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I don't know why I'm starting this when I'm at work and won't be able to respond for hours, but here's another rp.

Concept is basically a grumpy/charming, tattooed, notorious pirate captain and the princess running away from something of your choosing sneaks onto his ship, not knowing who it is. And she didn't really sneak because everyone on the ship knew she was there but let her do it anyway. Call it curiosity.


Take all the time you need!! I’m guessing I’m the princess in this scenario? Correct me if I’m wrong xD


Name: Rosemary “Rose” Ravenwood
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Looks: A short woman (5’1; 105 lbs) with a small, petite body type; Caucasian; has a round face, brown eyes, and curly strawberry blonde hair that is normally kept in tight braids when she’s in court; Is almost completely blind in one eye, and if you look closely, there is a faint scar running from the top of her eyebrow to the bottom of her nose.
Personality: Rose has a very reserved personality, but she also comes off as charming to others with her witty comments. She had a difficult time opening up to or trusting others, but when she does, she often proves herself to be a very reliable friend. She can be naive about the world at times, but she’s book smart. She had a fascination with maps and the stars.


Name: Aedion Callistar
Age: Twenty-five
Occupation: Captian of the Savage Serpent
Apperance: Aedion is exactly 6'3" and towers over most of his crew. He has an athletic build only slightly more muscular with thick thighs and a broad chest and back. His pale skin has turned to a golden tan over the years of working in the sun. He has numerous scars littering his body, some small, some large. Most of them obtained from his privateering. A few were from his youth when he was not so coordinated with his large body. And few he preferred not to talk about. His golden blonde hair is cut just below his collarbone. It's long enough to tie back with a piece of leather. Or long enough to braid pieces of it. His eyes were unmistakable, a striking shade of blue. They were a vibrant blue. He has a strong jaw and cheekbones. His nose is slightly crooked from being broken one too many times. He could be considered quite handsome if he didn't always have a scowl on his face. His arms and chest and back are covered in tattoos. All of them with meanings. And not many he liked to talk about.
Personality: Aedion has a colorful and complicated personality. Colorful, in that he uses colorful language to convey most of his thoughts. Complicated because he wasn't very good at talking about his feelings and thoughts. He spoke mostly in brash jokes and sarcasm. He never really spoke about what was going on inside of him and yet he would force his crew to come to him if he suspected anything was amiss with them. He was a hard worker and hadn't gotten to where he was through laziness. He was captian for a reason, and have been one so young. His crew respected him because he would lay down his life for them. Now he had good days and bad days and it all depended on how he woke up in the morning. When he woke up on the wrong side the whole crew knew to avoid him. He was cranky and grumpy and not always the best company.


The Savage Serpent had long been a ship of the pirating world. Aedion had inherited the role of captian after the passing of the previous one a few years ago. He had never expected the role of captian to be passed to him. He hadn't been first mate nor even the quartermaster. He had been a sailing master, excellent with navigation and wind patterns. But when the captian had been hit critically after an ambush by a royal fleet, ge had given the hat to Aedion. And so started his career as captian at only twenty. Since then, the previous first mate had retired and a younger one replaced him. Someone Aedion trusted with his life. His crew respected him, not feared him. Anyone who worked under him knew there was no reason to be afraid of him. Though he supposed the same coukdnt be said for the people he looted and the royal fleets he terrorized.

The Savage Serpent had been dock at Nirie, capitol of Araniel and home of palace. He didn't usually like to be so close to a kingdom but he had repairs that needed to be made a shipment to pick up. Plus the usual restocking of supplies and his crew terrorizing the local taverns and such. His crew all knew if they ever touched someone without their consent, he would chop of their hands and kick them right off the plank. And they were good on that front. But once they started drinking that was a whole other mess to contend with. As long as they weren't his mess for the night. They were his family but boy did he need a break from them every now and then.

It was early morning now. The sun had even risen on the horizon. His crew was finishing packing the last of their things and hauling it on board, including several cases of rum. As if they needed more of that. But as long as they days work got done and those on night duty weren't shitfaced, he wouldn't stop them from drinking. He would usually drink right with them.

The night was going rather smoothly. No incidents thus far and everyone was getting along well enough despite how early it was. He even said as much to his first mate, who only warned him that he jinxed it right then and there. But he had laughed her off. But now as he watched over his crew loading the last of it, hidden in the shadows, he saw a figure sneak onto his boat. His ship. Someone had the audacity to sneak onto it. It was a woman, he could tell, by the way she looked and moved. Ge coukdnt see any details, not with jt being so dark and the cloak she wore. But she slipped right onto his ship.

"Captain, there's a-" his first mate came up to him, clearly warning him of the woman who had snuck on. Though he supposed she didn't really sneak if he knew she was there. And the rest of the crew by the way they kept looking his way.

"Yes I know," he simply said, his arms crossed on his chest. "Finish up with last of the crates. I want to get on the water within the hour. I'll deal with that later." He was curious really who had thought it had been a good idea to sneak onto the Savage Serpent. Unless perhaps she didn't know who's ship she was on. He supposed he woukd find out later. But she was running from something and he would let her, for now.


( OH and only one more thing. This is probably somewhat of a romance RP, and I wanna say now that I completely avoid anything above kissing, hugging, and stuff like that. Anything sexual makes me super uncomfy. Hope that’s okay. :)) )

Rosemary crepr down the stone stairs leading to the dock, her hand wrap tightly around her cloak’s clasp. She felt her skin tingle with anxiety, but there was something else there too. Excitement. After weeks— no, months— of forming an escape plan, she was finally doing it. She was leaving for good.

After a quick glance around, Rosemary approached the ship, ducking down behind one of the crates. To her dismay, the crew was with their ship, talking as they loaded the boxes on board. She considered trying to sneak into the box she was hiding behind, but it would take too much time and effort. The longer she hid there, the more of a chance she had of being found. She was going to have make a run for it.

Rosemary peaked out around the box, looking out at the crew. There were at least twelve men. Twelve men who wouldn’t hesitate to plunge a sword into her gut. At first, the sight was disheartening. She was sure to be noticed by at least one of the crew mates, but at the same time, she didn’t want to turn back. She would rather die than turn back. So, with her mind made up, she gathered up her skirts and rushed towards the ship.

Her heart pounded against the walls of her chest as she slipped up the ramp and into the vessel. She fully expected for one of the pirates to grab her, or even worse, shoot her on the spot. But it never happened. Before she knew it, she was below deck, hiding with the ship supplies. None of the crew had spotted her. They would be far from the shore before they realized they had a princess on board.


(That's totally fine! I do mostly fade to black anyways. Don't feel pressured at all!)

Aedion couldn't help but ponder what this girl was doing. His conclusion was that she was likely nobility or of just very wealthy standing trying to escape that stifling life. He knew very well how it could be. And how hard the call for an adventure was to ignore. Still, why had she chosen this one? It was hard to ignore the Serpent on the front of his vessel, clearly marking what ship this was. It was almost impossible to see. But if she had come from the stern of the ship she might not have noticed it and spontaneous chosen this ship.

As the last of it was packed onto the ship, he signaled for the crew to board and prepare to leave the port. It was making his skin itch with how long they had been there. Climbing aboard, he doned on his worn tricorne hat and stepped behind the helm. He steered the ship out of the harbor and soon they were on open water.

He watched as the sun began to rise, smiling as the beautiful colors reflected off the ocean water. Even with the chatter below him, this was his favorite time of the day. Waking up before the dawn and watching as it rose. Sole of his crew shuffled to bed to catch some sleep, as most of them had been up all through the night drinking and finding a lady friend, or male friend in some of their cases.

Even with the mystery of the woman hiding below deck, he still found a sense of calmness. The breeze was in his face, the smell of ocean in his nose. He had gotten paid and bought somethings in return. His ship was fixed up and as good as new. What wasn't there to be happy about. He rolled uo his sleeves as the morning chill faded away, revealing all of his tattoos. And as the sun finally made its peak in the sky, he called his first mate up to him. "I think it's time we've met our guest, don't you think?"

He was rewarded a grin and his first mate bounded away to go grab the girl that was hiding in his ship. His own little stowaway. He had killed people for less. What would he do with this girl? Like just drop her off at the next port if she proved to be an innocent woman trying to escape. If she were sent for other reasons, then he would do what was necessary.

His first mate quietly walked down the steps down to the ships supply cabin. The first mate began walking around innocently, as if simply looking for some supplies. Only, the first mate was quiet as mouse. The first mate had gotten such a position for several reasons, being quiet as mouse was one of them. And when the first mate finally came upon the stowaway girl, she grinned at her. The first mate, Zena, was smiling at her with all her glory, standing at exactly five foot four and looking way to small to be able to bring men down the way she does. "Captian wants to see you doll, best not to keep him waiting."


Despite the adrenaline still pumping through her veins, Rosemary knew that the hardest part of her escape was over. She had made it onto the ship completely unnoticed. She knew that her success was due mainly from her small size, but she couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride at her accomplishment. She had snuck onto a pirate ship. Full of real, bloodthirsty pirates. They ruled the seas, and yet she’d still managed to sneak onto their ship. Now, it was a matter of staying hidden.

At least that’s what she’d thought.

The night wore on without a single incident involving the pirates. None of them wandered down into the lower deck, allowing her to get at least some sleep on the hard wooden floors. She tried not to think too much about what she’d done, but it wasn’t long before haunting thoughts began to creep into her mind. She had left all she’d ever known. Abandoned everything her parents worked for. And for what? Her face would be plastered everywhere. She would never truly escape.

She attempted to push the thoughts away as she curled up behind one of the crates. It wasn’t long until she began to hear the sound of footsteps coming from above her. It was morning? Already? She barely had time to stretch out her legs before she received her first visitor.

The door opened, illuminating the dark lower deck with the light of the morning sun. Rosemary pushed herself further back into the shadows as a woman climbed down into the cellar and began to search through the supplies. At first, Rosemary thought she was in the clear. The woman seemed to pay no attention to her until, suddenly, she looked up. She was looking straight at Rosemary.

“Captain wants to see you, doll,” she had said. “Best not to keep him waiting.”

A chill traveled up her spine. She considered ignoring the woman’s request, but she knew she would meet the captain one way or another. It was only a matter of time.

With her heart pounding, Rosemary pushed herself to her feet, staring out at the woman from under the hood of her cloak. “Lead the way.”


Vera had bright red hair that hung down just passed her shoulders. She wore tight, dark breeches and white tunic. A black best complimented the shirt along with a belted corset. There was a pistol at her belt and a knife strapped to her thigh. Her black boots were laced up mid calf.

She gave the girl a grin that could only be described as feral. She turned on her heel and walked back to the steep stairs, going back up the ship. She didn't bother to see if the girl was following, she knew she would. Was there any other place she could go? She would have been discovered sooner or later. Best to get introduced now rhan later.

Vera led her not to the helm, where Aedion had previously been, but to the captain's quarters. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply before opening it. She looked at the girl, nodding her head at the open door. "Go on in, he's waiting for you."

Aedion sat behind a small desk the occupied the front of his quarters. It consisted of two rooms. A somewhat spacious bedroom in the back, and this first room served as his office and dining room when he didn't dine with the crew. He had his head down, seemingly working on paperwork. Mostly he was just trying to occupy himself until their little guest arrived.

The door opened and the girl slid in. Vera shut the door behind her, leaving just the captain and the stowaway together. "Take a seat," he gestured to the chair on the opposite side of the desk.


Rosemary didn’t know what she’d expected from the captain of a pirate ship, but it wasn’t this. She had always assumed that pirates were ruthless, vicious killers. They would take out entire villages in a matter of hours, leaving no one alive. It was hard to imagine a pirate doing such a mundane task as filling out paperwork, but she couldn’t deny what she was seeing.

From the dim lighting in the room, she had a hard time making out many of the captain’s features. She could see, even from a far, that he was much larger than her, but it wasn’t until he turned around that she realize who he truly was. Aedion Callistar. Captain of the Savage Serpent. One of her parents’ many, many enemies.

If it was any other pirate captain, she would be fine. Not many pirates would recognize a princess from one of the millions of islands scattered across the ocean. But Callistar would recognize her. Yes, they’d never met, but he knew who she was. She had no doubt that she would be shark food by the end of the day.

Despite her fear, she looked into the Captain’s eyes as she took a seat across from her. She was royalty, and royalty didn’t cower before anyone.

“Out of all the ships I could’ve ended up on, I happened to board this one.” She leaned back in her chair, shaking her head. “The gods must have it out for me.”


Aedion had tied up his hair with a piece of leather to hold it out of his face while he had been bent over his paperwork. His hat had been discarded and his sleeves had been rolled up just past his elbows. He wore no vest nor coat as typical pirate captians would. At least not now. His shirt was left open at the neck and parts of his upper chest were visible. This revealed a good chunk of his tattoos. And of one looked close enough, a few of his scars.

As he finally raised his head and looked upon the girl, his eyebrows shot up. Of all the women in the world, she was the one he had least expected. It seemed she smthought the same thing. She hid her fear well but he could still see it in her eyes. She knew exactly who he was. And he knew who she was.

He huffed a small laugh at her words, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair. "Or perhaps it was fate, princess, that you came upon mine." His lips turned up into a smirk. "Indulge me, if you will. What is a princess like you running away from her glorious cage?"

Because the palace life was a cage to him along with all its royals and nobility. It was all cage and the king it's keeper. And he'd do anything to stay far away from there. But as far as he knew, the princess was loved and adored. What possibly coukd have provoked her into running? Marriage? All princesses had to marry for the sake of an alliance. Sje should have known that.


He may not have acted much like a pirate, but he definitely looked like one. As she approached him at his desk, she couldn’t help but let her eyes wander over him, noticing his countless tattoos along with his scars. He may have looked innocent enough, but from those scars, Rosemary could tell that he’d gotten into one fight too many.

Rosemary sat down in the chair across from the man, frowning when she noticed the smirk spreading across his face. She wanted to reach across the table and smack the grin off of him, but she knew she couldn’t do it without losing an arm.

“Fate? Bull. You, out of all people, should know that fate isn’t a real thing.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “As for why I’m here, it’s the same reason that you’re here. Escape.”

It likely sounded like a ridiculous reason to the captain; she doubted he had ever experienced what it felt like to be trapped. He had no idea what horrors took place inside that castle. If he did, his grin wouldn’t be nearly so wide.

“I would give my apologies for sneaking onto your ship, but the truth is, I’m not sorry. I’ve been trying to leave for a while, and this ship made for the perfect escape,” she replied. “Now that I’ve left, I don’t care what you do with me now. Throw me overboard. Feed me to the sharks. Whatever you do, just make it quick.”


Aedion let her analyze him. Let her see what lay beyond the tattoos that littered his skin. And ket her come up with her own conclusions. Most likely wrong. He did his own observation of her as well. Princess and royalty. She certainly held herself like it by the way she walked, stood, and sat down in his chair. But there was distance under there. He think he quite liked that. She had a fire to her and he could have some fun with that.

Her response was amusing and confusing all the same. He believed it certainly was fate, yet which side they were on, he couldn't tell. As for the reason of her great escape, she kept that to herself. Fine, she could keep her secrets for now but they would eventually come out. And he would waiting for it.

"For a woman who's gone through all this trouble to escape the palace, you sure are eager to die." He lifted a brow in confusion. How eager in deed. Well, perhaps it was good new, or grave news, that he did not plan to kill her. Yet at least.

"Do you think me a monster? I will not throw you overboard for mistaking my ship as another. I've got our guest cabin being setup for you and a couple of the women on board have agreed to share their clothing with you. As long as they get it back. You'll stay on my ship until we reach port, at which you may go on your way and off of my ship." That was, assuming, he found nothing else out that would give him reason to kill her.

He pushed back from his seat and stood. "You'll find I am a reasonable man, Ms. Ravenwood. You must be exhausted staying in the supply compartment. I'll show you to your cabin and you can refresh yourself. Vera will collect you for dinner."


She raised an eyebrow, studying the captain for a moment. He seemed much calmer than she’d expected. She knew about the long history the pirate had had with her parents, and he had assumed that he would jump at the opportunity to have her killed or to use her as a bargaining chip.

“Mm… well, I’m sure you were planning on doing it eventually. Why not now?” She couldn’t help but give him a smirk. “But you will find that I put up a good fight.”

His next statement was even more of a surprise. He was planning to let her go at the next port. She had heard countless stories about this pirate captain; he had burned down villages and committed plenty of illegal acts against her people. He was one of the biggest enemies her parents had ever faced, and yet, he was still planning to release her.

“You’re releasing me?” She fought to restrain a laugh as she stood up from the table. “This has to be some sort of trick. You hate my parents, and their daughter snuck onto your ship. You’ve murdered villagers for less than that. And yet… you’re letting me go?”


Aedion had a ling and complicated history with her father. But it was exactly that. Her father. He had nothing against her so long she wasn't sent to attention to assassinate him.

"Then you would be surprised that I have not been." He had contemplated what to do with her sure, but death had never even one of those. He had thought of where to put her, what she would do. She would be treated as a guest until he was able to drop her off at port. Though that wouldn't be for a while so they were stuck together.

"You are your father's daughter but you are not your father," he said simply. "I have nothing against you thoigh the same can't be said for plenty others. It would be best to keep your identity to yourself around anyone who isn't part of my crew."

He put his hands in his pockets, staring at her. "Yes, I am letting you go. Once we port. Which won't be for another two months so you're stuck with me until then. You are to be treated as a guest, not a prisoner."


Well, Captain Callistar was truly full of surprises. She would’ve figured the pirate was actively searching for ways to take revenge on her father after everything the king had done to him, but maybe— just maybe— she was wrong. Maybe he would get his revenge by helping her escape rather than killing the only heir to the throne.

“I’m sure it’s not every day that you have princesses sneaking onto your ship,” she said. “I don’t think your crew will like the idea of having one of their enemies aboard the ship, but I suppose they don’t have much of a choice.”

Rosemary was starting to doubt her decision to board the ship, but it was too late now. They were already far from the shore. Nothing but ocean for miles and miles. It would be months before they reached land again, so she would have to put up with the captain somehow.

“Mm… I’m sure I’ll find a way to avoid you.” She grinned. “It’s a large ship, after all. Couldn’t be that hard.”


Besides, it seemed revenge enough in itself that the princess had run away from her father. And even more so that she had ended up on Aedion's ship. It was quite ironic. But what could he do? He couldn't send out a ransom message asking money for her. They were in the middle of the ocean. How would he get a message anywhere?

"I must say, I don't think I've had anyone sneak on my ship. Ever. So this is all pretty new to me." Thoigh he couldn't say it was unpleasant. It wasn't everyday a beautiful woman snuck into his ship. And the few women that were apart of his crew would likely eat him for breakfast if he tried anything.

He walked over to his cabin door and opened it, holding it for her. Just because he was a pirate didn't mean he didn't have any manners. Once she was through, he led her to the guest cabin that was just a little further down the way. It wasn't big by any means, but it was better than being stuck in bunks with the rest of the crew.

"You'll find there are very few places to hide in here on the ship." He gave her an answering grin. Clothes were laid out on the bed. "Everything is clean. Whatever doesn't fit, give to Vera and she'll pass it out to who it belongs to. You'll find our female crew likes to horde clothing."


“There’s a reason for that. Most people use their common sense and avoid this ship,” she said. “But, unfortunately for the two of us, I have no common sense.”

She followed him to the guest room, staying a few steps back from him the entire time. Just because he was helping her didn’t mean that she trusted him. She couldn’t help but think that there was more to his motives than what he was letting on.

Rosemary stepped into the guest room and took in a breath of the salty air. She figured she would be sleeping with the rest of the crew, but she got a room. Her own room. It would be a lot better than sleeping in the lower decks.

“Pretty nice for a pirate ship.” She stepped in and stole a look around. “Of course, nothing can be worse than where I slept last night.”

She walked over to the bed, picking up the clothes. She would never be allowed to wear something like this in court. But, she had to remind herself, she wasn’t there anymore. It would take a little bit of getting use to.

“Now, what should I address you as?” she questioned, turning back to the pirate. “Captain ? Captain Callistar?”


Well, she wasn't wrong. Most people wouldn't have the gall to even walk to close to his vessel for fear of angering off him or his crew. They weren't nearly as terrible as all the stories said but he liked the reputation. It gave him more freedom and more reign over the seas. But just because he wasn't as vicious as the stories said, didn't mean he couldn't be given the circumstances. He didn't let anyone stand in his way.

"I'd like to think myself rather fortunate. I've never had a princess as a guest on my ship." He flashed her his pearly white teeth if only to see how she would react to it. He found it was fun to irritate her.

Aedion stood in the doorway of the room, not passing over the threshold. This would be her room while she resided here. He wasn't going to barge into her space without permission. Which he would likely never get and he was okay with that.

"I pride myself on cleanliness. I've found my crew doesn't die off as fast from diseases when everything is kept clean and in order." He put his hands in his pockets, leaning against the frame.

He noticed how she looked at the clothes. It was all they had on board. They weren't exactly expecting a princess to get on board. It was all blouses and trousers and skirts. Typical pirate wear. Just without all the extra accessories. Vera woukd probably lend her some once the two were warned up to each other.

He smiled. "Aedion will do just fine. Your not part of my crew you don't need to address me as such. Unless you wish too."