thinks should be happy).
-Dancing; He loves dancing, especially to music. He has a fluid way of moving.
-Music; Music makes him feel alive and a want to get up and move.
-Writing; This is what he does to relax and calm down from long days.
-Liars; He hates the idea that someone could lie to another person. (Even though he lies to half the people in his life about what he really does)
-Repetitiveness; If people, stories or anything repeated itself more than 3 times, it will start to annoy Raziel to his last nerves, and he may just get up and walk away from whatever is doing the repeating.
-Bossiness; There is a difference in telling someone what to do when you need someone to do something and just telling someone to do something because you can and/or want to.
-Magic; He’s just naturally good at it. You know, one of those natural skills that people have. he naturally understands magic, and after a few tries, can do a new spell pretty well, and with ease, depending on the difficulty.
-Writing; as a hobby he invests a lot of time in, he is very good at it.
-Fighting; Hand him any melee weapon and he will kick your ass. He's not so goo with ranged weapons.
-Losing Control of his Magic; As he practices the forbidden arts, if he loses control, many people could die.
-He’s irrationally afraid of man made heights.
-He’s afraid of getting his hear broken.
Mental: N/A
Physical: Besides his fluid-ness when he moves, there’s nothing else.
Background: Raziel grew up in a supportive and healthy home. His mother was a stay at home mom, enjoying being close to her kids, and helping their lives as much as possible. His father went to work and made the money, but not much of it, and defiantly not enough. So, when Raziel was about 10 or 11, he started to do magic tricks out in the streets. It was also about the time he learned his love of Magic. Raziel uses his pay to help out the family and slowly saved up enough money for magic lessons, he took healing to start off with He would also work for the man who taught him to help pay for his lessons when he didn’t have enough money.
When he was about 12, he also discovered he loved to write, but this was third to his love of magic and fighting, but he still found he was very good at drawing and he invested more money into this skill. At this point, he had no money for anything else in life, but he was still content.
When he was 16, he wanted to learn more magic, but he was told he had studied it all. He knew there was more out there and started to push against the veil, learning more about magic and what it can really do. He always had known that it was just a little too safe, and there was not much he could do with it. So, when he was 19 he joined the Shadow Keeper's, quickly rising up withing the ranks. He's not on top, but he is very well known by the name 'Shadow Bringer'.
Other: N/A


Name: Cassian
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Cassian is a formidable figure, standing tall at 6'4 with a heavily muscled build. He has a rugged and weathered appearance. His piercing brown eyes exude an intense and unwavering gaze, capable of striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. He is often seen clad in dark, intimidating armor adorned with the kingdom's symbol. His left leg was lost in a horrific battle years ago. In its place is a mechanic leg.

Cassian is an intimidating and respected warrior, known for his commanding presence and unwavering confidence in his abilities. He exudes an aura of authority and strength, captivating the attention of those around him. With a strict adherence to honor and integrity, he upholds a code of conduct that demands respect from his comrades. He values camaraderie and teamwork, recognizing their importance in achieving victory.
Beneath his stoic exterior, Cassian possesses a sharp intellect and strategic mind. He excels in battlefield tactics, always planning his moves meticulously and anticipating his opponents' strategies. His analytical nature allows him to exploit weaknesses and find advantageous positions in combat, earning the admiration and trust of his fellow warriors. Despite his emotional reserve, those who earn his trust will discover a fiercely loyal and protective ally who will go to great lengths to ensure the safety of his comrades.
Cassian's unwavering dedication to his mission and unwavering loyalty to his allies make him a formidable force on the battlefield. He is willing to put himself in harm's way to shield his comrades from danger, and his unwavering determination ensures that he fights with unmatched resolve. his reputation as a fearsome warrior precedes him, striking fear into the hearts of his enemies and commanding the respect of those who fight alongside him.

-The sound of rain falling
-The scent of freshly brewed herbal tea
-Observing the night sky and its constellations
-Collecting antique weapons

-The taste of sour food
-Being confined in tight spaces for prolonged periods of time
-Dark magic

-Mastery of various weapon styles, particularly with a broadsword
-Tactical planning and battlefield strategy
-Endurance and physical strength
-Exceptional reflexes and hand-eye coordination

-Losing control of a situation
Becoming weak or vulnerable
-Betrayal by those he trusts
-Failing in his duties and responsibilities
-Facing a supernatural or dark force beyond his understanding

Cassian was born into a lineage of warriors renowned for their ferocity and discipline. From a young age, he immersed himself in a culture that reveres the art of combat and honors the legacy of their ancestors. He underwent rigorous training in the ways of warfare, developing exceptional physical and mental prowess through grueling challenges and demanding training regimens. He learned not only the technical aspects of combat but also the importance of honor, loyalty, and strategic thinking. He absorbed the stories and teachings of his ancestors, drawing inspiration from their feats of bravery and legendary battles.

As he matured, Cassian embraced his role as a warrior, dedicating his life to protecting his people and fighting for justice. He joined campaigns and quests, engaging in battles against various foes that threaten the safety and well-being of his homeland. Cassian quickly gained a reputation as a formidable force on the battlefield, respected by both his comrades and adversaries for his unwavering determination and fearsome combat skills.

Through his experiences in countless battles and campaigns, he developed a deep understanding of warfare, becoming a skilled tactician and strategist. He learned to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents, exploiting any advantage he can find. Cassian's ability to lead and inspire others has earned him the trust and loyalty of his fellow warriors, as he leads them to victory time and time again.

Cassian carries a unique pendant with a symbol of a dragon, a symbol of strength and power, which has been passed down through generations in his family.


(We could start with their first meeting? Cassian can be sent on a mission with his team to raid one of the Shadow Keepers’ bases and they can have a run in (of course your boy will get away haha) )


(Exactly like that. Basically anything that would be considered morally questionable. So like you said: necromancy and darkness. Anything that can be used to cause harm/death. Just your basic evil stuff)

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(Oh, also, what time period? For tech and stuff? Modern day? 1700's? Just so I know what kind of tech my character would have and the kind of clothes he would wear)


(Like a futuristic medieval world. So it's set up with the same politics and such as a medieval time period (same types of buildings and such as well) but with advanced tech. Clothing would have a modernized medieval look. Does that make sense?)