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The Raven - a known, very skilled, highly feared assassin on the continent of Mavadora. All kingdoms fear him. Every drug lord, pirate and other assassins fear him, respect him. He's worked on this continent and the neighboring ones. Everyone knows him.

The Prince of Eirus - a known, very kind, highly loved prince on the continent of Mavadora. All kingdoms love him. Every king, lord and other royals love (and envy) him, respect him. He's worked hard trying to make Eirus the most respected and loved kingdom on this continent and the neighboring ones. Everyone knows him.

When The Raven gets given a job, a very well paying job, to kill the Prince of Eirus it's an offer he couldn't turn down. Yes, he usually had policies against killing people who do not deserve death however the money was too good to refuse.
After dancing together at a royal ball and kidnapping the prince, The Raven is presented with a predicament - kill the prince and take the money, or respect his morals and let him go. When deciding he can't just let the male go just yet until he males his mind up, they travel back to The Raven's home kingdom, on the way learning of a plot to take over the continent of Mavadora and send the place into chaos. The two decide that, even though they both have very different lines of work, they need to work together to take down the people responsible for the plot and take back their continent (whilst falling in love along the way).

So yeah, that's the prompt. This will be set in a fantasy land - medieval style. Will have magic, dragons, fantasy creatures and all that fun stuff. This will be a one-on-one, MATURE (aka, gore, swearing, possible smut, all that good stuff) role-play so if that isn't your thang then this isn't the thread for you my friend, I'm sorry.

General rules

  • Please try and post more the one sentence. I know that I do it as well, however, try and keep the plot and the story going. If you can't think of much to write, try character internal dialogue at least.
  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling is appreciated. Obviously occasional slip ups are okay but not constantly, it makes it hard to read and understand.
  • Please be understanding of the fact that I am not active that much, I try to and get on where possible and I live in Australia, time zones are hard. I am currently on holidays for two weeks but will be away for three days. When this happens I will notify you but be respectful that I am not as active as I used to be.
  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules, of course.
  • If I do not know you or your writing style, I will ask for a sample of writing so be prepared.
  • I can reject you if I wish, this isn't anything to do with me hating you, I love everyone on this website but some people's writing style doesn't work well with mine.
  • Be kind :) and respectful as well.

If I do not know your writing style I will ask for a sample and if it doesn't fit with mine then I won't let you join, I'm sorry lads. (99.9% of the time I will so yes anyway so this shouldn't matter, it's just so I can get a feel of how you write I guess).

I'll post a temp if anyone is interested.


ummm- sure.

The roof has always been sort of dull. But for some reason, tonight, the more I look at it the more vivid it becomes. Not just the roof, but everything.

Tonight is not one that I prepared for, in any sense of the term. I sat on my bed as usual. Well, I laid on it anyway. Heavy punk music playing through my earbuds, my head rests on my boyfriend’s chest and I feel calm, I feel safe.

This was standard practice for us, all we ever really wanted was to be in each other’s company. We’ve been together long enough where even our silence is comforting. I could lay here forever and just listen to his steady breathing and take in the smell of his disgustingly strong cologne.

But you already know all of that. I should tell you what’s really going on. I’m sitting here, Atlas holding my hand as panic completely takes over me and I start to scream. I know he didn’t mean to cause me this much pain, but my past is finally catching up to me.

We lay in silence until I calm down enough to speak. He looks at me with a sort of plea to his look. I know what he will ask but I can’t bear the thought. I don’t want to think about it. This is the only place I’d ever felt safe and now I might have to sit here reliving everything I’ve tried so desperately to forget.

“You can’t hide it from me anymore Connor. You can’t fight this on your own.”

His words are full of concern but are still so sweet on the ear. Atlas had a knack for that, being able to disguise his worry and sadness with kindness. I subconsciously bite my lip as I always do when he is like this. I can’t help it, he’s put some spell on me but I always calm down quicker when he is around. Which he always is.

“I can’t talk about it, I can’t, I can’t-”

I start to repeat myself over and over, I probably seem like a madman. I may have calmed down but even I know I haven’t completely snapped out of it. I don’t know how much time is passing but Atlas knows that this is something he can’t help me with. I try calming my thoughts but it makes it worse. I grab Atlas’ hand tightly and he pulls me into a hug. I’m shaking and I’m muttering but I don’t take any notice of what I’m doing anymore, Atlas’ warm hug envelops me and that’s all I need.

The fact that Atlas has stayed with me during all of this surprises me to no end. He is the most patient person out there and I’m glad he’s mine. But he pulls away and I can’t seem to figure out why. I hear someone pleading for his life but I can’t tell who it is. I know Atlas and I are the only one’s home. I look up with eyes filled with fear. He’s looking at me with worry and concern. That’s when it clicked. I’m the one screaming.

The room blurs in and out of focus quicker than I could blink. The more I thought I had control of my racing thoughts the harder it was to keep that control. I could hear my heart pounding on the jail bars of my rib cage and my lungs start to fail me. I do not cry, not yet anyway. My head screams in pain and suffering and my limbs tremble like an earthquake. Trying to keep myself steady is a challenge in itself most days, but when panic is rising in my throat, that’s a different story. It takes a while but soon enough I’m dead asleep, exhausted by the night’s events.

Screeching voices, broken bottles, fists hitting plaster. That’s what I’m hearing. It gets louder and louder until my eardrums burst. Then nothing.

I jump up. It’s the middle of the night, the lights are off and Atlas is sleeping peacefully beside me. I move as swiftly and quietly as I can, trying not to wake the sleeping angel up. I sneak out onto the hammock where the concrete finishes and nature starts. The stars shine brighter than I could draw them and I get lost in connecting them together.

I hadn’t even noticed Atlas coming out and laying on my chest. For a while, we lay in silence, and it is comforting. Altas’ gentle kiss brought me back to reality and I smiled. Something he tells me I rarely do. I know I can’t avoid it anymore, and I think he knows that I’m realising it.

“I’m ready to talk…”

He suddenly hugs me as tight as he can and a tear rolls down my cheek. Atlas is right, I can’t do this on my own anymore, and I trust him more than anyone. I’m the safest I’ve ever been with the person I love the most, I have no reason to be scared anymore.

So I tell him everything. About Dad, about how I ended up on the streets. Everything. Well, almost. I’ve poured my heart out to him and only him. It feels good, just to not be the only one trying to fix my broken mind.

I stare out at the garden and can no longer hold back my tears. I weep and he holds me and it’s almost perfect. But I can tell he’s thinking, he seems to be trying to figure something out. Maybe another question, maybe how to word something in the right way. Then he finally says it. The question I’ve never wanted to answer.

“What happened to your mum?”


Of course! Here's a temp:

Age: (21-25)
Magic: (optional and if so, nothing too powerful - magic comes with weaknesses)


Name: Stehpen Misokoro
Alias: The Raven
Age: 22
Sexuality: Pansexual
Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes. Extremely pale and tall. Strong build but doesn't wear his muscle.
Clothing: Jeans and a t-shirt. Leather jacket always in hand.
Weapons: Any weapon he can find. Bow and arrow being his go-to
Personality: ENTP
Magic: Son of Aries.
Likes: Soccer.
Dislikes: Sugar.
Fears: His loved one getting hurt.
Background: Normal childhood. Until he was cursed as a 10-year-old. Started harnessing Empath abilities and turned to the Greek Gods. At 15 he was claimed by Aries (God of war) Where he finally started his assassin work.
Other: Has a sister that he is constantly mentioning.


Name: Caspian Rynian
Alias: none
Age: 22
Sexuality: bi-sexual
Appearance: Cas has tan skin He's around 5'7 and pretty muscular in build, although is is pretty skinny despite that. He has brown, chestnut hair, it's floofy and unkempt a lot of the time but on the very rare occasion, he will brush it. He has a strong, chiselled jawline. His eyes are a sharp green colour, rimmed with a black and if you look close enough there are various shades of green in his actual eye. His facial features are well defined, cheek bones sharp and prominent. Cas has a scar in his left eyebrow. He actually has many scars on his body, very visible if he takes his shirt off. He also has a tattoo on his back of a dragon.
Clothing: He wears a lot of black, or navy blue. Generally it's a blue or black loose fitting shirt and black trousers and pants.
Weapons: a long sword
Personality: Cas is a very kind hearted person. He's very sweet, always looking for the good in others. He's kind and caring, the kind of person you'd find hanging out with the elderly on the weekends. He's always willing to help others and wants to. Passionate about learning. Strong willed and minded when he wants to be or it's something he loves. However, despite all that, he knows when kindness is needed, and when it is not. Level headed, intelligent. Does have a bit of a temper on him if you piss him off enough, however that doesn't happen often unless you're in a meeting with him and you say something completely idiotic and then she'll go off. (Luckily this hasn't happened too often as mentioned). He will always put others needs above his own in any situation, even if it might effect him later down the line. Does suffer from anxiety. Is no stranger to a panic or anxiety attack because of this. Trust issues.
Magic: darkness manipulation
Likes: tea, cats, libraries, books, music
Dislikes: small spaces, overly obnoxious people, coffee
Fears: dying, being alone forever
Background: CAs is currently the only living heir to the throne of Eirus. He was the youngest of three children, having two older brothers (Aeron and Arin) who unfortunately, with his mother, passed away in battle when he was 16. The people of Eirus are more or less a peaceful people, very welcoming and loving. But, they hold a lot of power which some people did not agree with, hence the battle. Luckily, they won, but it came with the price of losing their two oldest heirs. Soon after, his father, Octian, cracked down on boarder control became more cautious. He was a very good father, very loving and him and Cas don't have many problems. Together, they make their kingdom a very peaceful place to be. The death of their family members hit them both hard but the two of them managed to deal with the grief and they are always remembered in the heart of their people. He had to grow up very fast in a life of royalty, luckily he had a better childhood then some of the other royals he knows and is very grateful.
Other: none


It was the night of Caspian's twenty second birthday. Twenty second. It felt like he was turning a lot older then we was, mainly because he felt older then he was. He was twenty two and had always been to war and was practically running an entire kingdom with little to no help. His father was going to step down from his throne soon, even though Cas was doing most of his father's royal duties.

There was to be a ball. In fact the ball was practically about to start. From his tower room above the rest of the castle the prince could hear the music from down bellow, people filtering through the doors like moths to a flame. Everyone had been invited. Towns folk, other royals, lords and ladies, dukes and duchesses. So many people and Cas was expected to greet most if not all. He'd never been one for a party, however since he hadn't had one last year his father decided he was going to throw a ball this year whether is only child liked it or not. Cas has protested, although lost terrible.

It was a masquerade ball. A sight that was common in Eirus since they loved to party and they liked dressing up. Cas didn't like not being able to see the person he was talking to and truly recognise them but he could survive, if only for one night.

Sighing, he adjusted the royal blue suit he was wearing, the gold sash glittering in the lamp light and dazzling him in the mirror he was standing in front of. His mask matched, covering his eyes with wisps of gold and blue and black, jewels sending light bouncing off their perfectly carved bodies. It was too fancy, but a birthday gift and one he was expected to wear.

The click of his boots echoed around the winding spiral staircase as he headed to the main ball, filling the near silence. As he got closer he could hear how many people were down there. A hundred, maybe more, maybe a little less. He held his head high, plastering a smile onto his face as he entered, being greeted with laughter and smiles that mirrored his own. Hopefully, if he was lucky, it would be a good night.


(mine are gonna be really bad and not as long XD)

The night of the Prince's twenty-second birthday is celebrated all over town. It's hardly something you could miss. Steph happens to be sitting on the roof of the night the ball was planned. But he didn't plan on coming quietly. He planned a grand entrance that no one there would forget. Hopefully.


(They don't have to be as long as that, but just not one sentence.)

People were dancing, singing, laughing. It seemed most of town had come to celebrate his birthday, something that Caspian was grateful of. His father was sitting on his throne, talking to some lord but still keeping a watchful eye on his only son. Cas did his round, going from person after person, thanking them all for coming. He barely had a moment of silence and knew his voice was going to be sore by the end of the night. He declined the women asking for a dancing. If he was going to dance it was going to be with someone he chose, not someone looking for a kiss afterwards.


An outfit to fit in wouldn't be hard to find. After all, Stephen had a knack for impersonations. He'd just steal the clothes off the next man that arrived. He got inside swifter than anything he could have planned. He stood and looked around for a moment. Adjusting his plan to the layout of the castle. But as soon as he lay his eyes on the prince. He decided to have a bit of fun first. Walking up to him dripping in confidence. He dramatically bows and holds out his hand.

"Mind if we dance kind sir?"


Caspian raised a brow at the man in front of him, looking him over, accessing. He was taller then he was, blond hair, blue eyes. Seemed nice enough and yet there was something about that confidence, the swagger, that had him curious. Was it an act? Or was he just an asshole? The Prince tilting his head before slipping his hand into the strangers, “If you insist, I don’t see why not.”