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The battlefield is littered with bodies, those dead, and those dying. Among them, __ lies there. This had only suppose to have been a scouting mission, but it instead turned into a massacre. ___ was still trying to comprehend what had happened, how they could've been so careless.

A raspy breath escaped their lungs, staring blankly towards the sky as their vision started to grow darker. The sound of movement, something was drawing closer. Most likely animals, scavengers to get their fill of fresh corpses.

The sound stopped just a few feet away. _____ opened their eyes, a black, animal-like creature standing off to the side. Golden eyes gazed towards them, they could feel those eyes burning through them, as if calculating, debating.

A voice suddenly spoke, "Well now, this is a surprise. One who is still alive?"

_____ had little to no strength to respond. They instead could only stare blankly at the dark mass that had to be the creature whom was speaking. Their eyes started to close, mind thinking that this was a servant, the God of Death having sent something to collect their soul.

"Not much a talker aye? But what with the hole through your stomach and other injuries, guess I wouldn't care much to talk either…"

Silence, then it spoke again, its words causing their eyes to open; "Tell me human, do you wish to live?"


A RP that will take place in a fantasy world

The creature (my character, I will have his character page up further down) offers a pact to the dying human. In turn, this will grant them incredible power and a longer lifespan. Though with this, comes a terrible price.

The human will lose something dear to them. This may be physical; lost the use of a limb (blind, motor movements of a leg/arm). Could be unable to feel certain things; pain, or say they could no longer eat so always hungry, same with thirst.

Or it could be something mental; loss to feel empathy, hatred, etc.

The other price of the pact; pact partners lives are now intertwined. Meaning their souls are one. If one dies, the other will soon follow.

This is currently what I have so far for this idea. Most likely things will be explained, etc. along the way in the story.


~Mature Writer wanted

This means cursing, mature/suggestive themes, gore, etc.

If you are not comfortable with any of that, please look elsewhere

~Character pairing; either MxM or MxF

~Semi-lit to literate RP partner needed

I'm looking for both quantity and quality in posts

I do understand mistakes happen however, I know I tend to read back on my posts and notice my own mistakes

~As such, this most likely won't be first-come-first-serve

I will ask for a writing sample before deciding

~Posting, take your time, sometimes takes me a few days before I am able to come up with something

Need to take a break from the RP, just let me know, and I will do the same vice versa

~This will be 1x1

~Since it is 1x1, you may play multiple characters if you think it will add to the RP

~This is our story, both of us contribute to it. Want to do a plot, then lets discuss it, and I will do the same

Any other questions, message me


The Characters

The Creature (Valravn); Razorik - Razorik

The Human; __ - OPEN

@Dragoncita group

Greetings to the both of you

I would ask both of you to send writing samples before I decide on a partner
No need to rush, take your time



Rain and wind lashed violently against him as he ran. His breathing was heavy, and he held his side as it ached. He didn’t know how long he had been running, or how long the tears had been falling down his face, dancing with the rain. Lightning crackled ahead, shooting through the sky and the rain came down harder, the wind howled with such agony it sounded like multiple voices screaming. Despite that however, he continued running forward, occasionally stumbling as the wind pushed him harder.
Never was there a moment of peace, just wind coming at him from all directions, the rain making it harder to see. The pain in his side grew stronger, his body wanted to shut down from the cold and the ever so slow decline of adrenaline leaving his system. His sprint fell down to a jog, and the jog quickly turned into a walk where he was dragging his feet and wheezing. He knew he needed to keep moving, to get away from home as quickly as possible. He didn’t dare turn back to the place he so hated. He refused to do such a thing.
Ahead of him was a forest, and compared to the wind and rain lashing against his skin and the heavy trees offering shelter, he chose the forest. He stumbled in, finding a small dry patch and settled in, his eyes shutting as he caught his breath. He knew he couldn’t sleep here, but his body ached for rest, and every bone in his body groaned when he tried to move. The adrenaline had finally run out, and he was out here… in the middle of nowhere.
Not to mention- the way that thing had turned its attention to him as it hovered over his mothers mangled corpse, his father dead on the couch, and his older brother laid lifeless on the floor. He knew the creature was probably hunting him now, its howls melting with the rain. So, he stood slowly, and kept moving. The forest was dark; the storm raging above causing him to flinch every time thunder boomed. The lightning would cause shadows to dance, playing tricks on his eyes. A bush would become the outline of the monster, the moss hanging from trees looked like his family, mangled and broken.
He could feel a fresh well of tears soak his face as he moved forward, the salt stinging his raw, wind whipped skin. How had this happened? Why did it happen? Why his family? It wasn’t fair.
A twig snapped, and he whirled around, his hair raising on end, his skin prickling with anxiety. He held his breath as his eyes desperately searched the shadows, and then he froze.
Two red eyes glowed at him through the trees, and the clicking he had heard as he had entered his home now filled his ears.

(I hope this is alright!)

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((OOC: Very well, then let us begin))

The creature trotted along, pausing now and then as it sifted through the corpses strewn about the fresh battlefield. Something had happened here, not that it mattered to the beast, human life was always lost. Every day it seemed to just be another step closer to the fall of humanity. Granted, if that fall ever came, it would be many years from now, a future where the beast would be long gone. It had a long life span yes, but even its kind eventually grew old and passed to the next world.

It paused in its rummaging, a pair of golden eyes shifting to the side. A pair of wolfen ears upon its head swiveled forward, listening intently to the world around it. Was that the sound of a breath? Possibly some poor fool still alive amongst the carnage?

The thing's curiosity peaked. Not very often it came across a still alive corpse, a morbid description of someone dying, but if the shoe fit…

The black beast moved slowly through the wreckage, clearly in no hurry. Its ears swiveled back and forth, continuing to listen to the world around it. Not much other than the occasional death-rattle from a human, the caws of crows and ravens, and of course the movement of other creatures coming to sift through the remains.

There it was, the faint beating of a heart, the breaths of a dying human whom still stubbornly clung to life. The wolfen beast rustled the black, feathery wings upon its back, golden eyes steadily gazing forward. The time it took to find the still living individual was done in a matter of moments. Well, their heart was still the only one that seemed to beat in a determined, albeit weak, rhythm.

The creature stared, its golden eyes seeming to pierce straight through the broken body of the human before them. Slowly it sat down on its haunches, simply observing. It tilted its head upwards for a moment, watching as a circle of crows gathered, then dispersed. The birds knew better than to try and fly down to get pickings from something the beast itself had eyes on.

Gold eyes shifted back down, looking at the broken body. Without too much of a thought, its beak-like muzzle opened, forming words, "How interesting, one who is still alive?"

No reply, well, not too surprising. The human was pretty much dead, grievous wounds and slowly bleeding out. It tilted its head, one ear twitching, "Don't talk much do ya? Well, not that I blame ya, what with hole in your stomach and other wounds."

It remained settled on its haunches, tail coming to curl around its front paws. One of its ears swiveled forward, the other laying back. The beast observed as the broken body before it closed their eyes, presumably waiting for their painful existence to come to a close. Hm, the God of Death was taking their sweet time collecting this one's soul…perhaps there was a chance…

A thought crossed the beast's mind, a thought it was rather surprised to have really. Its golden gaze shifted back down to the human before it. Thoughts, colliding with one another in its head. Why now would this be a good time? Well, the other would have no choice…but then there was always a choice…

"Tell me human, do you wish to live? Well, I know you can't talk as of now…but do try to blink twice if that is your wish. Or, if you wish to remain here dying, I will patiently wait, for I am in no rush."

If the human did agree, the creature already knew the price, but the human most likely did not. Not that it really mattered, they would only lose something dear to them in the end…and the beast's life would just be intertwined with the human's. It would probably explain a bit after…should the event come to pass.


He could still hear the screaming- it was almost constant now… How had his simple scouting mission turn into a massacre? He thought everything was going fine, that they would get it over with soon enough, but then- there was blood everywhere- his friends crying out or screaming at the sudden chaos that had been released. How had he missed the warning signs? How could he have been so careless. Now he was here, strewn among the bodies of his friends and comrades… If he had the strength, he would be crying. But at the moment, he was too weak, too frail to do such a thing.

Now that the adrenaline rush had ended, all his body could feel was pain. He couldn't move, and from what he could tell there was a lot of blood, so why, pray tell- was he still alive? How was he still alive? He inhaled sharply when he heard something rummaging through the carcasses, he could hear the vultures and the ravens coming closer. How soon would he die by the will of nature?

No, what faced him was much, much worse. A creature, so large and terrifying. It's eyes stared down into him, making his breath hitch completely, and his body itching to run. And then it spoke to him, and he felt like he was going to die of terror. What was going to happen to him? Was this how he was going to die? At the mention of the hole in his stomach, he wasn't surprised. He knew that his injuries were bad. He just… wasn't sure how bad.

He was surprised that death had not closed it's cold hands around his neck, how he was still breathing here, among the carnage, was a mystery to him. He knew that his time would come eventually, but it was taking so long… and it was so painful. And now this creature stood above him, most likely waiting for him to die. His breath still rattled on, and his heart still beat on stubbornly. He wished it would go out, just so it would be over with.

When the creature spoke again, his eyes flashed to the creature. If he were to live… would he still need to endure the pain? He didn't know the price of living, but he wondered vaguely if this was a second chance. Would he be able to continue, and fix the mistakes he had caused? He wanted too, oh god he desperately wanted too- or would he be able to move forward?

So he did as the creature asked, blinking twice. He wasn't sure what would happen now. He doubted there would be much to remember. So he stayed there, and shut his eyes, preparing for whatever might happen.

(I was thinking he loses his memories? As well as being unable to feel pain? Or should it just be one?)

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((OOC: I'm fine with it being both. Most certainly will make things interesting))

It moved its head to the side, having caught sight of something on a nearby body. With that sharp, beak-like muzzle, it plucked apart an open wound. Fangs scythed through flesh, tearing a hunk of muscle, snapping it up, then swallowing.

An ear swiveled around, head turning to look back. Those golden eyes once again came to rest on the man. Ah, the human had blinked, twice just as it had asked. The beast slowly stood up onto all fours, paws starting to walk forward. It meandered a few steps closer, till its front paws came to barely rest against the broken body before it.

Once again, its head leaned down, sniffing a bit at the man. A strong heart indeed, considering it has been beating so long, long after a time that it should have already given out. The creature remained hovering over the human, those gold eyes staring directly into the man's, even remaining looking downwards as the other closed their eyes fully again.

"So it is life you choose? Then I propose a pact, a pact of man and beast. A bond that will entwine our souls, becoming one."

The strange beast took a step back suddenly, its form seeming to molt fur and feathers away to reveal glistening dark colored armor. Up it rose, standing on hind legs that were now those of a armored man. Though as the shape of the beast became more human, those great black wings remained on his shoulders, the same piercing gold eyes glowing in the darkness of a helmet covering their head.

He was knelt down beside, armored hand coming to rest lightly on the human's chest. A soft, golden glow started to emit from the palm, male starting to speak.

"Two hearts shall beat as one, your life is mine, my life is yours. Reach out your soul, let it join my voice in song," darkness crept in on the helmet, as if the armored figure had also closed their eyes, "With this pact, our souls bound together till our lives end, a price must be paid. Power and life I give you, but with such a great power, something must be lost. Witness, Great One, this human offers something dear to him, in exchange for my power. Grant him my brand, so that the pact may be complete."

The armored figure suddenly stood, the black wings upon his back flaring out to their fullest. He reached his hand towards his chest, resting it there for several moments, then slowly started to pull back. The figure seemingly winced as a golden orb appeared in his hand, as if having it pulled it straight out of his chest. The golden orb floated gently in the palm of his hand, swirling with gold and black.

He held it outwards, the orb slowly floating forward, then descending down towards the broken man's chest. Soon, a weak orb of blue light rose upwards, becoming enveloped by the gold and black orb. A glow of gold washed over both the armored figure and human. A burning sensation, a strike of pain, but the pain quickly dispersed.

The armored male knew pain, but nothing to this extent. Though it it had been so quick, just that sudden instance had felt like both his wings had broken at once. He glanced back out of the corner of his eye, spreading his wings out, then folding them back. The pain, that's all it had been, his wings were fine…which was a relief. He couldn't imagine being without them.

He looked back down, observing with keen eyes as orb of blue light seemed to now glow with a mix of gold and black. The pact, it had been accepted, seemed the human would live to see another day…

Wounds would slowly close, mending themselves. What had been severe returned to normal. Only exhaustion would be left…

"So," the armored figure once again knelt down beside the human, those golden orbs glowing in the darkness of his helm, "how about we get you out of here hm? I'm sure a warm bed would suit you better than a blood-soaked battlefield aye?"

Without so much of a second thought, the armored male then proceeded to lift the man's body up into his arm's bridal style. He paused for a moment, glancing down.

"This will be easier on you should I carry you. Exhaustion from your body accepting our pact and the new strength will take time for you to adjust to…at least from what I have heard."

He wasn't going to exactly be downright honest now. Once a beast made a pact, that was final, there was no going back. A pact of man and beast was not one easily broken, unless by death. Then add the fact that due to what he was, the creature wasn't exactly welcomed amongst others.

The humanoid rustled his wings slightly, shifting his gaze elsewhere for a moment, "We will learn the price of the pact later when you are strong enough to walk on your own, for now though, let us away from this place."


The man inhaled sharply as he watched the creature rip into a carcass, shutting their eyes slowly and taking a deep breath. The smell of blood and rotting bodies would have made him puke if he didn't feel so weak. He wanted to move, wanted to scream. Everything felt wrong.

When the creature moved closer, he simply shut his eyes and tried to take a deep breath. He was terrified for sure, but if he was going to die, his heart would have given out a while ago. He felt terrified as the creature settled their hands on his chest. He knew that he could have just stayed here, just let death take her hands and wrap them around his throat. But… Something in him wanted to stay alive.

When the creature stepped back he opened his eyes slowly and watched as the other turned into a human like thing. It still looked terrifying and he inhaled sharply, a weak cough leaving his lips as he watched the creature say… something. At this point he was unsure, but it wasn't like he could do anything. He had agreed to this, and he was going to stick to it.

What really freaked him out was when the orb entered his chest, his breath hitching ever so slightly as he looked over at the other in fear. What was coming out of his chest? What was happening? But he almost screamed at how painful it was when the orb left his chest. He knew he needed to breathe. But gods it was so painful. But as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again and he eased slowly before he felt absolutely worn out.

His body felt as if it had been made of lead, like it had been completely obliterated, thrown through a mill, and put back together. He felt practically numb now, and the world seemed to fade away slowly. He could feel his fingers again, so that was good at least. And… the creature above him said something about a warm bed… oh that sounded lovely. A bed sounded wonderful.

He allowed the other to haul him up, his body easily folding into the others arms. He didn't doubt that the bond took energy from him. He was already exhausted from the battle, and now he was even more exhausted from the pact. He sighed quietly and rests his head on the others shoulder. He tried so desperately to listen to what the other was saying, but he was so tired. He curls up and completely passes out.

When he woke up, he had no idea what had happened, or what had happened. He remembered a creature, and unimaginable pain- and something happening with glowing orbs. But anything before that- He didn't remember it at all. He just… woke up in a nice bed. He was curled up comfortably. He let out a soft yawn and moved further into the covers, trying to remember what had happened before the creature but all that met him was confusion and darkness. Was that all there really was…? He slowly slipped out of the covers and looked around, tilting his head little bit. What… was this place?

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His black wings unfurled from his back. The male gave a few experimental flaps, then jumped upwards, several wing beats and he was airborne. He barely made a sound as those great black wings of his carried him through the sky. Up he rode upon the air currents, letting the wind carry him forward, occasionally flapping to stay aloft.

The once irregular beat of the man had calmed down. Sure, the other's heart had been beating before the pact, but faintly. Now it was a steady, constant beat. With the other pressed against his body, he could hear hear the sound, despite the wind blowing past.

What was he doing, what had he done? The armored male gave his head a slight shake. He was committed now, he could not turn back.

Lights shown in the distance. A village, a place to rest. Slowly he started to circle downwards, his black wings continuing to make hardly a sound. Down he descended, boots touching down, wings folding neatly against his back. A flash of gold, his golden eyes blazing in the darkness of his helmet.

The male walked silently into the dark streets. Night had come by the time he reached the small civilization. Most residents were already in their homes, except the few late night drunkards. Those golden eyes constantly shifted back and forth, ever watchful of his surroundings. His black wings moved, coming to wrap around his body in a makeshift cloak of black feathers.

His eyes came to settle on a hanging sign on a building. The name was enough for him to understand he had found an inn. He moved the passed out man to the crook of his left arm, reaching outwards with his right to open the door. The armored male entered, closing the door, and turning to face a woman behind the desk. He approached slowly, coming to a standstill.

"Pardon me Madam, we seek a room to spend the night here if it is possible."

He was attentive, watching as the woman seemed to pause, reaching under the desk and looking through parchments.

"We have a room available, just one room for the both of you?"

The armored figure gave a nod, "Aye, one room will be enough."

The woman reached back, pulling a set of keys down from a pegboard, then handing them over. She pointed in the general direction, then returned to her work. The armored male gave a silent 'thank you' to her, then headed up the stairs and to the left.

It was a cozy enough room; a bed, table, set of drawers, and few chairs. He moved towards the bed, pulling the covers back, setting his precious cargo down, then pulling the blankets back over. That was right, wasn't it? Humans, he honestly never really had a good understanding of the way they worked at times. Despite being well up in age, he still was learning new things. His wings folded back again from where they had been wrapped around his armor.

The male moved to the side, grabbing the back of a chair, pulling it to the bedside. He then sat down, waiting for morning to approach while keeping watch of the sleeping male.

Morning had indeed come. The sound of the village waking, birds singing and insects chirping. Movement, all around, others in the inn were also waking for the day.

"Ah, you are awake?"

The voice sounded nearby. The armored male sat calmly, one leg crossed over the other, arms crisscrossed in front of his chest. He tilted his head to the side, still covered in the helmet. Seemed he had kept his armor on, not that he fell asleep during the night, remaining awake and vigilant. The black wings upon his back remained folded neatly, perfectly preened.

"How do you feel? Nothing out of the sort?"

The armored male's voice held concern. Though having just met this individual the other day, he needed to be concerned. This man's life was now his, and his this man's. He did not want to already possibly die from offering a pact to man who was just going to die as soon as he woke up the next day after the pact. Introductions could wait after.

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((OOC: You are completely fine. I've recently had a bit of writers block for awhile, though I'd also like to try and get back into writing again))


The man wasn't sure what exactly had happened, or why. He could barely remember events from before he would up… he remembered being carried, that much was obvious. And who was this person sitting by his bed? It was obvious they cared for him, but he had no idea why. Was he their friend? Their relative? Something in his gut told him it was more than that though. He just wasn't sure. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself.

He focused on his breathing for a moment, inhaling through the nose, exhaling through his mouth. His eyes scanned the room carefully. He was sitting in a bed, with a stranger sitting beside him on a chair. The room was well kept, clean. However there was nothing to signify that there were any personal belongings. Which must mean he was staying somewhere that wasn't his own home. What was home? He had no clue.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved his feet off the bed and gazed at the person, more like creature, in front of him. "I…feel…" He had to pause for a moment, trying to remember how to formulate words. "I feel okay… dirty…" He wasn't sure what the brown, stiff stuff covering him was, but he wanted to get clean. He didn't like the way his stomach lurched at the sight of the crusted thing that stained his hands and body. Like it brought back a painful memory.

He looked away, towards a mirror settled over the dresser. Stunning green eyes stared back at him as he slowly took in his appearance. Soft brown hair, wavy and settled along his shoulders, pale, freckled skin… He was smeared with more of that crusty substance. He carefully lifted his hand to touch his face, as if confirming that it was truly him.

Instead he turned his attention back to the creature in front of him. "Who am I?" He asked, ever so quietly. As if he were… afraid to know the answer. He had no answers for himself, only that he felt this person in front of him knew. He wasn't even sure what this creature was. But he knew he felt safe at least. That was a calming thought.

He seemed as timid as a newborn fawn as he looked around the room. However, his eyes would always return to the person in front of him, as if wondering silently who the person in front of him was, and what their purpose was. It made him uneasy. He took a deep breath, as if wanting to speak again, before he stopped himself and looked away, as if debating with himself completely. He was lost in this new world, and he had nothing to guide him- other than the person in front of him. He wanted help, and he desperately wanted to ask for it, but he wasn't sure how. Or what even to do.

"What is your name?" He finally asked.