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The Pragma Project is an all new database that will pair up 20 contestant's based on compatibility. The goal is to create an efficient way to find a person's soulmate. Will you be our test subject?


  1. Be nice to other players. Just because your characters are having a disagreement doesn’t mean you should.

  2. Writing quality. Please no posts consisting of just one line of dialogue and then one line of action. When it’s your turn, make it count. At least four sentences.

  3. RP content. I don’t personally care how R rated your roleplaying gets, but please keep anything sexual in private messages and not in the chain. Also make sure others are willing to rp anything like that before trying to go for it.

  4. Language. I am perfectly fine with cursing, but others may not be. Please censor any curses and slurs unless allowed by everyone participating.

  5. Time. If you do not respond to a character within 24 hours, your turn will be skipped. If you do not respond within a week, your character will be removed from the roster and the game will pause until a replacement can be found.

  6. Enjoy yourself. This is for fun, admittedly. While I do feel rules are important, please do have fun!


Your character should have a full name (middle name is up to you), a specific age, as specific as you can on their physical description, their sexuality, their pronouns, and preferably a fleshed out backstory (but a basic one would be okay), and in order to be accepted you must include a summary of the rules somewhere.


After all 20 slots are filled, I will private message each of you asking for your top three characters you’d want your character to end up with. Once I’ve received all choices, I will release the first soulmate lineup. You might not end up with someone from your top three, but that’s alright. Every round, each couple will go on 1-3 dates, they can pick how many. I will announce dates one by one, the dates won’t all happen at the same time, so be on the lookout for when it’s your turn. Each round will finish with a vote from everyone on if they wish to stay with their soulmate. If no, you must supply me with three other choices of soulmate. This will continue until everyone is content with who they are paired with, and then the game is complete!