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I most recently just finished up developing my main antagonist Neophyte Whembrooke and I do kind of want something specific for him in this RP. Now, I do a lot of romance RPs, and this one will be close to that idea.

(Please read after looking over character)

"I got everything I wanted. Now there's nothing holding me back."

Neophyte Whembrooke is the King of a large country superpower called Isla. After destroying those around him, crushing his husband, killing his twin through slow means of determination, Neophyte has put himself at the top of the country and started breaking it down from the fundamentals.

His goal? To become the strongest, most important man possible. He plans to crush the richest of the rich and claim it for himself. People under him don't know of this plan, a small handful of people want to usurp him– but you're not that person.

You are his lover– a king from another country called Isthu, up north towards the mountainous, icy region of the continent. You've been his lover since the very start of his kingship. Since you laid eyes on him, his sense of power and determination took you over, and somehow he put you into his pocket, too.
His eyes were set on you, as well. You had power, but you also had more than that. You had looks, a personality to die for, and that sense of confidence struck him. You both were inseparable, despite being, well, lovers. Neophyte was married but his eyes were on you.

You have no idea of these plans, but you will discover his plan as to what to do to his country now that he is the only king. It is up to you how you feel about your lover's plans, his desire for more power, more money, more trust from his people. Do you wish to join him? Do you go against him and create a group/pitch a group against him to strike him down?


Magic is optional in this RP. Neophyte didn't get his power ONLY from his magic (which you'd be able to tell if you read the other charries)
The Gods (again if you look over the whole Universe) are optional. They are reincarnated of those Neophyte killed, and are Gods of the whole area ish. I'm more than happy to have them if you want/like the idea.
I also can include the secondary characters, but that's more for if you want to go against Neo (the Gods are the same way).

If that makes sense, please before you join– ask. And be experienced, and I'd prefer to have a developed, OC (who closely matches my vague description). This is an exploratory RP for me and Neo and how he handles romance, but I also want to explore how this plotline will go.

any questions ask. ask ask ask. thanks.

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Hello! Might I join this? It seems like a simply divine idea and I love how you've characterized Neophyte.

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You haven't, I've only just started getting into roleplay at all. And of course, dearest!

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Great! I think this'll be an okay close to starter RP, but I've been RPing for years, so I'll be more than happy to RP with you! I've heard I'm pretty good with starters lmao

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(This passage is from a story I've been working on with my girlfriend since year of our lord 2020. I'm still on the first draft, unfortunately, it's a very long draft. This passage has the character I intend to use. I won't be roleplaying in first person, by the way.)

"Who are you?"

The man on the throne laughed. His piercing golden eyes narrowed and focused on me suspiciously. "You… Callus. Stable-boy. And… hmm, chosen vessel of the gods? Quite the step up from your day job. I've heard so much about you." he swept his greying hair out of his eyes and approached me. The guard's grip on me tightened, the stone giant knew I was about to bolt.

"Who are you?" I repeated, now that I knew I was trapped. His footsteps were light, almost careful if the rest of his aura wasn't so bold, didn't take up so much space.

"Why Callus, I'm offended. I know you come from a small place, but do try to keep up. My name is Nikolas… Nikolas Ballast. Ring any bells in that empty skull of yours?"

I shook my head. Who was this Nikolas? What did he want from me? I looked him in his gold eyes like twin suns glistening in their sockets. The scar running across his forehead like lightning caught my eye, but when Nikolas turned away from me I looked down to his feet, which probably hadn't walked on rough ground a day of their lives.

"Let me put this another way. I've always… sought mastery over many subjects. I'm a very learned man, but my words have double-meanings. Let that sink in."

"Thronemaster." I spat out, the cogs in my head finally turning. I struggled against the giant's grip, but to no avail. "You're the one who destroyed my kingdom."

"Oh no, no, no, not destroyed. I prefer the term conquered. Your fellow subjects experienced barely any change, I can assure you that. Your family is safe and sound, your brothers working as soldiers winning great battles of honor and glory." he paused. "Callus, I only want to help you see your true potential. Such power shan't be wasted under my watch."

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ooooh I like him a lot! I think he'd do well with this idea. This would be more of a modern kingship (dictatorship?) so it wouldn't be exactly within the time frame of writing. I do love your style, I think it'd match super well with mine as well. But I adore the cocky confidence, he fits the description perfectly :D

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No problem dear, and don't worry, I can modify Nikolas to fit a modern day description.

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Amazing! So would you like to go with Gods or a Magic perspective? This plot would require a bit more details that I omitted if you were to go with either, but seeing how Nikolas might be leaning closer to supporting Neo… it's up to you :D

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What would you prefer? I have no real preference, really, and both sound good to me! Nikolas does possess an immunity to certain amounts of certain poisons, by the way.

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It'd probably be clearer and easier to RP if I omitted both, and we can end up making our own group to oppose the pair if we wanted to make it special.

So I think making our own would be cute– it'd also make it feel like this RP is separate from my actual story yknow? but that's just me! If you want them I can toss them in if they're interesting to you. They're all public on King's Gambit, which is the Universe public on my acc.

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I mean, all your characters are very interesting and much better written than mine, so feel free to either throw them in, or we could possibly do something along the lines of an alternate universe with our characters perhaps?

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Oh please! I'm sure your characters/OCs are great! I've had a lot of time with my boys so they're developed lmao. I might toss in my non-God characters but keep the way the Gods died if that makes sense? Like Leiden died because of (tw) shooting himself, so I could keep that, and it'd just be suspected that he committed. Same for Tubig/Cameron where he died "in war" but it was actually Neo who did both.

I want to keep Zackary in if we're gonna have a group against the two kings, so if we do decide to you know take them down, I'll toss him in later.

At first though I'd like to develop the kings' relationship together and maybe a plotline where they publicly get together and the speculation of merging countries?

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Oh, don't fret about so, you're doing perfectly fine! And yes, I think including Zachary in there would be interesting, especially for a bit of healthy opposition. And I do think developing their relationship with each other primarily would work perfectly well.

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*ZaCKary, I know the spelling is difficult but it's important to me. I'll mostly call him Zack.

Great! So would you like to show me a character sheet or would you just want me to get us started? Also any ideas on how you'd like to get started or can I spitball?

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Oh, whoops! I wasn't paying attention to the spelling! Sorry, I will do better next time!

And I did post Nikolas' character sheet, it is posted above. Perhaps the two engage at a sort of party or event of alliance for the two kingdoms, and we develop them from there?

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Oh damnit I must have missed it! Sorry! Thanks for posting it again. And no worries about the spelling, I know autocorrect is dumb with names like that.

Well, I did imply that they knew each other prior to Neo's full kingship, but it could be for a brief spell where they got really intimate, but they were like "We can't do this you're married" yada yada yadda then they see each other again at a party celebrating Neo's kingship and… rekindles their relationship? Do you think that'd be good?

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Oh, I also assumed they'd be together before the events of the story, my apologies! But we can also go with your idea, if it helps.

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Oh wait you mean engage as in get married right

I feel. so dumb. hnioeu cjdxmo3inwkjn both ideas are great! I wouldn't want to rush into it so I'd like to take it easy and go with mine for now, okay?

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No! Also not that! Engage as in "meet up". Sorry!

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BAH big stupid LMao. It's alright tho, you don't have to keep apologizing to me, babe. Alright so I can get us started before I have to hop offline.